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Just joined and wanted to say Hi. I have an alter ego who's name's Jack, even though I'm female. I was never abused, I'm certain of this, my family are amazing and very supportive, even though they don't tend to acknowledge him. However, he was abducted and raped and I wondered if this was normal for this condition? I always tend to think that he latched on to me because I can help him?

Thanks ...
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How do I make a signature?

Sorry if it should be easy to figure out. I'm not good at this kind of thing. How do I make a signature?
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Freedom of expression

Is there a place in this forum where I can freely express my thoughts without giving it much thought? Not all my thoughts are politically correct for some reason.
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Help please

Hi, is there a way to search through your private messages? Say, to search a sentence in order to find it within the different private messages. Thank you.
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Wow! No advertising!

Whenever I used to drop in on this site, the ads were so thick and persistent, constantly blocking the texts no matter how much you clicked them away, I didn't even bother with trying to read or post. Now there's nary an ad to be seen. That's great. But what happened?
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No Search box.

I see there's a Search box on the site, but it's only present when I'm not logged in... When I do log in, it's nowhere to be seen. There is only the "Jump to" box.

Am I missing something?
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Search option

How come when you are not logged in, you can see the option to search certain forums, but when you log in, you no longer have the search option?
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Genuinely curious

This isn't a criticism or praise of the system I'm just genuinely curious as to why open forum post don't have to be approved by the moderators after a certain time and blog post do, I'd think the reverse would make more sense , I don't know. I'm just curious is all
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How do you create hyperlinks I'm not sure how to do it on this website. Do I have to parse a url(whatever that means)? And I understand what can and can't be linked I read the forum rules.
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