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ODD and hearing impairment

My 21 year-old stepson to whom I have been "dad" for the past ten years is deaf. His mother died two months ago. While the three of us were together the third party acted as a buffer at times of intense anger between the first two parties. These anger episodes derive from his deafness and the intense relationship between mother and son during his first ten years, his biological father leaving for undisclosed reasons before ...
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Hellp, i dont know if i can do this anymore!!!

I feel like I am loosing my mind. My daughter is three years old, and I am not sure what else i can do. I am constantly at a loos of words. I am not sure how much more i can handle or who to turn to, i just know that this is not normal.
My husband and I have four children and i have been around children my whole life, i love children. However ...
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It's not a ######6 disorder

*mod edit- unhelpful comment*
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Does anyone know if ODD is just the older name for what they now call PDA? (Pathological Demand Avoidance - a subtype of Autism) ..as I can't seem to find a forum specifically for PDA and it seems no-one in the Autism forum has it either? I'm just wondering if the name had been changed or whether its a different condition entirely?


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Adult possibly with ODD, no information on this.

Help! I am looking for ODD information for adults, but all I can find is children. I need to know how to handle my brother-in-law who had a very bad stroke years ago. He has a lot of deficits and is totally disabled, and one of those problems is, I believe, oppositional defiant disorder. He will deliberately not do something that is asked of him, resist all attempts to get him to do that one ...
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I didn't know other people had this...

It was way worse when i was younger, god what an embarrassing disorder, it's almost like mind control, that mixed with impulse control issues is just some form of hell, i heard therapy can help but i've never had much luck with any kind of therapy, all i can do is empathize with anyone who deals with this, it's got to be the most depressing thing you can go through, it's like having no control ...
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Support Parent with ODD/ADHD teenager

Hi everyone,

I am here to ask for help, help in how to effectively support my friend who has a teenage daughter with ODD & ADHD. I know close to nothing about both conditions and wanted to know how I can best support her. I have a child with special needs myself but I am not fooling myself, by no means am I going through the same thing as she is. What are some good ...
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diagnosed odd and dysruptive mood dysregulatory disorder?

i've been told by parents that i have both odd and disruptive mood dysregulatory disorder. i read on wikipedia that you are not supposed to be diagnosed with both. i asked my mom and she seemed to invade the question but she said eventually that it was because 2 different doctors diagnosed me. idk should i be concerned? i'm also diagnosed intermittent explosive disorder which has similar symptoms, i wonder is it useful that i ...
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Help understanding my relationship

I'm at my wits end, and I'm hoping some of you can help.
My relationship has just ended. I ended it. My boyfriend I think may have ODD. But someone has only just said this may be what he has.

Can I please share some of our relationships issues on here, and can some of you tell me if this sounds true to ODD?

He lies a lot. He can't handle it if I ...
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Placement Change

My son Grant is 7 years old and in first grade. He has ADHD, anxiety, and PDD. He had an episode at school last Thursday and they put him on an administrative leave. They said he can't come back until we agree to place him in an ED classroom full time. I am afraid that his IEP is not being correctly implemented and that they just want him gone. We met on Friday and we ...
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