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Masturbation and Testing

I’m so exhausted I just keep testing and testing it feels like I can ejaculate quicker with a gay thought and this bothers me so much it doesn’t feel like Iv anxiety over it either so that worry’s me too. I’m literally testing twice a day now to see if I will ejaculate to gay thoughts. I’m starting to worry I’m subconsciously attracted or something I’m just so tired of this
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Arousal ocd

Hello, can someone explain how ocd creates arousal non concordance ? For example while seeing a picture or a video that triggers Hocd or POCD or any other sexual ocd? And Why does it make unwanted arousal stronger while being aroused? Any good links and some explanation ?
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Another "OCD" post

I've tried I've really really tried to stop going onto here and comparing myself to others I've tried to stop the "compulsions" but I can't stop it's so hard I know this isn't ocd and I'll explain why: I read a recent post stated OCD is limited to the imagination well my thoughts aren't when I see an attractive guy I know he is attractive and why do I know he's attractive and that it's ...
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Im very worried

So idk how to start this because it’s been something I’ve been dealing with for a while.

Basically I’m worried I’m a pedophile and I know that isn’t something we are technically supposed to talk about but Im having a breakdown and I need some advice.

Im currently 21(m) and have been in several successful relationships with women my age and older starting when I was 13(too young but oh well). I am attracted to ...
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False attraction

Hi, I have been having couple of bad days with false attraction.

While I was ruminating I was thinking about kissing a girl and same sex person, what I realised it’s that when I think about same sex person and kissing my ocd brings an familiar surroundings or a place where this imagination takes place, to have a good feeling about the place not the kissing part it’s kind of like my brain is trying ...
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