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(Excusing my self in advance if the grammar or spelling isn’t correct)

I’ve tried to do as much research as possible (still searching) on Münchhausen Syndrome (not By Proxy).
I hope it’s ok that I am writing to you even though it is not about ”by proxy). It’s about my wife)

I am 42 years old and am married to my wife for 15 years (together since 2003). Two children (age 15 and 14) ...
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i take 10 acetaminophen tablets a day

i started feigning illness at the age of 11, when i ended up in the hospital for the last time in an ambulance. then i had the first fainting in my life. my mother bought me a lot of books so that i would be a little happy and my condition would improve at least a little. i stayed in the department for 2 weeks and was discharged home without a diagnosis. these 2 weeks ...
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Support group,,,muenchhousr X

is there any support groups for the few of us who attract Munchausen people

all my Xs have had Munchausen syndrom. xwife (deceases from self injury) ate nothing but frozes fried potatos for 4 years broken ribs assortment of faked illnesses
girlfriend seamed healthy when I met her during the next year she , 1 by 1 added up 5 major surgerys she insisted she needed but insurance would not pay for

X-fiancé fake cutting ...
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I think I have Munchausens..

Hi there everyone,

I'm a new member here and I just thought it would be good to
post here in the hope of someone being able to give me some advice on
what to do so here goes.

When I was 16/17ish in high school I had my first out of the blue thought(?)
a thought about my younger sibling. Immediately I couldn't stop feeling guilt about
it which lead me to having to confess. ...
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Do I Have Munchausen Syndrome? Please Reply

I hurt myself and fake illnesses on purpose for attention. Usually hoping to land myself in the hospital as the ultimate goal. Ive been doing it for years and Im ready to confront it.
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Do I Have Factitious Disorder?

This might be a bit lengthy!
Okay so to start off, my childhood was kind of rough. My mom and dad divorced a bit before I was born. I lived with my mom & brother. Growing up I was sexually & emotionally abused by my family. I never felt loved or cared for. Once I was 10; I started feeling repulsed by my mom trying to show affection. Actually anyone in my family trying to ...
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Partner with Munchausen or Factitious Disorder

I've been with my partner 16 years.
Before we met he had a Spinal Neurofibroma and he seemed extremely obsessed with having had this condition.
After we had been together for a few years he developed a growth on his eyelid he had surgically removed, but posted and led friends to believe it was cancer...which it wasn't. (8 years ago)
I thought we were beyond all of this until three months ago when he fell ...
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8 years on... (tigger warning, long.. sorry)

Hello there, this is as update to my story 8 years on. I apologise how long it took me to post this, I lost my original copy so I re wrote it and I seemed to procrastinate it the second time around because I knew I was going to have to sit with these crappy feelings sober… again! That being said I wrote this over a few weeks so it can be a bit long ...
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im worried i might have munchausen syndrome

I honestly fantasize about being sick, having people finally pay attention to me, people wanting to see me even if it's out of pity. I once did go far enough to inject myself with bacteria, but the intent was hopefully to die not to get sick. I don't know what's wrong with me and I could use some support or advice.
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My friend is obsessed with being ill - what to do?

Hello everyone,

I have come here to ask for help and advice with regards to how I should approach a friend who I strongly suspect is suffering from Munchausen Syndrome.

We have been friends for more than 20 years, and she has so many great qualities that I treasure in her. However, her concern and apparent obsession with doctors, examinations and hospitals is beginning to become a burden for our friendship. To make a long ...
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