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Call for participants: Performance control & motor functions

The Motor Development and Impact lab at the University of Surrey would like to invite you to participate in an online study.

The study looks at how individuals control their actions and what strategies they use to successfully complete different types of tasks. The study can be completed by adult participants between the age of 18 and 65. Parents with children who are between the age of 8 and 17 years old can also take ...
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Not only has a cool username but is also the words most dedicated person to a single thread.

Sorry I don't mean to embarrass you but I just had to say it.
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The curse

At the center of all matter
Lies the illusion of space
Words are so dense they flatter
A compliment to the race
Of people who dance no matter
Whatever conditions they face
The joy they experience after
The heart becomes void of hate
The reasons we turn into darkness
Are intrinsically bound to the fate
Of one who sees no laughter
In the eyes of a friendly shape
Alone can not with others
Allow himself ...
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Where's Belligerent?

Oh no sorry I meant Oblivion... :P
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Artificial General Intelligence


I'm new to this forum and was interested in finding out what cognitive abilities psychologists would consider in a machine to conclude that it has the equivalent of human intelligence. Realize that human cognitive abilities range widely so stating that an AGI has to be an Einstein wouldn't be a good test.
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I like my brownies to be gooey

Not any of that crunchy garbage. They go straight to the shed if they're like that.
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Are you wild, tame, city or human

https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/quizzes/wolf ... city-human

I'm a tame wolf blood apparently. I kind of like that.
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The silent voice

There once was a boy
That did not talk
He was shy but not coy
Through the streets he walked
His mind would flood with thoughts
Monologue of perpetual circular motion
He didn't had the notion
He was trapped inside the inner circle of consciousness

He heard others express opinions
But remained silent with his mind empty
Has others talked
Eventually he would drift away
And created an elaborate opinion if his own
Sometimes for ...
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The blob

Burrowed deep
In the Dark Forest
Bellow a sinuous creek
The roots of an ancient oak are stirred
As a blob awakens
From its winter slumber
At first it shakens
Then burps a thunder
Time has turned it
Into dense viscosity
It feeds on illusion
From ego construction
It chokes on the spirit
Of freedom of Nature
What craves the most
Is knowledge abolishment
And to erase the deep connection
Between all which is alive ...
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This Is Her Gift

She loves him
He's got her core
She doesn't know if he understands what that means

She loves him
That's the girl inside
Not the soldier who guards the bolted door

She loves him
She woke up when he came
And she fought the ones who have kept her safe

She loves him
She can give him the rose
That has grown in the warmth of his sun

This is her gift
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