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Covert vs Overt Narc

Is it common for a girl who was with an Overt Narc, to fall for a Covert Narc?
One of best friends was marriage to an Overt narc and has spent 2.5 years, healing after her divorce, met a really great guys (who we all loved), and now seems to have totally fallen head over heels with a Covert narc. The love bombing was from the very get go and she felt like they were ...
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What happened to this place?

It’s barren, deserted.

Hopefully, this means you’ve moved on with your lives and become better, more mature and wise adults.

Some things you will always struggle with, and that’s ok. Struggling is what reminds us that we are alive.

Imagine a life without struggle, with no hardships. Without pain.

A life filled with comfort makes a soft vulnerable brain.

Perhaps you were dealt a bad hand. Most of us were. Our brains have calloused and ...
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Who am I?

I am a 43 years old male, divorced twice, both of the relations i simply left them, no discussions no arguments no try again.
I have a narcissistic personality, I stopped my relation with all females (sisters and mother) in my family, firstly because they have this habit of sniffing around mine and other people's life and try to manipulate it, which I simply hate.
I have no friends because of my inconsistency in life ...
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Narcissistic injury

Narcissistic injury, also known as "narcissistic wound" or "wounded ego" are emotional traumas that overwhelm an individual's defense mechanisms and devastate their pride and self worth

The source is Wikipedia but I hope it will do for this thread, I was looking for a simple-clear definition, feel free to add more meaning to it.

What is a narcissistic injury and what does it look like (in terms of behaviour and emotional state) as it is ...
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Fear of the N injury

Hi all,
wondering if anyone else here shared this same "fear", like you have this subtle fear that others will detect or somehow figure out that you are an VN and are "easily wounded" (several people irl I suspect have detected this) and they will try to get a "reaction" or "Injury" out of you, like triggering a shame attack (VN/narcissistic defenses is a cover up for feelings of shame imo), and you are so ...
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Covert Narc Awareness

This is very difficult for me to share but for the last couple of months I have been severely depressed, I finally finished college and moved back to my home country where I hadn't been in years. Back home I practically have no friends, well I haven't really had a friend in forever. I think I am too good to socialize with people and hate doing so. But I feel extremely lonely. I don't have ...
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What is a Discard? Is this a description of one?

Note to moderator: before you approve this please let me know if the topic is not narcissism - I'm unclear on this.

I've heard people talk about a discard in Narcissism before, so I wondered if this would shed any light on:

A cognitive process where people are literally discarded in terms of worth.

As follows;

An individual has a strong overriding schema, and another individual tries to contravene a law in that schema.

The ...
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Have a false self

I have been asking myself a question for some time.

I have noticed that a lot of women are drawn to psychopaths/narcissists and like to be belittled and dominated. Why wear a "mask" and pretend to be nice, helpful, honest when you are appreciated more by being "bad", rude, dishonest?

Why demean yourself by copying the image of others who are so inferior to you and sacrifice your image just to gain someone's trust, to ...
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New to NPD .. abandon hope all ye who enter here or what?

Hello all advice needed please...
Had a break through 3 days ago. Suspect I have been covert NPD for 50 years after witnessing brutal bloody death at age 9.. Feelings that I accidentally caused death of 7 year old boy. Shame, guilt etc. obviously repressed PTSD (No therapy given) lots of other subsequent occurrences compounded this. Originally diagnosed myself as Aspergers (still possible btw) lifetime of anxiety, depression and self obsessed pomposity. highs and lows ...
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Sadistic Witchcraft

*mod edit*
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