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Late onset NPD/questions regarding "self death"

Hi cool people from the NPD forum,

Too long, didn't read (TL;DR) - I was a narcissist still in contact with the true self but didn't have a full blown personality disorder until now. After experiencing a trauma I think now I do coupled with PTSD (Posttraumatic stress disorder.) I am asking for clarification if the "sensitive/real self" can actually die or if I just can't access it anymore. I am also not sure how ...
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How has therapy helped you?

I’m looking to hear from some NPDs who have actually benefited from therapy and how they think it’s improved their life or how they interact with the outside world.

I had to fire my last T because of the number of times she canceled on me and getting into the office is such an inconvenience for me because of my work schedule. I have a DR appointment coming up and I can’t decide if I ...
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The purpose of devaluation?

What makes you devalue someone (for example spouse, etc)? I've heard several theories, which one is most accurate?

1. Narcissistic person feels bad about himself and he projects these feelings into the other person so that the other person would feel bad too

2. In order to feel better about himself narcissistic person wants to push the other one down and hurt them

2. Narcissistic person wants to destroy the other person's self esteem so ...
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covert & evil

A lot of people would describe me as BPD but I'm not because the fear of abandonment isn't there neither is self harm, I only get upset when someone leaves because they lied to me, they told me something I took as the truth they ruined the power I had over them.

Come to think of it, I don't care for people at all and it's something I hate living with.
I hide it because ...
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Covert narcissism?

First of, I'm not asking anyone to psychoanalize me, I'm just wondering if anyone could relate.

I've always been an 'introvert'. I find it hard to open up to people and be relaxed around them. I'm very conscious of how others percieve me and I easily feel rejected. But for someone so sensitive I'm strangely cold. I don't think I've ever felt sorry for somebody or cared about somebody else's problems. I can never relate ...
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Do you ever worry about old age or dying alone?

Does anybody here ever worry about old age or dying alone? I see a lot of people with NPD expressing that they don't care about the inability to have long term relationships, how walking away is so easy, how you don't really have a care for the other person when you walk away from them.

But do any of you ever worry how this "now now now" strategy will play out in the long term? ...
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Am I projecting

Something I’ve noticed lately is I tend to look down on or even despise people for having the same issues I’ve had or doing the same sort of things. For instance I quite smoking atleast 10 years ago but I did smoke and now I look at people who smoke as disgusting losers with the will power of a pineapple. I do the same thing with other things as well, if I’m eating right I ...
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Extreme plastic surgery

Do people who go to extremes with plastic surgery have NPD? You know the ones, huge injected lips that look ludicrous, fake boobs, fake ass implants, facelift till their eyes touch their forehead. Or is it a body dysmorphia or maybe something else? What drives people to such extremes that they actually look terrible? It has to be connected to a mental illness of some sort.
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I'm exploring feelings...
What do you think of anger?
People here are supposed to feel anger easily - or maybe it's just an image
i feel anger is quite a positive feeling
at least better then depression - even if they can have sometimes the same source
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I'm curious about how you feel about compliments.

Do you like them or do you dislike them?

I'm curious too about how you feel about being offered help.

I tend to like both of them, unless i'm unsure of their sincerity. But i met some people who dislike them.

I'm curious of your experience and possible ambivalence?
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