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Worried about bowels.

OK, it seems that once a week, I have loose bowel movements. Should I see a doctor?

I don't think it's diarrhea, since I only go to the bathroom once.
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Men self-injure too

I've known several guys who've self harmed and am tired of hearing people say men don't do this. One of my friends recommended this and suggested I share it with others...selfharm isn't just a female behavior (a great watch) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G17iMOw0ar8
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Girls in mens health?

im fine with like nurses and like older women that know things but teenage girls need to get the hell out of here. the only reason they are probably on here is for some kind of *mod edit*.
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Flomax, Prostate Enlargement, and Ejaculation/Orgasm

I was diagnosed with enlarged prostate (my doctor is telling me that it was 3x normal size) almost 1 1/2 years ago. I have been on tamsulosin (generic Flomax) for a little more than a year, now. Apparently it has helped to reduce my PSA level (and has helped me to empty my bladder, which when I don't take it I definitely notice the difference!). But I have noticed another side effect that I was ...
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Body image..?


I really hate my body for so many reasons but the thing is, I can't really call it body image issues since this implies (at least to me) some sense of distortion between actual body image and perceived. With me, this isn't the case - my body is just appalling.

Problems with my body are:
- Tiny penis with various medical issues (right foreskin and skin issues on the penis...)
- Small hands
- ...
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IQ and intelligence =/= effort and success?

Hi everyone, I have a couple of questions regarding intelligence and productivity.
So I took an IQ test on official Mensa website and got a quotient of 153 Cattel. I was very excited and proud because I have a messed up system of values and this is really important to me. However, I realized the test should be taken for 20 minutes and I took it for about 30 minutes. Without having to take it ...
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Celiac Test Done: High IGA & IGM Levels: Is This Precursor?

Last year I went to a Doctor for Low Testosterone. Only because I thought I had low testosterone. I told him that I was not feeling on top of my game and that my dad had celiac.

Well he order a complete panel of like everything. The lab bill was like 1500.00 dollars. Covered by insurance thankfully.

Everything turned out fine and I did not have low testosterone.

Except I had an elevated IGA levels. ...
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Men and viagra?

what will happen if a 37 year old male without erectile problems takes a viagra pill? will it be damaging to his body? and will he be erect for hours straight??
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Generally Good Weight For 5'9 Male?

What's an ideal weight for a 5'9" Male? I lost weight recently and got into shape, but now I feel I'm underweight at 145 pounds. I'm now a swimmers build. It honestly feels too thin for me.
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Painless, skin colored lump ON scrotum. Is it a cyst?

It's on the scrotum, not inside or on a testicle. I think it's honestly nothing more than a cyst. Correct me if I'm wrong, but testicle cancer, the lump has to be actually on the testicle, doesn't it?
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