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Positive psychiatric effects of hangovers?


Let me start by saying this is my first time posting on any forum ever, so I'm excited/depressed about the responses/lack of already!

That out of the way, I have a brain buster for some of you psych majors out there. I could hardly find anything when I googled it, so this should be a fun/novel forum discussion:

I really enjoy hangovers. A lot. As in some of the happiest moments of my life ...
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What is wrong with me ?

Hello everyone , I just suscribed here.. I'm not sure if I am posting on the right section and I am sorry for that. I am having some problem and I dont know what's wrong with me and I live in a small town so if I go see a doctor he might know me and I dont want him to know.. Before doing that I would like to see if you guys can help ...
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Death and existing.

For a few years now I frequently get the thought of my existence and death, happens randomly with the thought just popping into my mind. I can't describe the feeling but it isn't too nice and I guess you could say I'm very scared of dying as I get a weird feeling in my stomach and I feel like shouting when I think about it.

I'm not in danger or anything just looking for others' ...
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i'm 25 n saw a grey hair on my head

i'm 25 year old man. i saw a grey hair on my strand. actually it was pointed out by someone. i got scared and rushed to mirror to check n it was true.

should i pluck it out?
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Steroid abuse please help me I am only friends with needles


I was wondering if there are any men on here who can relate. To deal with family violence and bullying in school I began developing an addiction to gyms and working out. I had an older friend who I envied and we were competitive. Anyway I found out he abused steroids and he had an unfair advantage the whole time. I began doing the same without him knowing. He came from a rough family ...
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I feel like I can't work at my full potetial

For some time (like a year and a half) I constantly feel like I can't work at my full potential. For example, today I was solving some problems (school work) and it took me a lot. Not because the problems were hard (In the good days I used to do them way faster), but because I had a weird mood. I felt like I was not in the mood. And I had to force myself ...
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Height complex

So, I’m 5’6’’ and in my twenty’s, so my growing days are behind me.

I’m one of the shortest guys at my university and I know it’s not cool to have a height complex, but I do and it’s becoming a problem. No matter how much positive thinking I try, it really gets to me. My last girlfriend was 5’8’’ (without heels) and our height difference was constantly commented upon, which has only aggravated my ...
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painful erection after ejaculation and orgasm

Hi all,

Lately I have been having trouble after orgasming. I find that afterwards, I stay hard for what seems like a very long time. That isn't totally out of the ordinary for me especially if I was really horny, but it can last for like a half hour. And it feels very sensitive, especially at the head, and it will rub against my underwear and cause more irritation.

Not much seems to help it ...
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always tired

hi guys i'm a normale personne i have good marks at schools and this year i'm going to the university but have a probleme i suffer by not being able to remeber names and définitions and i get fastly tired i can't work more then 1h it's a real probleme for me because i'm doing math and computer science at university thos too needs a lot of practisse and focus things that i don' have ...
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I loathe the human speices with every fiber of my being

I must be really really gone because I think I have zero love or caring for others

I am so sick and tired of people hurting me. I am sick of society !

I read in the paper about " 9 people shot and killed here " " 5 people shot and killed there " and I just DON'T CARE. I read comments how people are in tears for those poor people. I immediately think ...
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