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Search option

How come when you are not logged in, you can see the option to search certain forums, but when you log in, you no longer have the search option?
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Genuinely curious

This isn't a criticism or praise of the system I'm just genuinely curious as to why open forum post don't have to be approved by the moderators after a certain time and blog post do, I'd think the reverse would make more sense , I don't know. I'm just curious is all
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How do you create hyperlinks I'm not sure how to do it on this website. Do I have to parse a url(whatever that means)? And I understand what can and can't be linked I read the forum rules.
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Email address

I have no idea where to ask, I would like to change my email address, and it doesn't seem possible in the settings, is it possible in some way to change it? :roll: sorry
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So I just registered here and was going to post something. However, I'm distracted by very obnoxious ads. I understand this forum has to make money somehow. Anyway to turn those off?
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What can I talk about in off topic

Can I talk about videogames or anime, music etc. What I'm asking is (and I know this is a broad thing to ask) where are the limits on off topic in terms of what I can talk about?
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New member questions.

I might have been on these forums before but I don't remember the name of the site or my log in info. The name of this site sounds somewhat familiar but the appearance doesn't seem familiar at all. Regardless it's probably not important to my questions.

I feel like I am struggling in life and I kind of want a place to talk about what I am going through and try to work things out. ...
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Can't change my password

I'm trying to change my password but there doesn't appear to be any option to do that except "forgot password" and when I try that it says "You are not authorised to request a new password."

How do I change my password?
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I can't search for anything? Restricted?

I'm not sure why but I have been getting this result saying I don't have permission to carry out certain tasks (e.g. search) and I don't even really get the search option on forums? I'm not sure if this is due to some kind of ban, but if so I can't figure out why? I only used this forum for about a month back in 2018 and I'm pretty sure I didn't even post anything, ...
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Question about the blog

Are blog post subject to the same rules as any other forum post and if so are there any topics I'm limited to?
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