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Blogging at psych Forums?

I couldn’t log on to psych forums; error messages; Psych Forums is up again; However, I see no blogging buttons. What happened to the blogging choice; is it gone or something to do with signing in?
I can see by my aviator; I have 832 blogs or something; when I clic it on; I get this message; "You do not have the necessary permissions to complete this operation”
Can anyone help
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are the blogs gone?

Or is something broken?
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Hi, is it worth posting on here?

I'm new, and in search of answers for myself so I can start healing. Considering some recent posts on here questioning the worth of posting, with threads going unanswered, I'm starting to wonder if even trying was worth it. Maybe if it's not, then, I'd like my post in the grief section not to be published. Thanks
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RIP Psychforums

I don't know if I will even bother to look in here anymore. No one who runs this site seems to even care that it's almost dead. I've been here for 12 years as a member and I get treated like I'm a troll.

No one has posted a thread about what can be done to keep this place from declining. Look at the member into thread. Lots of people with 1 post, no replies ...
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Is my ex an Avoidant?

I was seeing this woman for four months. In the beginning, everything was super fantastic! She was intimate with me, displayed public affection, was always touching me/ leaning on me when we watched television. We were inseparable! It was the kind of relationship you see in a move- just happiness!

And then- I was hospitalized with a life threatening infection. Sepsis. I have a foot issue, and my foot got infected. The doctors told me ...
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Anxiety when significant other is sick

Hello there. I am new to this forum and have been struggling with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I was wondering if anyone else gets severe anxiety when their significant other is sick? No matter what is wrong down to a tiny cold i start worrying about him and it shifts my entire mood. He started complaining today and I’ve been up all night checking on him every time he coughs. I ...
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Please delete my profile / posts

Hello I made some posts a while ago that I overcame and didn’t realize I couldn’t delete them. Please close my account and delete my posts! :)
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Hello - I'm Jbb xx½

I'm in a very serious situation - - I've gotten some Side-effects, that my Doctor ( Psychiatrist) says, Are very Rare x x

It is Raised prolactin, on my Drug, Called Clozapine x x For a year he said It never Raised prolactin, But FDA-papers says, that it does x x

Bec. of Prolactin, I have other Side-effects x x

I Would like to Talk about them, If possible - - Can I Do This, ...
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Please delete my account

I was unaware that you couldn’t delete posts so I’d appreciate it if you could delete me
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Is psych forums safe?

I worry that what I post in my panicky moments could incriminate me if the cops were to ever moniter my internet activity.
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