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Need some medication advice and insight

I'm not usually one to ask for help, but I'm running out of options.

I am a 19 year old male, who has been suffering with various forms of anxiety (especially social), insomnia, fatigue and depression for as long as I can remember. I was a very asocial (even antisocial, although I wasn't impulsive or particularly violent, just not very empathetic) child. I'm somewhat surprised I was never formally 'checked' for autism, It was probably ...
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Lithium / Seroquel medication.

Hi, I have bipolar / schizoaffective.
I've been on many different types of medications since I first started needing them, 6 years ago.

But since Januar 2012 I have been on Lithium.
I was set on Lithium because I was given Effexor / Venlafaxine antidepressant which after only 2-3 weeks gave me a manic episode, and that was the second time in my life I had experienced mania.

I have been stable while being on ...
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Viibryd Withdrawl

I recently took myself off my Viibryd as it was making me extremely stupid, but now I am having lots of trouble concentrating. I've had ADHD since I was a kid, plus mania kinda intensifies it, but this is unbearable. I have lots of schoolwork to do. Has anyone experienced this and if so, does it go away?
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Mood Stabilizer Question

Are there any mood stabilizers that wont make me fat? Or tired? Im asking for a lot here, but its worth a shot.
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Prozac side effects?

I was diagnosed with ocd several years ago and have since had periods where I was seeing a therapist and taking medication to control it. I was on Effexor and had no symptoms of ocd. However I guess I let this make me think my ocd was gone and tapered off the Effexor. As soon as I came off it my anxiety and ocd came back almost worse than ever. My doc has prescribed 20 ...
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Ptsd, Anxiety, Alprazolam & Bupropion

I have PTSD, Insomnia and anxiety and I've been prescribed Alprazolam and Bupropion. I'd like to know your experience with these medications while dealing with PTSD, Anxiety and Insomnia and depression. How well does it work for you? Do the symptoms decrease? Increase? Any side effects you notice? Thanks in advance.
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Lithium level wont go up

Hey guys, ive got a bit of a strange situation and was hoping some of you could shed some light on it, as my pdoc is baffled by it. My lithium level wont go up, even though my dose is increasing. I started on 300, then got bumped to 600 and had a level. It was .4, then I went to 900 and it was .6, then went to 1050 still .6, now im at ...
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Nootropics anyone?

Hi guys.

I originally posted this over at the Borderline Personality forum but thought I'd try here.

Has anyone had any experience (good or bad) with the Nootropics "smart drugs"? I know a lot of people take them as "brain food" but wondered what people's experience was in relation to psychiatric/emotional issues, rather than specifically for studying/working, etc. I know some nootropics are even prescribed by some doctors, but usually for the treatment of cognitive ...
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Diagnosis & Medication, Quit meds?

Hey everyone,

I currently see a psychologist and I am followed by a doctor to treat whatever I have, but I still don't know what kind of illness I have or what medications I should use. (Legally prescribed of course).

I have been through Zoloft, Concerta, Celexa, marijuanna (Never tried pure cannabinol tho), Wellbutrin, temazepam and effexor, and none of them worked well for me. So I'm posting here before taking my decision of quitting ...
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Hating Sertraline - to stay or come off?

I realise that no one can probably give me "professional" opinion on this and I'm not going to just come off my 50mg Setraline without speaking to the GP but wondered whether anyone has any views on if the following is normal?

I believe I have Borderline Personality Disorder, coexisting with some kind of chronic depression and I've experienced Body Dysmorphia issues in the past but they're more manageable now.

Now, with the depression, this ...
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