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Journals for member's. Contact staff if you'd like to start one.
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Please ask staff to start to the forum for you. Also let us know if replies or welcome or if you'd like to have it just for you.

Arik's Dream Journal (Replies Welcome)

Replies welcome!
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elseiyabev's Journal (replies welcome)

Hello, this is my first post on this website. I'll just jump from topic to topic and get things of my chest:

I don't really have anyone to talk to, rather I don't want to talk to my family cause since my mother was schizophrenic I always felt like I had to show my strong side and not frighten them by raising any issues. My mother kill herself the day of my grandfather birthday, idk ...
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Irdkhelp's Journal (Replies Welcome)

Replies welcome. :D
Read more : Irdkhelp's Journal (Replies Welcome) | Views : 949 | Replies : 3

AndromedaHorse's Journal (replies welcome)

Replies welcome. :D
Read more : AndromedaHorse's Journal (replies welcome) | Views : 1709 | Replies : 2

Polaris2043's Journal Vol II (Replies Welcome)

Starting a new journal- replies welcome!
Read more : Polaris2043's Journal Vol II (Replies Welcome) | Views : 2496 | Replies : 57

Polaris2043's Journal (No Replies)

Greetings. In posting this, I mean to inform a moderator or such as to how I would be interested in beginning a journal here.

At the moment for some reason, I am not able to say message other members to introduce myself and/or inform them of what I mean to do. I am open to replies to this and thank you.
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POCDsucks Journal Thread

I'm currently stressed out. Like, I get comforted for seeing someone tell me I'm not a pedo, THEN I'm not sure. It's like a curse.

I seek and look out for reassurance (Both from my/anyone else's posts, but at the same time, I get scared. Like, I feel as if anytime I would see a post, it would stress me out because it said X is an indication of pedophilia. I remember one time when ...
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User Reply Thread (no replies unless asked to)

This is for contacting users- please do not reply to this thread, unless specifically asked to, thanks!
Read more : User Reply Thread (no replies unless asked to) | Views : 1233 | Replies : 3

TGP's gratitude journal ( replies welcome )

* TheGentlePath's journal *
Read more : TGP's gratitude journal ( replies welcome ) | Views : 3356 | Replies : 28

0amgine journal: open to comments

Greetings. In the past 'my self' was better known on here via these..

^_^ ... once upon a time




*mod edit*



I mean to 'return' to this website indeterminately after having grown and wandered the internet before. I have ...
Read more : 0amgine journal: open to comments | Views : 3453 | Replies : 65


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