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What should I do?

I'd like some advice on something. I decide to experiment with trimming my pubic hair. I didn't do a very good job of it and it came out all choppy. I decided to shave it: I was very uncomfortable with this. It somehow just didn't feel right, and I was worried other people would think I am a freak, even though I know some other guys shave down there. It has grown back, and in ...
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Foreskin Restoration & the sense of Wholeness

Has anyone on here successfully restored their foreskin after circumcision? If so, did it improve your inner sense of wholeness?

I was circumcised at birth and the circumcision was very tight, to the point that masturbation sometimes caused skin tearing and bleeding. About a year ago I began foreskin restoration with a CAT2 device and I'm about 40% restored. There is still no "coverage" when I'm flaccid, but my shaft is a hell of a ...
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prostatis / chronic pelvic pain syndrome / cpps


If you've found this page you probably will be willing to read through it all so no need to apologize for this being a bit long or disorganized. As there are considered to by mental elements to prostatis/cpps I think this is a good place to post this write-up. This is the story of my prostatitis/cpps and how I managed it and live well today. Can't promise you the same results but I'll share ...
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micro penile disorde

im facing micro penile disorder since birth.is there any cure or treatment.or some male enhancement pills will help me.? plz anyone let me know thank you
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I healed my sleep problems and anxiety!

Ymmv :)

I saw a recommended healer who is also a dietician and naturopath.

I complained that I was constantly on edge, having horrible sleeps with my heart racing / shaking in my body sometimes, and anxiety when just talking to someone else. (I could not even talk to girls, they being intuitive they would pick up on my stress and not even give me eye contact ...
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Work is not for me?

So I've gotten myself into a field of work without much thought because I was unable to become an engineer in college since I was never good at math.

I recently started working and so far I'm hating it. Being in an office 5 days a week for 8 hours, waking up early and feeling sleepy because of this all day is driving me into depression. I do not like committing to such a schedule ...
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I suddenly have no energy to do anything after work hours


For the past month or two (starting around mid February) I've noticed myself becoming very unmotivated and lazy. For example, I used to go to the gym after work 3 times a week, which dropped to two times, and now I haven't gone at all for about a week. After gym, I would make myself a cup of tea and relax before starting work on my side project, which I work on during the ...
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Severe Headaches After Playing the Choking Game

My brother and I stupidly decided to play a variant of the choking game to see who was stronger and it went wrong. The rules were that the legs would squeeze the other person's neck until that person gave up (signalled by tapping out), whoever tapped out first was the loser and therefore weaker.

My brother was up first and I let go after about 220 seconds (we would count out loud) as I couldn't ...
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Encouragement of a suicide

I knew this girl some years back. I'm not quite sure what her deal is. She can be a VERY sweet, caring, and affectionate person. But, underneath the surface lies something else. She has a vicious dark side. Mainly because she has a short fuse. So, over seven years ago, her and I had a BAD falling out which resulted in her decking me, and somehow HER obtaining a restraining order against ME! How she ...
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It really screws with my head when I think about the total human population.. isn't there some 6 billion people on the planet... why do I feel so alone and undeserving of what I have. I'm only 17 and I've already been kicked out of my parents house.. and my mom is terminally I'll. Now my only family that I have left which is my sister is moving all the way across the country. The ...
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