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The Awakening - Please help

5 days ago I had just been awakened to the fact that I have narcissistic personality disorder. My wife kept repeating the bad things I've done to her in detail over and over again. I went from not remembering, to remembering them differently (as her fault), to realizing I was wrong. My whole world crashed all at once and learned of my disorder. How could I have been so blind??

I want to change. Being ...
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rage and shame

recently ive had an episode of rage, one of my worst so far

i physically and verbally attacked my partner, and caused criminal damage to the property we were living at. i feel great shame at what i have done to my partner, but i just couldnt control myself after what they said to me, its almost like its what they wanted to happen. BTW i suspect my partner of having some kind of PD ...
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Am I a covert narcissist or do I have BPD?

I am constantly engaging in self referential thinking, I compulsively tell lies and I’m highly sensitive but love attention. I also project a lot of my thoughts and feelings onto people these mainly revolve around my insecurities. I feel like once I’m close to people they’re gonna abandon me but I don’t know whether this is me projecting the fact that I’m going to abandon them. I intellectualise a lot of my emotions and feel ...
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I'm a female Narc & Proud!

I have no other forum to express this side of me in the real world so I thought I'd express it here where idc about who is judging me. Most of the pain I've inflicted on have been on men, even though it's never enough & I still wish to demolish them more deep inside. Again, it's never enough & that's why narcs usually return to u after they feel you've recovered or are suspicious ...
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Need some helpful advice please

Pretty sure I have undiagnosed npd for a multitude of reasons. But when I was younger I was dating this girl and it was so good. Sometimes I felt such warmth about her and it cycled back and forth between this and me not being able to stand her. I eventually discarded her because she became too annoying. I went to bed at night thinking about how I am the most amazing person in the ...
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HG Tudor

I've very recently come across HG Tudor, read a few bits, he makes sense but there is apprehension there for me because he's a self confessed user and abuser. So paying him for a consultation seems stupid. Is this guy really what he says he is? Has anybody dealt with him personally - what's your views about his behaviours.?

Thanks in advance
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Covert Narcissism, OCD or else?

Hello everyone. At last i'm here to seek help because i'm really afraid that things will get serious if i don't find a proper way to treat them.
The fact is that i'm a self-diagnosed covert narcissist. At the same time i have a severe Pure-O OCD. It roughly means almost no physical compulsions but A LOT of mental ones (rumination, self-doubt, mind checking). That's why my self-diagnosis is quite shaky, so i just don't ...
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Accepting responsibility as an NPD

I've recently become aware of the fact that I am NPD, I haven't been officially diagnosed yet but I meet quite literally every criteria.
I have an OK life right now, but it definitely isn't what I wanted it to be (or what I think it 'should' be) and I've been spiraling down into a depressive episode because of that. Kind of the stereotypical NPD whose delusion was shattered. Now, that being said, I ######6 ...
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Crossing over to psychopathy

Here's an interesting thought
They say a psychopath is at the extremity of narcissism. Ie they can't be more narcissistic anymore that even the fluctuations of emotions narcissists have are completely gone. The person is completely cold and vacant.

So what I'm wondering is can a narcissist cross over to aspd? I'm 27 and suspect I have NPD if not at least some serious narcissistic traits. Lots of abuse and shame from childhood and throughout ...
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How to know if your parent has NPD ?

My relationship with my mother has always been rather strained. She was always rather unpredictable and always pitied herself. When I was a small kid (almost still a toddler), she would talk about the fact that she had phD and that she had chosen to take care of my brothers and I and ruined her life. She said it as if it were my fault and for a long time, I felt guilty about it. ...
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