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HOCD thoughts

After years of OCD, I have recently begun to struggle with HOCD again. I check everything and feel weird around good looking males. I think gay porn is absolutely disgusting and it doesn't get me hard at all. Straight porn still does. I love females and I'm pretty sure I'm not gay and/or bi. There's a backdoor spike which I am going through right now, and that concerns this topic.

I know I don't have ...
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Does anyone else deal with guilt? like intense guilt that almost makes you sick? I feel dirty, guilty, and broken, even though I don't think I've done anything remotely bad, and I don't want to, ever.

I feel guilty and paranoid about everything. I feel like a total A hole all the time when I really try to be a good genuine person. I don't even date, I feel like everyone is out to get ...
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First Time Poster need opinions

Hello everyone, I'm 23 now and I've been dealing with these inner thoughts since I was 20. But I've been getting better at dealing with them along the way. I've been scanning around they forum a few times before I wanted to make my post. I've been dealing with Pure OCD since I can remember, carrying on traits like going back to make sure doors were locked at least three times before going to bed, ...
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OCD ruining special moments?

Hey you all,

to make a long story short, I'm diagnosed with OCD and have had it for as long as I remember. It takes up incredibly much of my time during the day, and even when engaging in some pleasurable activity, it's always there in the background, of course. I have a lot of symptoms that are very invalidating, but in this post it's about the intrusive images. I have certain intrusive images popping ...
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Hocd has beat me

I think today is the day too call it quits! I can’t afford a doctor right now and our insurance don’t cover it, the stuff feels just so real I guess cause I’ve put so much focus on it, it’s like some times I can find just a girl attractive or a dude or both maybe I’m bi idk, women turn me on get me erected men not really unless I’m sleeping or waking up ...
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HOCD or am I just gay/BI? PLEASE HELP ME

So I am a 24 year old male.
Let me just start off by saying I have been attracted to women for as long as I can remember. I even remember one of my first crushes being on another girl in kindergarten. I have had several crushes on girls throughout my life.
I have excessively fantasized about women and only women for my entire life. and I have had one serious girlfriend who I loved ...
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Beyond HOCD, beyond help.

Haven't posted in a while, mostly because I know from years of experience how useless reassurance is with OCD, but I'm feeling really down and need a place to vent. I'm not in therapy because I don't have insurance and to be honest I feel it wouldn't do much in this situation.

I'm pretty sure I'm in denial about my sexuality. There's a part of me that knows it's true, but can't quite come to ...
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Hi and...

Hi Everyone,

Just a little background, I have Pure OCD, I'm 27 and in the US. I had onset years ago, I'm unmedicated aside from drinking myself into a stupor most of the time (I quit everything a few days ago, still functioning, haven't missed work etc.)

I guess my case is this:

I feel like I hurt everything I touch or see, I feel like a horrible person all the time, like I'm some ...
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How to deal with "rage" that damage relationship?


I am OCD/OCPD and this year I have been dealing with ROCD but on the side of feeling she does not love me enough. This has a real basis origin because of a crisis this summer. She has a lot of problems in life and I am sure this is affecting her and how her does interact with me. I am alway supporting her and doing my best to help but, from time to ...
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Rock Bottom, I’d Rather Be Dead Than Have Trans Thoughts

I am at rock bottom.

I’d rather be dead than have these transsexual thoughts. I DON’T WANT TO BE A WOMAN!!!

I want these thoughts to ###$ off and leave me alone. I have had it with them.

My mental health is in pieces and these thoughts are destroying me.

I have been feeling uncomfortable when I wear v neck tops that show my chest hair and the uncomfortable feeling around my penis has come ...
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