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Can anyone relate to this?

I had a dream the other night that was sexual. In the dream I was feeling aroused. When I woke up the feeling was still there and for a second or two I let it stay. My whole issue is my daughter was sleeping next to me. Even though it had absolutely nothing to do with her the fact that I let the feeling from my dream continue for a second after I woke up ...
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Greetings. This is my first time visiting, and first posting on this forum. My son has been diagnosed with Autism, and is struggling with treatment resistant OCD. He has ADHD and ODD as well. He definitely has a hard time dealing with uncertainty, and his OCD mostly presents itself as the need to verify what he has been told or what he understands... is correct. He just turned 18 and will be graduating from high ...
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The fear of being in denial drives me crazy (TOCD)

Fear of enjoying the thoughts

I had TOCD once, 8 years ago and now it's back, same symptoms. It pretty much tells me that i would like to be a feminine/a girl, and constantly shoves me with images and tells me that i'd like to have breasts and stuff. I've been having the compulsion of wearing feminine clothes and my brain says "here, you like, don't you?". It feels like the real deal and my ...
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Need help/advice with possible OCD habit/ritual

Hello everyone,

I want to talk about a habit or ritual that I'm struggling with for the past couple of years.

Whenever I start working on some task that holds a lot of importance to me such as studying or applying for jobs. I start having these thoughts:

• I'm not doing this properly or in an orderly manner
• I'm not putting my best effort
• I'm not working hard

These thoughts become overwhelming. ...
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Really struggling - a lifelong undiagnosed anxiety?

Hi guys! New member to the forum!

I need some help guys. I'm 27.

Ever since I've been a kid, I've been labelled a worrier, worrying about menial things like losing my school books, my school bag. My anxiety seemed to jump from one thing to the next. Initially, it was social situations, then being anxious about cleanliness, then it jumped to my sexuality for a number of years, then it's been about work for ...
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Understanding my friend


there is a friend I have, who appears to have OCD.

She told me once, that she was atationary in a hospital for mental health issues one year long.

But not what it was.

The "symptoms" she is having are very similar to what it's said about OCD.

Now, she has basically noone around herself who understands it, nor treat her well. Which makes it even worse.

A lot of insecurity, assuming she did ...
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Did I Black Out and" Do It " in the Food Court?!! Please Hel

I have severe ocd. Two weeks ago I bumped in to an ex I haven't seen for 30 years! We sat down and chatted. He ate his lunch and I felt too shy and awkward so I sat opposite him and didn't eat. We are at the mall. I'm married and so is he , so I was feeling nervous about sitting opposite him. Anyway, we chatted and he hugged me a d he ...
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An actual erection to HOCD

Yeah I lost, this happened 3 weeks ago now and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I stumbled on a hentai Instagram page and there was an image of Whis from Dragon Ball, he didn’t have a penis but he was drawn even more feminine than he actually is, I also have a thing for big butts and they gave him one, it was a weird page it like 5 different images ...
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Hocd for 18 years

I’m beyond depressed I’ve been healing with hocd since I was 17 now 35 I’ve missed out on everything I’ve tired lots of therapists and meds and none have worked. I feel lost old unattractive like my dreams were taken away from me. I thought I’ve have a husband by now when i never even had a boyfriend. Im afraid this has made me afraid to be around people and I don’t go out and ...
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POCD Feel Lost

Don’t know if I have POCD anymore and I’m not here for assurance.
I just imagined myself raping/molesting with pleasure and it only caused a shear panic attack. I couldn’t sleep last night. My body was flailing.

I didn’t have anxiety but the sicko thoughts were there and I was wondering if I enjoy being a molester and actually act on my thoughts. It was so unbearable. I never was attracted to kids before. I ...
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