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Sadistic Witchcraft

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breaking silent treatment

Do you ever find it hard to not contact your victim during silent treatment? For example, in case you'd like to say something to her but your narcissism won't let you because that would mean you are losing control.
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Hot, Cold

Someone told me this today.

I've never thought of myself as a good person but yes, the thrill of the chase is always better than when you get it.

I want someone one day who I can settle with but I always get sad when people stay around me for too long. I need my space and I have formed a habit of relationships with people who are too sociable.

I kinda like this one ...
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idolize or accept reality?

i have a question. sometime one has idealised vision of someone. for instance a parent.
it's good to idolize because one can feel quiet inside.
Do you think it's important to see reality? to be aware of how they are? or to quietly keep that sort of delusion.
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All I want is attention

I thought I’d come on here and express my feelings as I don’t know where else would be appropriate.
Lately I’ve been really thinking about what I want, and I feel nothing would satisfy me.

I just feel completely and utterly insatiable.
I just want attention. All the attention. But I feel even that wouldn’t be good enough.

I feel deprived of attention and love and adoration and I feel angry about it. But I ...
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Anybody with Cluster B (NPD or ASPD) ever dealt with homelessness? What was it like? Tell us your story.

I am currently homeless after coming out of jail for a theft charge. I will soon be doing a great hiking/camping trip that will last for many months and cross multiple countries. It’s an interesting journey and frankly I am surprised at the level of freedom you get as a homeless person. It’s not nearly as ...
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Dealing with my narcissism... if that's what it is

New here. Hi all.
I want to explore this a little.
I am aware that I am either NPD or I sit on the borderline between extremely high narcissism and NPD...
I'm currently in a rather depressed state, so I'm just going to write what I am thinking and feeling and would welcome comments from anyone who wishes to give me their opinion.

I believe that I have NPD although I believe it is quite ...
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If you are still around ... you know who this is.
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Am I a Narcissist? Aspergers

This is really mortifying for me to admit to these feelings, so please go easy on me. I really hope that nobody I know comes across this thread.

I need to say that I have a diagnosis of Aspergers and struggle with expectations in society, my expectations, body language and people’s intentions. I don’t have any friends and am often seen as being stuck up and aloof.

For the last year I have secretly wondered ...
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Emptiness, and depersonalization

Hi all, probably posted about this before but whatever:

- Supposedly for VNs emptiness/DP is a way for the ego to regulate feelings of shame.

"Psychoanalytical theories coincide in understanding depersonalization (DP) as a disorder of narcissistic self-regulation. DP is described as an ego defense against overwhelming shame resulting in a splitting of an observing ego detached from the experiencing self. In contrast to a behavioral-cognitive theory on DP, which suggests that the catastrophic appraisal ...
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