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Hi there! Names Lee

Nice to meet you all. I just wanted to say hi and thank god I found this forum. I’ve been reading a lot of helpful things for me to use in my everyday life. I am shocked by how candid it is here. I really do appreciate the level of support and community—even amid all these issues surrounding us. :o :o ...
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Need Help

How can I do a search on a word, such as masturbation?
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Combine lots of foro?

I know you guys have probably discussed this before but I think it's worth reconsidering every year. This place is very inactive and a lot of people don't get replies on their threads, combining related issues would mean the front page of each forum section had recent posts and that more people would see each post

If people manage to escape from the claws of the intentionally addictive social media sites and come back to ...
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General issues/problems ...Don't know where to post


I looked through everyone of the sub-forums or sections and did not see anything for general issues or problems to discuss. I don't really have a issue that has a psychological label. It is not a 100% accurate label but the best way I can some it up is maybe to say... I feel lost, empty and without direction or meaning. I am fundamentally happy and content even though I am alone. At times ...
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Search Function not available?

I am trying to use a search function? Is it not available anymore?
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What happened to the ASPD subforum?

As per title
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Just visiting an old haunt

Hello all,

I see a few familiar faces here, but many of you probably don't know who I am. I'm the guy who created this site way back on October 31, 2002. I had to sell the site and back away for my own sanity and safety. Not sure if I'll be coming back but stopping by felt necessary because I lost a friend that was also a former Mod here. She lost her battle ...
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Name Change Thread

This is the thread for new members who have been directed here to request a name change. Established members are encouraged to PM a Green or Red moderator directly, in order to ask privately for a name change, thanks!
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How to find my own posts?


I'm really sorry if this is obvious to do, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out, how to find my own post/thread I created on this forum. I am not even sure, which topic I posted it under, as multiple ones seemed appropriate, so manually searching is a chore. Is there some place, where my own posts are listed and linked?

Kind regards
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As im new here i would like to know if the moderators here have first hand experience with the topics there well moderated *mod edit*
If this isn't posted I guess I have my answer and then whats the point to this site!
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