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What are you looking for in your relationships?

As written: what do you hope/wish to receive from the others - if you wish something?
My question concerns every social relationship, not just with your partners.
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Empathy / Hypocrisy

According to my psychotherapist (I was there because of insomnia/anger managent), I have light narcisstic traits.
So, one question: a lot of people (who are ,,normal'' lol) talk about empathy. They are so empathic and good humans because of their giving nature.. (lol!)
Lies. Sorry, but a lot of them were extremely unempathic when it comes to certain problems. I have recognized it a lot.. Personally, I think it belongs to the human/the character. So, ...
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Attention Seeking Behaviour

I'm wondering if attention seeking behaviour is sometimes part and parcel of having personality disorder.

For me I attention seek in order for people to show me some kind of care. Not so much these days but definitely when I was younger.

Does anyone have any insights here?
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So am not gonna sugarcoat it. Am desperate for some ass but I ain't really got any game and things are getting dark. Tbh, my mindset frightens me at times because am looking at every female as a piece of meat. It's tough not to stare and I hate perving out.

It's really a hypersexual way of being and it sucks because the urge is insane and I guess some aphrodisiacs like ashwagandha and cordyceps ...
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What is best: inherent power or granted power?

When I was a child I was given the role of playing David in a school production of David and Goliath.

I was 6 years old and probably the smallest person in the school. I stood in the assembly hall, armed with a catapult and a piece of plasticine. I shot it across the hall to kill the giant and I hit the headmaster right in the ...
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The Paradox Of The Personality Disorder

This is something I've been stewing over of late.

I don't think it's something that's exclusive only to personality disorders but I've found that within the lists of characteristics there are a lot of contradictions.

It's like we want something and at the same time we don't.

I wanna be adored then when people like me I push them away.

I wanna be special but I'm the first to stand up and tell people that ...
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What does it do to you when you feel rejected.

I've never really thought about this before but I actually think this is a major issue for me.

It's like I'm not really arsed about being popular but if I think that everyone else has been invited to a party and I haven't then I have to confront the ringleader of it all and make them feel like absolute $#%^.

In truth I wouldn't have ...
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Semi-vague questions, but:

I'm wondering what types of things people would consider to motivate them?

What kind of things are of value to them?
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Alternatives to Guilt

In the empathy is narcissism thread, I made a comment that reffered to how emotional empathy is supposed to be a motivator - and now it has me thinking about the emotional motivational purpose of guilt.

If empathy encourages prosocial behavior like species or tribal cooperation, reciprocal (and other forms of false) altruism, kin selection, etc ----- and if they choose to, people who lack it can use perspective taking to achieve similar results, how ...
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Humiliation question

My therapist suggested that I seem to enjoy to humiliate people.

I've never thought of this before to be honest.

It's because I told her that I'm entertained by people's reactions to what I say when I confront them.

Does anyone here get this?

I know I'm not explaining this very well but I've never thought about it before.

It's new.
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