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Do you hate people?

Like the title says do you hate other people, does it really bother you when you have to be around people? If so is it everyone or just certain people?
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Anyone feel like this time of year really hits them. I guess it's just the hormonal balance, compounded with the typical animalistic drivs being amplified by the hormonal effects.

When I used to do social work around a school with children who had behavioral issues (some diagnosed autistic, most just deprived of a normal family. And oh yes, the irony has not escaped me.) they all flipped the switch come Spring. Especially the girls. All ...
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Not existing/ego death

I just wanted to ask if this is a "common" temporary symptom of lack of attention/supply in someone with vulnerable narcissism or NPD. Do you, or have you ever felt like without attention from others, your ego or fragile sense of self would just cease to exist? Leading to feelings of depersonalization, anxiety/panic, and fear. Also, what do you think would happen if this process somehow continued?

I guess this is aimed more at the ...
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Core values

Inspired by an observation a poster made in another thread that we rarely discuss values here....

Values…..a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life.

1. Are values something that you spend any measurable amount of time considering? Either in yourself or in others?

2. Do you find it relatively easy to pin down your own core values, or is it more like nailing Jello to the ...
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Emotional toddlers who think they are Gods

I am always amused at the grandiose fantasies of Narcissists when they are so emotionally vacant.

A whole other world exists: the world of emotion- where one can feel the exquisiteness of love- a place where one knows the joys of truth & loyalty & understanding of the human spirit.

How can these grandiose frauds believe that they are Gods when they are void of half of life secrets.

Its why criminal narcissists will always ...
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Anyone ever blast out of this dimension or have any good experiences with shrooms? This is not to condone any behavior, just would like to know anyone's experience with this. There's not too much to be found on the interwebs about this, just anecdotal, not firsthand stuff.

I know a guy who I suspect is a narcissist with ASPD traits who has taken large doses and seems to be doing alright except his laughter is ...
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Is this behaviour related to my narcissism?

I have noticed a pattern:

-I use multiple social media/internet forums to discuss various things. Usually after some time, I will want to dissociate myself from everything I've written. I'll feel embarrassed or in some way dissatisfied about what I've written, like it doesn't truly represent me, and will delete everything and close the account. Then later I'll open new accounts, with an attitude of "this time I'll behave in a way that represents me ...
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I don't know if this is the right sub-forum to post this. Writing fictional stories seems to be the best way to work things out in my mind. I thought "projecting" is the correct term to describe what the main character of my story, Jeanette, is doing. I looked up the term; it does not represent what is happening.

Jeanette is very protective of her slave, Aurora. Anything that Aurora experiences, Jeanette perceives that as ...
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Have you ever dealt with anxiety?

Or do you deal with it currently?

If so, what have you found the best way(s) to eliminate or reduce it?
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