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POCD and Cartoon Porn

Since I was 12 I have used porn within my life. Searching up on pornhub and a vareity of porn based sites.

Recently throughout my life I have discovered that on some occasions through my excessive use of cartoon pornography, that many of the characters that I viewed were significantly young (on some occasions 12 and 14). This sort of thing was rare within my life (i would say) since my focus was alyways on ...
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Reliable tests

Hello OCD community,
I am looking for a reliable scientific DSM based test for OCD. They are some really good ones for cluster B people, which I am, but I can't find somes that seem reliable for OCD, do you know of some?

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Just tired and need to get it out (TW)

**Trigger warning for discussion of harm OCD and false memory OCD**

I just needed to get my thoughts out because being open about what I experience has helped me in my recovery a lot.

I'm just very tired of this disorder. I always feel like I have hurt someone. The people I think I hurt have told me I haven't, and that even if I had, they would forgive me and they wouldn't think it ...
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Panic over simulation and solipsism?

I'm now panicking over the idea that I'm in some simulation and I'm the only that exists, I'm scared that there some groups of creatures controlling me, the environment and can do what they want with me. I feel like they can have the ability to change my sex drive and what I get aroused at.
What can I do to remove this thought out of my head?
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OCD with absent insight or delusions

my diagnosis got updated to the title. I have a hard time with believing my obsessions and need to carry out my compulsions. I have a lot of harm OCD intrusive thoughts, suicidality as a result of believing without carrying out compulsions (which often involve suicide attempts/planning/rehearsing), and I have a lot of trouble believing I'm a good person with these violent thoughts on repeat.

I was discharged from the hospital on the 21st. I'm ...
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Memory hoarding and Real event ocd

Hello, I'm looking for help.

I have been remindng myself my past memories of something that happened a year ago, I think about it when , why and how it happened and I remind myself this almost everyday for couple of months now, to make sure I remember but many Times I do not trust my memory even I know it happened. I Look into details how exactly it happened, I have a question about ...
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Hello, I'm new. I have a disturbing thought :(

Hello, I'm new here. I'm terrified that in the past I may have read erotic fiction that may have been illegal. I remember reading fiction stories about legal normal things but my mind said what if I read bad stuff and then liked it and even touched myself to it? I would despise anything like that now but I think what if I thought differently in the past? It worries me when I am turned ...
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HOCD or not? Help

I am 17, girl, never been In a relationship, always have had crushes on guys, never ever felt or had any attraction toward a girl.

I have been dealing with HOCD(at least I hope it is) for some months now. I’m not really sure when it started, but I think I have and idea. I was watching some video in TikTok and the video said: “if you want if you’re gay here is how” and ...
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My OCD story with unwanted arousal

I remember watching porn, I watched the same porn videos for two or three days so I didn't wanted to finnish to same videos again so I was looking for other with a acctress that I watched in these videos before while being aroused. But I stambled across a video with her that triggered my Hocd, I felt groinal response and I started to check if I'm not aroused, because I mistook groinal response for ...
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Fear of illegal internet content

I’m a former Rogers patient with severe POCD an depression. I have been relapsing over fear of times when I’ve looked at porn on Pornhub or Freeones. Last night on freeones I clicked something accidentally that brought me to a video that said “teen” before the models name. I didn’t click on it but tried to figure out how it happened and then checked the website disclaimer to make sure everyone was over 18 ...
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