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Nightly nightmares

I'm sick of going to sleep and having nightmares. I can't seem to wake myself out of them either. I fear going to bed every night. Most of the time, I don't even know what they mean. I wake up in the middle of a panic attack every night. I also have trouble falling back to sleep. Please tell me that I'm not alone in this.
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Hi there,

I have been having nightmares, sleep terrors , paralysis and episodes of sleep walking. The former are all pretty horrific but the sleep walking can be amusing ( for others , I still find it frightening)

But recently I’ve been waking up with injuries- what looked like a finger tip sized burn mark on my forehand between my eyes ,
- a huge bruise on my throat as if I had been strangled ...
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Do you pretend?

I have been pretending lately that my papa (honorary father) wakes me up when I have a nightmare. He lives on the other side of the world (and we can only write letters in real life). I pretend he says it's all right, we exchange a hug, and I then I try to go back to bed after he leaves. It's the only thing that soothes me. I don't really fall back asleep. But I ...
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Buzzing, beeping, whirring

Hello all, I have had sleep paralysis from a young age. I learned to deal with it and have fun. Well things started to get really nasty at some point and I was possessed a few times. Then I was taken by aliens. Grey aliens, some tall some not. They must have done something permanent to me. All of my experiences now have the same characteristics as a telepathic communication from an alien. Everytime I ...
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Entity in Nightmares

I want to preface my story with the thought that I’ve always felt like I have had some sort of dream/nightmare disorder due to the fact that I dreamt/had nightmares often and would easily remember my dreams (I can vividly remember dreams of mine from over 20 years ago). My brother and I would even have the same dream/nightmare on the same night sometimes and something about my dreams and nightmares has always made me ...
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I know I'm asleep but can't wake up

I have regular nightmares where I know I'm asleep but can't wake up, the things in the nightmares are unbelievably disturbing and when I eventually wake, my heart is racing and I'm confused and can't think properly. I sometimes see things and if I fall asleep again the nightmares continue so normally I have to call someone or get up and do something until the confused fear ends.

Anyway, the most recent one was last ...
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Exploding Head Syndrome

Does anyone else have this?
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I hate sleeping at this point (help)

there is never a day that i don't have a nightmare and its getting to the point i don't want to sleep and im in high school and its tiring as it is but im getting 0-4 hours of me closing my eyes. i have really bad nightmares almost every night either involving me or my family or people i really care about like tonight i had a nightmare that stuck with me.

i ...
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Shadow figures, what is the meaning of my nightmare?

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this when having nightmares. I dreamt I was in a dark room on a bed and there were 2 shadow figures, one was an adult and the other was a child sitting on the floor. They were both facing away from me and standing stillstaring at a old fashion tv with nothing beside loud black and white scribbles as if no antenna. The tv was the only ...
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