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I don't trust my doctor.

The pelvis pain has been going on for months to about a year.
The groin pain is new, I know what caused the groin pain but I won't go into it.
But I think the pelvis pain had to do with my laptop always being on my lap.
Now, I think this is where things got confused.
I think the doctor thinks the groin testicle pain and pelvis pain are connected, which, they are, but ...
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Getting over not wanting to bother my doctor ?

Hey everyone, i'm new or maybe made a post in the past as i already had this account that i had forgotten about.

I don't wanna bore everyone with my issue to much as i'm sure you all have your own problems and many much worse than me but i needed an outlet.

Im a 32 year old male and i'm completely lost in limbo for a better way to describe it, for the last ...
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Hello everyone! I just need to vent and I don't really have anyone to talk to. So, I thought I would post here. I'm sorry if this isn't the place for such posts. If that is the case, delete the post and forgive me, please.

Frankly, I'm ashamed that I'm depressed. I never thought I would ever go through something like this in my life. I used to be an active, happy, carefree person. But ...
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How to reduce testosterone

Yeah, it's an unusual question, but I strongly suspect that I have excessive T levels. I haven't been officially tested, so I may be wrong, but here's what I think are a few signs:

- Skin sensitivity. For one, my brother can wash his hands on full-blast hot in the kitchen sink, but for me, that's literally scalding. Parts of my upper body get very, very itchy in response to heat and stress, especially my ...
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Brown Cum

About two weeks ago I awoke to see that my sperm had turned into a brownish feces-esque color encrusted onto my sheets. As I do with most of life's problems, I ignored it and got on with my life.

I jerk off almost 3 times a day (not including my wet dreams), so in about 5 days it became unbearable to sleep in my own bed because about 40% of it was covered in a ...
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Am I mentally ill? Please do read it. I am feeling sad

I am new to this whole idea of forums. I am feeling sad which is why I am posting my feelings here. Please do help me. I am sorry if I am breaking the rules of the forum. Please help me.

This post is a bit long and I am sorry about that. It contains some things sexual and I am sorry if I offend someone. I am kind of sad. Please do read it. ...
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Medical attention necessary ?

I am 19 and once when i was in 3 standard i started having this thing
this happened when i was 7 years old : mom shouted at me because was going through life and death issue and then at that time i dont know why i got sleep and year later teacher hit me with cane( punishment) i got sleep and next day my mom came to school to tell teachers not to hit ...
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advice for men from men

i'll start

wear a condom
you dont want std's
you don't want kids
you dont want to pay for the rest of your life for a kid you cannot see
do not trust annyone on the pill
make sure YOU dispose of the condom (and it cannot be recovered put some horseradich in it if you suspect annyone from going to use it for the hell of it)
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sould this be ...

a male only space?
i think most men will eddit themselves around annyone that is not male.
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Self harming husband...

Hi all.. My hubby is suffering from some psychic problems and sometimes he became very violent. He makes himself injure and even attack others too. Treatment is in progress. But I am tired of the hospital cases for each small injury. He is a diabetic patient too. My neighbor told about the first aid training courses available in my area and I am thinking to do it. What is your opinion? Could I learn some ...
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