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Mental Health Articles repository about general subjects as well as specific disorders. Causes, risk factors, treatment and symptoms about disorder are explained here.

Tourette syndrome causes

Thanks to the grand advancement of technology and studies in the medicine and health department, new diseases and illnesses have been discovered over the years. Many diseases from a wide variety of kinds have been discovered. However, not all diseases affect the physical condition of a patient. Some diseases are capable of affecting a patient’s mental health. Among the various types of mental disease, Tourette syndrome is one that stands out. Tourette syndrome, also commonly ...
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Dissociative identity causes

The term dissociation can be described as a state where the integrated functioning related to a person's identity, which includes memory, consciousness and awareness about ones surroundings gets disrupted or eliminated. Dissociation is that mechanism, which allows the human mind to compartmentalize or separate certain memories and thoughts from their normal consciousness. These memories do not get erased but get buried. These memories may resurface back at some point of time later. The concept of ...
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Insomnia causes

Insomnia or sleepless nights is something that is experienced by a lot of people. It is a very common disorder. It is so common that so many people are even familiar with the phrase. It is not surprising to know that so many people have suffered from the disorder at one time or the other in their life. Studies have shown that about half of the entire population suffers from some measure of insomnia while ...
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What is a Mental Disorder?

Mental disorder is a behavioral model that is connected with biased suffering which takes place in an individual. This is not normal in human developmental growth. There are several conceptions about this disorder however; it is diagnosed according to the level of hurt done to other people around the patient.

Mental disorder can be classified in to different angles of human behavior. There is a disorder of the mind called anxiety which obstruct normal functioning ...
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Antisocial personality causes

Antisocial personality disorders occur in children and grown up adults. Children who have this disorder demonstrate violent behavior towards people and animals. It is usual for such children to injure animals like cats. They go against rules, are fraudulent and are thieves who steal other people’s things. They lack respect for other people especially the elderly ones. In adults, it is characterized by manipulation of other people by the patient to collect money by any ...
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Dementia causes

Dementia is a mental health disorder that is characterized by memory failure and inability to do normal daily routine. This is a very serious case of mental health and it is common around people who are at the threshold of 65 years and above. There are two causes of this mental disorder which are Alzheimer’s disease and Vascular dementia. The major activities of these two causes of dementia are to damage the cells of the ...
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Compulsive lying causes

Lying is a common trait that is easily noticed in most people. It is what people grew up to learn probably from people around them or their parents. Some children are even taught how to lie out rightly either by their friends, family members or classmates at school. This is probably done to escape punishment that may result from wrongdoing and to cover up atrocities or to look respectable which is not often the result. ...
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Bipolar disorder causes

Bipolar disorder causes have remained a mystery to scientists for a while now. Over two million Americans are already affected by this illness and a lot more cases are being diagnosed each year. Various researches about the illness have led to many theories though none has been able to identify the real causes of this health condition.

Structure of the Brain
According to research, a difference in the brain structure of those who are ill ...
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Schizophrenia causes

Schizophrenia is a disorder that affects the mental health of the affected individual. This disorder affects the patient’s awareness of reality. It has not been easy for researchers to find out the exact causes of this illness. Some of the causes of this disorder as studies have shown are listed below.

Genetic Causes
Genetic structure could play a major role in the development of Schizophrenia. It has been seen from researches that an individual who ...
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Depression causes

Depression is a mental health disorder that can affect the wellbeing of an individual. There are different causes of depression hence it is not so easy to point out the exact causes of it. Different persons may suffer from depression but each of the causes may vary with each individual. What could cause the disorder in one individual may not necessarily be the cause of it in another individual.

There are two main root causes ...
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