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my story so far oxo

i think i may be npd or even aspd

i never had any idea about personality disorders or traits until exactly 1 year and 7 months ago, which is when i met my current partner.

i believe her to be bpd, and in an effort to understand her behavior better i began reading online, and all this time later my research is only just scratching the surface. trust me aswell i read this forum most ...
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Can narcissists feel deep friendship/emotional bond?

For their real life friends because they have a lot in common? Or maybe for their internet friends because its much less responsibility and chance of trouble (?) Sorry I'm bad at explaining.
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I think I'm discarding my son

He's 20, came to live with me a few years ago after spending most of his life with his mother since we split up. He's exhibiting irresponsible and self-destructive attitudes and behaviour that's cost him a couple of jobs and landed him in hospital a couple of times. Basically he smokes too much weed, hates the idea of working for a living, doesn't take work seriously, and has a kind of "meh, so what" attitude ...
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Myths about NPD

Does this ring true for any of you? Are there any other myths you find to exist? I know a few have said the need for narcissistic supply is a myth for them. Any other ones?

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Entrepreneurship with NPD

Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone here with NPD is a successful entrepreneur or small business owner?

I've always started things since I was a pre-teen (I'm now in my late 20s), but never finished or made them into a real success. Everything from a car wash service to being the computer support kid in my neighborhood to starting a gaming clan, etc.

Those were as kids/teenagers. Now that I'm an adult, I've also "started" ...
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If you deal with or have dealt wirh anxiety on a regular basis, what coping methods helped your anxiety?

Do you exercise, meditiate, eat a healthy diet, ETC.
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Im so very sad

I think I am in a relationship with a covert Narcissist and would just like opinions please.

I have been in this relationship for 4.5 yrs engaged for 2.5 yrs. For the first 3 years he was the most charming loving man I had ever met, yet didn't have any real friends we are in our late 40's. He loves to play poker and I am a very social person. He had been playing poker ...
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Mastering Narcissism 101 - Welcome to the Game

I experienced severe narcissistic injury which caused me to spiral into a state of depression and anxiety rendering me both physically and mentally exhausted for an extended period of time. I spent countless hours ruminating and processing the extreme rage and subsequent shame within myself for having to accept I had no control over the situation and reconciling such. I resorted to a degree of isolation, albeit I have a successful relationship from a woman ...
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I am unable to work because of my disorder is anybody else that way
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I just spent a few hours with my adult children into little grandchildren and I don't feel any love towards them and it makes me so uncomfortable and sad I didn't realize as a mother when my children were growing up that I didn't love them in the sense that I was supposed to so I thought it was all normal but now I see it and it really bothers me to the point where ...
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