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MRELD and PEA (palmitoylethanolamide)


A fairly recent article linked PEA (palmitoylethanolamide) with reduction of MRELD symptoms.http://www.hindawi.com/journals/crips/2015/325061/

I'm wondering if anyone with MRELD has been able to try PEA and what their results have been.

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10 yrs old son

hello everyone
My son is 10 now and was diagnosed with MRELD back when he was 7 years old. We have him working with the school specialists to help him in a learning mode but I am seeing a withdrawl from him socially now that he is entering the tween teen years. I am worried about him not fitting in more and this is a big concern to me.
Does anyone have any suggestions or ...
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Pressure of aspergers diagnosis

Greetings to all
I am mother to a six years old boy, who was diagnosed age 4 3/4 years with a severe mixed receptive expressive language disorder. Unfortunately he could not attend the recommended language school as places were limited. (2 spots yet 40 referrals!). My current problem now is that the school want me to have him assessed for Asperger's syndrome, based upon what mostly seems to be behavioural problems. I am sure his ...
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I'm a 25-year-old high functioning autistic male who's been seeing a speech-language pathologist for over 2 years to work on my social interaction and communication skills (not the type of therapy I had as a child to verbalize and pronounce some of my letter sounds better), and according to my therapist, I was told I have MERLD and borderline ADHD as co-morbid conditions along with my autism.

I made it through my undergraduate years ...
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I have Receptive Language Difficulties, though have not been diagnosed with the disorder, I have only seen written down on paper at my special needs school that I have Receptive Language Difficulties.

I do struggle with this and it does make things a lot more complicated for me.

So... yeah.
Hello everyone...
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Hi, I'm 19 years old. I am a great person, but I have one problem that has made my life a living hell at times. You'll have to bear with me here. I'll get to the point soon:S.

Anyways, I have a language disability intermixed with receptive, expressive, and possibly ADD characteristics. I have come to see it as something good though. It makes me see the world with more of an open mind, not ...
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3 yr old son diagnosed

I am so glad i found this forum. So many of the stories sound familiar which is a huge relief.

My son is 3.5 yrs and has always been young for his years but is such a sweetheart it didn't seem to be a problem until he hit 3. As with other he has symptoms that could be attributed to autism however his affectionate nature and interest in people made me fight against this diagnosis. ...
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How to help my 8 year old - Mixed Receptive Expressive

Hi! My son was diagnosed at 6 years old with Mixed Receptive Expressive Language Disorder. He developed very poor speech, and still sees a speech therapist at school on a daily basis. He is in "special ed" and works with a language therapist and reading specialist daily.

I'm very concerned about my little guy, who is now 8 and realizing that he is different than the other kids. He is labeling himself "stupid", and cries ...
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13 yr old with Receptive Expressive Language Disorder

I have a 13 year old son who was diagnosed with Receptive Expressive Language Disorder at the age of 5. After three years (kindergarten, 1st Grade & 2nd Grade) in public schools on an IEP, we placed him in a very traditional curriculum in a Christian School with no special support. As a family we worked very hard to help him overcome his disability and he has done remarkably well. Although his issues are pervasive, ...
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