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Can anyone give me any tips on withdrawing from vicoprofen(hydrocodone/ibuprfen)?

I have been taking them for 2 years, legally, but I want my life back. I've tried so many times to withdrawl, but i can never get past 3 days w/o the pain returning (rheumatoid arthritis). The withdrawls are horrible.

Is there anything out there, besides a detox center(out of the question) that can be prescribed to ease the withdrawls.

Thank you & God Bless......
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How to help my 8 year old - Mixed Receptive Expressive

Hi! My son was diagnosed at 6 years old with Mixed Receptive Expressive Language Disorder. He developed very poor speech, and still sees a speech therapist at school on a daily basis. He is in "special ed" and works with a language therapist and reading specialist daily.

I'm very concerned about my little guy, who is now 8 and realizing that he is different than the other kids. He is labeling himself "stupid", and cries ...

Sexual addiciton and Aspergers??

Hello. This is a first attempt to find answers via the Internet.
The problem is surrounding my 19yo son with Dx's of Aspergers, Tourettes, ADHD, LD, Tic Delouroux, Scoliosis, etc.
It is also suggested he has the MI Dx of Schizotypal Personality Disorder. He has been in trouble with the law primarily surrounding accessing sexual material/pornography. He has served time in a JDC and recently completed 1 year Rx in a facility for male ...
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How to deal with an S. Person

I think I an the first one to write a message here as I can see only one welcoming message posted.

I have a colleague who might have SPD. I know that deep inside these people want to have some social contact, friends, other kind of relationships, but they are not able to come out and reach other people.

Does anyone know how to manage to reach to this kind of people, to come ...
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what's wrong with me?

Hi, i kind of stumbled apon this site when i was researching eating disorders. Well, actually i think i might have one. Reviewing other web sites, i think i may have binge eating/compulsive eating disorder. Everything that was mentioned about it sounds pretty much the same as what i have. I sit at home alone, when my fiance is at work, and eat, eat, eat. Anything that i can get my hands on, even though, ...
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What's the difference between cyclothymia and bipolar II?

My p-doc diagnosed me with bipolar II (bipolar lite?). And while I trust him and he seems competent, he's not the most talkative. And I have lots and lots and lots of questions. He's an HMO doc. :roll:

So does anybody know the difference between cyclothymia and bipolar II? They seem virtually indestinguishable to me. Is one more destructive than the other? Can a person have ...
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What is the likelihood of a BPD taking themselves OFF meds?

If anyone has some statistics or a resource for what percentage of BPDs (or similar disorders) end up taking themselves off meds and the potential ramifications of the same I would appreciate the info.

Also, it seems like there is typically some trial and error involved in getting the right meds and dosage. Any feedback on the typical timeframe for getting it in sync with the clients needs and to be considered effective?

By way ...

Adults With Asperger's

I was just wondering if there were any adults here with Asperger's syndrome, or anyone who knows other adults who have it?

I was curious if adults with AS can often marry and function in jobs and finish college. The only adults I know with the syndrome are living by themselves and single.

Does anyone have any information on the future statistics of people who suffer from the syndrome?
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Need some advise please!

Hey i'm new to this so bare with me please.I am looking for a place to talk to other people about dealing with drug addictions in the family.My mom has been a avid prescription drug abuser for some time now.I don't have alot of family and i feel i can't talk to anyone about this.My sisters pretty much have written her off.I have always been close to my mom and this really is getting to ...
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binge eating help

Hi, I am a 15 years old and am concerned with my eating habits. I have been researching eating disorders online and I have come to believe i have a compulsive eating disorder. ALthough i am not seriously overweight (5'4" and 125 lbs), I can not control my eating habits. I try to go on diets but by the end of the day i find myself binging on food. I am constantly embarrassed by the ...
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