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SAD vs. PTSD - Any defining differences?

I've only ever had psychiatric hospitalizations/ER visits/etc. in the range of months from September to January. February has been really bad this year and in the past, but nothing with a paper trail. I have mental health issues year-round and have since I was young, but for whatever reason it's a bit less debilitating in the other parts of the year. I have vicious mental breakdowns in the season we're in now and often go ...
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Bipolar mpd

if u see ur bipolar presentation of multiple personality disorder...

Anyone know about dissociative identity disorder

The main differences

The distractabilty mainly looking for something

Accuse to start a convo cause blame to heighten everyone...

Lift spirits the demonized presentations then
To cause to never see again stay away
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What is wrong with me? Do i have cylcothymia?

In recent years I have had a hard time with my mental health. Last year I had, what I and my parents suspect, a burn-out. For months I had no motivation, I cried every day, I didn't want to leave my bed. Nothing mattered any more. At school everything seemed normal, I tried so hard to seem happy, but as soon as I got home all my energy was gone. The thing is now, my ...
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Effexor XR withdrawal weird symptoms

Hello. I've only been on Effexor XR for a few months, but it wasn't working for my bipolar depression so the doctor agreed with me to taper off. I was on 150 mg, went down to 75 after one week and 37.5- for another week. Now- 3 days after stopping it totally, I'm noticing strange neck stretching- it feels like I need to move my neck to the left, several times to stop the feeling ...
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Psychotic although I’m on 3 antipsychotics

I had written a lot and the forum ate my post :| . Anyways, to summarize, a few months ago I had a psychotic and severe depressive episode, I went to an intensive outpatient program and I had intensive therapy and visits to a psychiatrist, had a med adjustment and I felt really good. For about a month and a half. Bad things are happening around me ...
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which came first

Hi community, I'm hoping for some perspective while I confront the desire to free myself (again) from the side effects of my medication therapy...mostly demotivation, constant anhedonia and decreased sex drive.

I've tried extensively to debunk my own diagnosis of BP1 over the last ?? years. It get's complicated by co-morbid ADHD and GAD. What I know for sure is I had suicidal depression for prolonged periods from age 13/14...before mania reared it's head there ...
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*TW* Sudden and extreme hypersexuality *TW*


I've been fine in regards to hyper sexuality for roughly a year and a half. I have episodes, but never this extreme. While I am not partaking in actual sex, I am writing about sex. I've always enjoyed writing, and I will use sex scenes from time to time, but I have three separate stories that I'm writing right now, all NOTHING but sex. I can't go into detail about what the kind ...
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Getting off Lithium while I can.

New year, new meds. Today I have a good talk with my pdoc and I am trying DIVALPROEX SOD DR 500 MG TAB TABLET, DELAYED RELEASE (DR/EC) instead of Lithium. Please keep your fingers crossed so I can tolerate this well, as Lithium will kill my kidney. As I age it is way more dangerous than Depakote.
pdoc said I can taper off 2-3 weeks.
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Depression and Misanthropy / Well-motivated?

Hi everyone,

I'm new here and I didn't see a Presentation section, so I'll just go ahead with this topic.
I am a man in my early thirties, got a PhD which contributed to my depression together with a very difficult family history, I am currently starting to work as a teaching assistant in schools, and at present I have ups and downs.
The reason I am writing here now is that I am struggling ...
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Mixed Episodes.....

.... feel like.....?.....

Crying and depressed and thinking everything is useless, while singing along happily to a song?

Just asking....
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