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my new antipsychiatry song -vocal terrorism

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OK I had enough of this $#%^ with psychaitry and penisnual health @@@@@@@, they actually inspired about the last 4songs, andyeah, well lost the edge, but I went off, It was three am and yeah I know the $#%^ they pulled, they get away with it, can't talk about this $#%^, but they will pay...this is ann ttempt to slay the #####& @@@@@@@...

pass ...
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The lost boy's trying to find our men

At 50 yrs. old a combat Veteran and survivor of childhood sexual, physical abuse and more than I wish to go in to. According to the Medical professionals I have more issues than they do pills to that help. I can only speak from my own experiences and do not claim to be an authority on anything but myself. After enduring childhood abuse I escaped at 17 into the military thinking it was all in ...
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It sucks to have a big penis. *Serious thread*

Yeah, I have a big penis. In this thread though, I'm not going to boast but rather complain about it. I mean, it sucks major ass. Girls don't even like it that much and the free condoms they give out like everywhere never *bleep*ing fit me. It have a whole stack of useless free condoms here. So basically I always have to buy condoms and I always do it online. I have bought condoms at ...
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Fear of men... fear of everything?

This seems to be the area to put this down... but, I hope you just understand my predicament.

When I was young, the guys who were little were very clickish... so much so, that if I called on the phone for a friend of mine to play, if someone called just after me, I would leave the house, be on my driveway and see my best friend running down the sidewalk running away from me ...
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How can I learn to be a man?


I'm a 25-year-old schizophrenic male from Germany. First of all I must say that I like that there is a forum for men only. I also respect that there is a female-only forum. There are some sites on the web intended for one gender where the other gender just joins the discussion which I never understand. Why can't these people respect boundaries?

Anyways, I want to learn how to become a man. I'm already ...
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Attributes of Desire

Ahhh are always those things about women that are sooo desirable. hm? lets hear them if you wish to say. intent here is not particularly on the physical, but whatever, speak your peace.
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About This Forum

This forum is intended for use by our members who are male and have questions or issues they'd like to discuss in a male-focused area. This means that unless a specific post asks for female input, women should refrain posting in this forum
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