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Looks and Personal Identity

Recently I’ve seen a few photographs of myself that totally devastated me. One was a driver’s license photo and the other a candid photo of me crossing a finishing line at a local race. Both were absolutely awful. It seemed I was in the full throws of geezerhood.

Since then I’ve been able to convince myself, as usual, that it was the lighting, the angle, and the general circumstances in which these were taken, and ...
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Can you admit when you are wrong?

Can you admit when you are wrong?
If not to others can you admit you are wrong to yourself??

If you cant admit to being wrong, why not?
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Why do you think you are an N?

So Why do you think you are an N?
Some traumatic event?
Some deep shame?
Do you recall a time you realized you were different? Or have you always thought everyone was like you?
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Does mum have NPD

I'm a new member, 61, and only 4 months ago it has been suggested to me that my stepmom has NPD.
I've therefore started to read as much as I can on the subject but find the following discrepancies:
She's got lots of friends albeit the ones that get too close end up leaving her
She's very caring to animals
She's generally gregarious in public
She apologises to anyone
As far as the rest ...
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Is there any hope for us narcs?

I am a self-aware covert narc who has made minimal progress in improving myself over the last 10 years. The problem is that I only want to deal with my disordered personality when I'm going through crisis.

My latest crisis is that I took Jordan Peterson's 5 domain personality test, and the results really concern me (even though there's nothing there that is a surprise).

I am extremely high in neuroticism, very low in consciencetiousness, ...
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42y/o just realized im covert narc

I'm a 42-year-old male and I've recently come to the realization I may be a covert narcissist.

I've struggled in my life - very shy, withdrawn, introverted, anxious, negative intrusive thoughts, resentful, petty, cowardly, grandiose, I could go on and on. I have no friends or any real relationships, I just don't feel comfortable around people. The only time I feel comfortable around others is when I feel I am in control. I've been ...
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Schizoid Narcissist is not Covert Narcissist

Schizoid Narcissist is Not Covert Narcissist
1. Do you see yourself in any of the descriptions of the four sub-categories?
2. Is this in Vaknin’s Malignant Self-Love, or is it a new idea he’s come up with after this book’s publication?
3. If it’s new, is there a transcript or text version, preferable printable?
4. Do you strongly reject this theory?
5. Do you doubt it?
6. Do ...
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"rebuilding your bubble"

Hi all, dunno if I should post this on the avpd forum or the trauma forum this one but here goes...
To preface it I am not fishing for compliments but I am asking for advice or help.

So recently I've been feeling kinda bad about myself and I feel that my confidence has been knocked from offhand comments and bullying, like the bubble which I lived in that protects me from feelings of inferiority ...
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Do I have NPD?

I (34M) was married since 2014. No kids. I fell in love again in February 2022. I told my wife (38F) pretty early about the affair, understandably she was upset and angry. I could not stay in our co-owned flat because of the tension. I impulsively decided to leave our flat and my wife was alone. She moved to a different flat in August and I helped her move.

I asked if I could stay ...
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Question about delusions and some personality disorders

Are delusions common in some personality disorders?
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