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Munchausens by proxy?

I am concerned about a mother who comes to my chatroom for autism and related conditions.

She says her eight year old son is taking 10 different medications every day, strong drugs like risperdal, clonidine, diazepam, ritalin, zoloft and others. Also that he has 7 different medical diagnoses, such as ADHD, OCD, bipolar disorder, pseudo parkinsons, and others.

She works as a medication aid, and has trained to be a nurse, when she was young ...
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ever since puberty i've wanted to be in hospital,
i try to break arm just so i could have a pink cast on it,
if i see someone on t.v in hospital then i want to be in hospital,
i think i have loads of things wrong with me and im starting to annoy people- i think i've got adhd, ocd, this disorder, and so much more.
i love attention of anyone.
my mum said ...
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i have munchausens too


this will be a short post but i will come back and talk some more soon because i have almost twenty years of experience of having this condition and i'd very much like to talk about it.

i progressed from faking physical symptoms to psychiatric ones in an attempt to limit the damage i was causing to myself and the people i love and now i'm stuck. i don't know who i can trust ...
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Just diagnosed this week


I am now 22 and have been faking symptoms of seizures, asthma and deadly allergic reactions since I was 15. Somehow, I managed to convince myself that I really had a problem and needed help, so thats just what I've done. I was just officially diagnosed with Munchausen Syndrome a few days ago.

I was hoping that someone could share with me their experiences with 'recovery' from this. From reading what i can off ...
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"Official" diagnosis

I had my first appointment with a psychologist today and have an 'official' diagnosis. Has anyone ever had problems with insurance with a diagnosis of Munchausen's Syndrome? I am concerned that my insurance may balk at paying for future problems. NOT that I'm planning on doing anything else - I want to stop!
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