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My friend is obsessed with being ill - what to do?

Hello everyone,

I have come here to ask for help and advice with regards to how I should approach a friend who I strongly suspect is suffering from Munchausen Syndrome.

We have been friends for more than 20 years, and she has so many great qualities that I treasure in her. However, her concern and apparent obsession with doctors, examinations and hospitals is beginning to become a burden for our friendship. To make a long ...
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I really am lost

I definitely wouldn’t say “you’re not alone” because I don’t know how that would help. Obviously you’re not alone.
I went to the ENT about tonsil stones and he said the only thing he could do was perform surgery. I perked up immediately as my out of pocket is paid after just having a knee scope. I immediately decided I was getting my tonsils out. I had to wait a month which was almost unbearable ...
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Healthy and Sane: mad, sad and disappointed

Every time im sick or theres something wrong with my body or mind i have high hopes its something really bad and/or letal.

It doesnt happen often, but when it does, it makes me hope... but then it turns out its not so bad and i feel mad, sad and disappointed and i dont know how to cope, its overwhelming.

Why are my body and mind so strong? I want to be ill and even ...
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Munchausen's by Proxy - or am I just being paranoid?

Good evening all! I am posting this in the hope that someone will tell me not to be so silly and that I'm imagining things. I've certainly been spending too much time on my own. Think I'd better add that I'm a 48 year old female.

I've got a tricky relationship with my Mum and step-dad. Mum is can be very controlling & hyper-critical, while step-dad appears to tick all the boxes for NPD - ...
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Conscious Decision


For me, until recently, even surgery wasn't a conscious decision.

How do I know? When I broke my kneecap, I'd began a 12 Step program, and asked one question that separated this from others, "I am not signing anything until you tell me more," and then was told, "it's broken in half, an inch to spare."

Ok, now can I have something for pain?

This makes it now a conscious one.

I watched a ...
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Dating Someone with Munchausen


I really would like some insight on this... I recently met a guy online, literally the man of my dreams, Before we ever met in person ,we talked online for months and found we have the same hobbies, morals, beliefs everything!!! We finally exchanged numbers and texted daily. One eveing he hadnt responded to my texts awhile and I started to worry. He called late in the night and said he was in a ...
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Business Partner confronted

Hi All new to this forum but been viewing as a guest for the past 4 months.

My Business Partner was confronted by her doctor yesterday regarding Munchhausen Syndrome
it also appears she is now on a register in all hospitals in our state and all specialists are on the same page

She has gone into Silent running mode as she now knows that i know.
if you are a suffer whats the best way ...
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my memory is coming back

i am safe and in a loved environment. no contact with abuser for 10 years.

its coming back in waves, its such a bizarre feeling. I'll disassociate a bit and it just kinda comes floating back and my brain expands and reaches into new depths. It feels like I've had different personas. I have never in my life felt this way but I'm starting to go into stronger waves of difficulty understanding reality from fiction. ...
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What Can I Do To Stop The Madness?

For years now, my sister has been claiming to have more illnesses than I can count. Those illnesses include a brain tumor, arthritis, pneumonia, kidney stones, numerous cancers, chronic pain, fybromyalgia, back problems, neck problems, AIDS, and the list goes on. Recently, it was the flu, which was very convenient since my husband and I just had the flu. She even accidentally texted me that she was diagnosed with the flu. Obviously an accident, because ...
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Not the first


Wow, when I began trying to work a program, this chronic pain stick really got in my way.

But when I saw why it is that an alcoholic needs another alcoholic, I am relieved to have found this program (board). Wish there was one near my home.

But it began in the second grade, when the bullying at school was so bad, I would literally pick up a cold so I could stay home. ...
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