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Heart Disease

Last year i tried to fake a thyroid disease taking pills after having gotten a small wrongness in the result exams i had done but it didn't work. in a few months my thyroid got back functioning well again without any intervention.

i felt so disappointed i really had a broke down and i ended up in psych hospital for 3 weeks. that's fine but not what i wanted!

Now its my heart. i have ...
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Think my friend has Munchausen's, family is enabling. Ideas?

Hello, and thanks for reading. I think a friend of mine (more of an acquaintance to me, but close to my best friend) has Munchausen's. Over the last couple of years she has claimed to have had several medical ailments and procedures, and now she's beginning to make medical claims that simply don't make sense, such as getting 40 Botox injections for migraines down the length of her spine, her stomach being twisted for days, ...
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Do I have munchausen's?

I feel that the current shrink whom I have, isn't warm or relatable, unlike some other shrinks. I feel that I need someone to hold my hand, to weather the storms of my life with me. Basically, I have been seeing this new shrink for a while, and he said I wasn't depressed. However, I started to feel quite sad, and spiralled down the rabbit hole. I felt suicidal and went to the a n ...
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Does this sound like Munchausen?

I have a younger sister who's about 14, and recently her girlfriend freaked out and went to the hospital. Since then my sister is convinced that she's suicidal and need to go not only an hour later. The same happened with self harm, she never started till it became popular. Her girlfriend also was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis and not long after my sister starting complaining that "her joints hurt too" after she saw all ...
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Ready to confront the problem...even if it goes badly

Wish this forum was more active because I need advice. I am quite certain that my sister's factitious disorder has risen to a severe case of Munchausen's. My niece is at her wit's end. When my sister was faking knee and neck disorders we pretty much humored her. She has had a long history of depression, paranoia and delusions which all came to fruition when her husband died 26 years ago. But now we know ...
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Hospital Addiction

I have this hospital addiction for the past thirteen years. And it's getting worst and worst the last year.

The first time I went to the hospital, I had a court date for some serious charges. I lied about being suicidal to get in. And I really liked being there. When my court date finally came, my hospitalization made it look like I was crazy and ended up not going to jail but on probation ...
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For people who have been caught..

How did your doctors feel? One of the things I always wonder is how people would react if they found out. I don't know what I would do if one of my doctors got mad and shouted at me or something. I'd hate myself so much. Then again, I wouldn't blame them if they were furious after being deceived like that. What did they say to you?
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My Story

I don't really know if this could be a trigger or not...probably could. I guess I'll just say possible trigger warning here.

Anyway, here's my story. I'm almost certain I have Munchausen. Ever since I was younger, I've loved hospitals, and always felt jealous of others who got to go there. In third grade, I learned that another girl in my class had Arthritis. She was getting all sorts of attention, and she got to ...
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Suspected fabricated pregnancy

Hello everybody,

I've tried to keep this brief and vague.

Last year a close in law announced she was pregnant, everybody was thrilled for her and her partner. As the pregnancy progressed, however, I began to have suspicions - for several reasons - that perhaps she wasn't really pregnant.

When she was relatively late into the pregnancy she experienced a stillbirth. Everybody was devastated. Close in law was alone at the time in another city ...
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Other people with Munchausen syndrome to talk to..

Hi I'm posting because I'm looking for people that I can relate to and I've never met anyone with Munchausen before. I'm pretty sure I've had this probably since I was very young, I just didn't know that was a name for it. I just assumed I was a weird kid who had a problem with lying and playing "pretend" too much. I'm 18 now. If anyone wants to pm me, you can. ...
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