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A Whole Lot of Nothing

Hi people,

Just a quick post about something I've noticed about myself and wondered if anybody else does this.

I set out to achieve something in my spare time; perhaps it's learning to cook a couple of new meals; or it could be research for a novel I'd like to write; or it could be learning to become a brilliant drawer. And yet, very little gets done.

I've noticed people around me, usually successful people, ...
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symptoms similar to ADHD

My brother has these symptoms similar to ADHD since our mother died. Is this some kind of disorder that can be triggered by any recent traumatic event?
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Misogyny Question

I mostly have posted in the ASPD section although I'm not diagnosed with any personality disorder, but when posting there I bring up my issue with extreme misogyny. However, one previous therapist suspected BPD, but I doubt that diagnosis is true. No official diagnosis of any kind, so technically on paper I'm a mentally healthy adult.

I can't seem to find any medical literature that connects misogyny with any illness. I'm gonna assume it's merely ...
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Embracing positive energy

When you let positive energy into your life, you can improve every aspect of your day from your relationships with people to your approach to problems. But many people don’t realize the varied sources of negative energy that make up their daily life.

To identify what makes you feel unhappy, keep a small notepad on you and write down negative things as you notice them. These can range from a messy house, watching too much ...
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Help me understand!

I figure this forum would understand this in some way, I’m just lost as to where to post this so I figure this is the sub forum that was most associated with this. Basically, since I’ve had the ability to remember things, I’ve been rocking backwards and forwards to music. I’ve been doing this virtually uncontrollably (in the sense it just feels great to do and I can’t go a day without thinking about it) ...
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Broke sobriety, what to do?

I’m afraid to ask my family and friends about this because they might judge me or worse they might give up on me. I don’t know what I should do after breaking my year-long sobriety from alcohol. I had a mildly severe addiction to alcohol and went to a rehab program for it. It wasn’t easy but I felt better in the end. But I betrayed myself by drinking a shot of vodka in this ...
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Penile Veins

So I did not know what area to put this in so I just put it in general health. Recently in the past week, I have noticed veins that have popped up on my penis. I am 17 years old and I don’t think I have the rare Mondors disease. I would not say the veins are swollen but they have popped out and I can feel them. There is no pain, one has popped ...
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Would this behavior be considered strange or inappropriate?

Before I say anything, I feel its important to provide some background detail. I tend to be more emotionally dependent on my friends & others than the average person, and my happiness & optimism stem primarily from close ones. Unfortunately, I'm also what some would describe as a "hopeless romantic," and as a result, I'm always hopeful that I meet, I guess, "the one." When I feel down, I usually think of the dream girl, ...
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Blood test follow ups

Hi, i'll start off with a little background info

About 3 weeks ago, i took a paracetamol overdose, and ended up in hospital for 3 days on a drip, but then my bloods were fine and i was allowed to go home, I had also cut myself.

After this, about a week later I went back to hospital after cutting myself quite badly and thought I needed stitches, I didn't and I was allowed to ...
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Does anyone have a "cat penis" aka P.P.P.

I came across something on the internet, and know idea how common this really is. I call it the cat penis, as cats have the same thing as some humans. I don't want to put pictures up here or send links but google " a cat's penis" you can see pictures of "spines" on their penises.

I found out humans can get this issue, and was hoping someone has. I have questions I want to ...
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