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Just a question

I might talk to my doctor about this, but it's nothing too pressing for me. I'm not asking if I _have_ this, but am just wondering if anybody can relate to what I say?

I don't have uncontrollable urges to sleep during the day, but I do often experience sleep paralysis, and some days I get really tired despite having slept all night.

I did some research on this topic, and I don't think I ...
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Hey guys, I am new here but I have recently been very interested in other nightmares that narcoleptics have. I am currently diagnosed with narcolepsy and have been for 11 years now.

I have been messing around with making games, and really wanted to make people aware of what narcoleptics go through, mainly with nightmares or hallucinations, in a game I am going to call Lucid. The lucid dreams narcoleptics have been beyond most of ...
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I don't know what to do - Do I have narcolepsy?


I've been struggling with something for a little while - and avoiding talking about it with my friends because they just tell me to get more sleep :( Wondering if my symptoms could possibly point towards narcolepsy and thought this would be a good place to ask.

I'm 25 and 2 years ago I started experiencing sudden periods of extreme fatigue. At first it was only ...
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College student with narcolepsy

Hello friends,

Is there anybody that I can connect with that has narcolepsy as a college student? This disorder has made me socially isolated, unable to focus on anything and overall lonely. PLEASE respond or message me if you just wanna be friends that get one another. Thanks friends.
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Can anyone help answer these questions

At a young age I had a iep ( this happend in kindergarten) I was taken out of class for speech, my mother a narrsarsic destroyed our family, and never considered the iep or disturbances I was having. Later in life I’ve been recklessly trying to understand things about myself. I have always had issues with daytime sleepiness and hallucinations in my sleep, where there is no connection to reality I can’t say that I ...
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My partner has narcolepsy and I need help

Is there anyone online with narcolepsy to talk to please
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Taking modafinil, sleep attacks gone but still fatigued?

Hi, I was diagnosed with narcolepsy this year after years of wondering what the heck was wrong with me and being asleep so much I was barely functioning. I was prescribed modafinil as treatment. Now it's wonderful in that I do not get sleep attacks anymore on it. However I find I am still quite fatigued throughout the day and have trouble concentrating unless I have caffeine. I'm glad it keeps me from falling asleep ...
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Is this an active forum? Type 1 Narcoleptic here.

I see the last post here was in May 2017 and it wasn't replied to. Is this an active forum or should I go and look somewhere else for community support?
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Narcolepsy Coping Mechanisms/Treatment

Hey everyone! I'm kind of averse to many meds used to treat narcolepsy and I'm wondering whether anyone's found holistic/lifestyle/other non-medication treatments that have helped.
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Possible Narcolepsy Diagnosis?

Hi, I am a teenage student, and I think I might suffer from sleep narcolepsy.
I got to a residential school, so I have very poor sleep habits, often not sleeping until 4 or 5am and then waking up at 1 or 2 pm.
I have been recently suffering from both cataplexy and sleep paralysis.
And I am not sure what is happening to me.
In the two most recent scenarios, I took a nap ...
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