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Anybody There?

Hello is there anybody else online that suffers from pyromania,or is this board dead?
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I think I am Schizoid, what do you think?

Okay, first off I think I may be schizoid(not the personality disorder, because I am only 15) also, when I was a kid I was diagnoised with OCD, and I got that treated

I don't want any close relationships, I am always longing to be alone, I am often pushing my family out of the house so I can be alone, they went away for a week, and I was in heaven.
I always choose ...
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I've notticed that a lot of people seem to be able to communicate with their "Alters" and was wondering how it is done, as no matter how hard I try communicating, it just doesn't seem to work :( . So I guess my question is how do you communicate with your "Alters"?
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Antisocial Behavioral Research

Hi, I'm writing a paper on Anitsocial Behavior for my English class and it would really help me out if anybody out there could respond to this with any kind of information about the disorder...
-percentages of males vs. females
-case studies that have been documented
...If you have any of this information or have any other useful information that could help me in my research i would greately appreciate it if ...
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Schizoaffective Disorder Definition

Schizoaffective Disorder
An uninterrupted period of illness during which, at some time, there is either a Major Depressive Episode, a Manic Episode, or a Mixed Episode concurrent with symptoms that meet the first criteria for Schizophrenia. Note: The Major Depressive Episode must include depressed mood.

During the same period of illness, there have been delusions or hallucinations for at least 2 weeks in the absence of prominent mood symptoms. Symptoms that meet criteria for a ...
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Definition of:Compulsive Lying

Compulsive Lying.

This person, not unlike the gambler, or the alcoholic, has little or no control over the lies he or she tells. To the compulsive liar, lies come out of the mouth as easily as truths, usually with little or no forethought to why or what the consequences will be..

Resouce: http://topten.org/public/BA/BA3.html
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recieving help with an enema from mom

:oops: I am a 36 year old married man with 3 kids. I suffer from "occassional" constipation and use enemas for relief from time to time. there is basically no personal space in my small home and its a little hard to comprehend, but its not easy creating the time or space to give myself an enema. My wife is basically adverse to anything anal and has ...
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what has worked with my addiction

Hi, could you please, please read this out at one of your meetings, if you are a member of a recovery group? I feel that I need to try to help other people overcome their addiction in order to overcome my own, so I believe that reading this out could help me tremendously. Which is why I’m basically begging you to read it. Thank you, Anonymous
I've been addicted to masturbation for a while now, ...
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Anyone out there?

I just joined this group,i've noticed only 1 post here..where is everyone at? :roll: I am 32 with TS, OCD and ADD, Is there anyone here from Tenn?
Does anyone have any meds that actually help with the tics besides haldol?
Hope to hear from someone ... :D
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The following are some valuable online resources.
The list will be continually updated.

(Special Thanks to GRB, RogerC & Happymom)

National Mental Health Alliance:

Informational Sites:
http://www.mental-health-matters.com/di ... p?disID=29
http://www.mental-health-matters.com/di ... _alpha.php
http://www.mental-health-matters.com/ar ... _alpha.php
http://www.mental-health-matters.com/ ...
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