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Groinal response and physical arousal

Hello I have read a lot about groinal responses, on Wikipedia it says that groinal response can cause orgasm because primitive thalamus takes thoughts just as sex not sex with particular person. But it also state that groinal response is anxiety and attention to genitals that causes Blood flow to them and physical arousal. Some of articles I have read also confirm that anxiety, selective attention and monitoring arousal in one's genitalia can increase physical ...
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Groinal response and anxiety attacks

Hello, I am new here.

I have OCD for many years.

I have also other anxiety disorders, but besides my panic attacks and anxiety the worst one is OCD. I sometimes have a mix of two or three types of OCD for example; harm OCD with Rocd and then Hocd takes over and then Magical thinking ocd comes and the rest doesn't matter.

But my worst problem right now is groinal responses and short panic ...
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Help - Love Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


So I am struggling with obsession with a guy. I met him a while ago, but never thought anything of him until we randomly started talking online. He was so nice, attractive, smart, and funny. I have been depressed for years, but when I talked to him, I felt happy. But then he started ghosting me on and off, and he always cancelled when we were supposed to meet up. This went on for ...
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Quasi False Memory C-PTSD/OCD

Hello all,

I have suffered from OCD, C-PTSD and anxiety for forever.

I have been doing ok recently despite the pandemic, but recently I’ve been having “flare ups” with OCD and intrusive thinking. Due to PTSD a lot of the obsessions I’ve dealt with have been sexual in nature, and I’ve been hyper vigilant about all things sexual in my life and combing through memories looking for things that may have happened to me (in ...
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Religious trauma (kinda?) (Has to do with me being gay)

I don't know why I'm writing this but I just need to vent. I'm a 17 yo girl who was about to die internally a couple of months ago. So it goes as follows: I was born into a very religious family (I am an Ortodox Christian) and happen to be gay. I didn't really care about it until 6 months ago or something when I started to fear hell. With the pandemic I had ...
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OCD over a porn genre (I know, it is ridiculous-)

Hello I am new here into this forum! I would love to hear your advice or opinions about it!

First things start about me and pornography, I NEVER cared about the context nor the content of every single video out there posted (yes, I also watch taboo)

from soft core stuff to "shocking" gross stuff but I mostly watch cuckold porn BUT I only like the female in some videos because of their expression and ...
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Obsessing over my health

Good evening everyone I am sorry for the long paragraph but this is my first time on here: I am a 21yo male who has had pretty good health throughout his whole life (no serious issues whatsoever) but I have always had really high anxiety levels (especially in regards of health and illnesses) and a tendency to overthinking, I have never received a formal diagnosis but looking at my past I worry I might suffer ...
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HOCD? Genuine Confusion?

I posted this in the sexuality forum but haven’t heard any responses so I though I’d come here as well. started having these constant thoughts about my sexuality in the fall of 2017. It started one day when I was sitting in class and I got a really weird feeling in my chest. Ever since then, I was constantly checking out the class T.A. to see if I was attracted to him. I eventually got ...
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Am i having TOCD, autogynephilia or gender dysphoria?

Hello. I am having currently an OCD “crisis”. A few days ago when I found out that HOCD and TOCD were a thing, I felt very relieved and good. But I still couldn’t keep my brain from being a bit stubborn.
I’ve never questioned my sexuality/gender before. And when I did, I always had the same answer: I am a cisgender straight male. But during my OCD crisis (which was potentialized by the lockdown) a ...
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Harm OCD feels different now

I used to be so scared of going insane and hurting people. The anxiety made it all feel so real like I could snap at any moment. I would even do compulsions like surpress bad thoughts, google stuff and avoid anything to do with harm. This all happened because I was such a caring and compassionate kid, right? So where the hell did that kid go? One day back in 2015 I just switched and ...
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