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Please delete my profile / posts

Hello I made some posts a while ago that I overcame and didn’t realize I couldn’t delete them. Please close my account and delete my posts! :)
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Hello - I'm Jbb xx½

I'm in a very serious situation - - I've gotten some Side-effects, that my Doctor ( Psychiatrist) says, Are very Rare x x

It is Raised prolactin, on my Drug, Called Clozapine x x For a year he said It never Raised prolactin, But FDA-papers says, that it does x x

Bec. of Prolactin, I have other Side-effects x x

I Would like to Talk about them, If possible - - Can I Do This, ...
Read more : Hello - I'm Jbb xx½ | Views : 765 | Replies : 1

Please delete my account

I was unaware that you couldn’t delete posts so I’d appreciate it if you could delete me
Read more : Please delete my account | Views : 1075 | Replies : 2

Is psych forums safe?

I worry that what I post in my panicky moments could incriminate me if the cops were to ever moniter my internet activity.
Read more : Is psych forums safe? | Views : 944 | Replies : 0

This whole forum sucks now.

No help or anything.
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Why can't you reply on venting forum

To me, the whole point of venting is for other people to reply. So I wish it was possible to reply on venting forum just like it is everywhere else. Otherwise its just pointless.
Read more : Why can't you reply on venting forum | Views : 815 | Replies : 6

I live

Whats up people , any old bloods still around?
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Who owns PsychForums?

I'm curious, on a lot of forums the owner has a profile with "owner" title rather than admin or moderator. I haven't seen any such account, does the owner keep their status secret? Is PsychForums even owned by just one person or is it the property of some organization?
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How do I change my password?

Not sure if this is the right bit but all the others seem related to medical conditions. I had to reset my password cos I forgot it and got sent a random one in email, how do I change it to one I can remember as I'm having to try and find that email and copy and paste to get back on the forum again.

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Merge avpd and social phobia forums?

Since so many social phobia and avpd symptoms overlap I wonder if the 2 forums could be merged. It also might help increase activity on the forums. It seems to me that the avpd forum has always been more active than social phobia.
Read more : Merge avpd and social phobia forums? | Views : 305 | Replies : 0


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