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Buspar anyone?

I've been diagnosed as bipolar - my other disorders get overlooked, because they are not considered as serious. I think I suffer from generalized anxiety and other disorders that are intricately related, but not yet diagnosed. I have severe anxiety though, but have just started Buspar in last few weeks for severe anxiety. I just wanted to say that even at a very small dose, I have experienced a noticable reduction in my anxiety. I ...
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I was perscribed adderall in winter 2003. i took it excessivley until december 2004. When i was on adderall i tweaked so hard. when i saw $#%^ in the dark it looked like it was bending and moving and $#%^. i heard than when ur up for more than 1 day on adderall (speed) your brain starts making its own LSD or acid. i didn't want to take them cuz i knew they where bad ...
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Lunesta with Parcopa

Hi. I have bad anxiety. My doc put me on Parcopa for my nerves, and lunesta to help me sleep. I am scared to take them both at night. I can't sleep w/out the Lunesta, so here I am at 2:30 am. I took the Parcopa for the first time tonight, well last night I guess. I've been on Lunesta for 2 weeks. I'm afraid that they will interact badley in some way. My mom ...
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Medications tried -- symptoms -- what to try next?

My mother has been diagnosed (by many different doctors, many different times with varying disorders etc.) ....... bipolar, depression, ADD, PTSD, GAD, PD, BPD ... she also has psychotic features.

Symptoms shes told me or what I notice-

She has manic episodes and depressive episodes
(I'm sure you all know the details of .... acting like shes on top of the world, or won't get out of bed)

She has panic and anxiety attacks etc. ...
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Adderall side effects

Has anyone ever had hallucinations from taking too much adderall????
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Cymbalta, does it work?

I've recently been given one month of 60mg capsuls of cymbalta by my psych for anxiety / depression. Was curious to know if it will have anyone has experiences with it.

For the notice I've taken lexapro, celexa, and effexor all before and they failed to do anything.
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Med awareness ( questions , concerns , warnings, and faqs)

As many of you know I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes. I was prescribe zyprexa and seroquel.

The following meds have recently been re-evaluated by the FDA.

Seroquel linked to diabetes
Risperdol linked to stroke
Zyprexa linked to diabetes

Here is the google search on some of it.

http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=& ... tnG=Search

There is a number at the top for recall

and another number is 1-800-491-1817, if you have ...
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Anxiety and amino acids

Has anyone tried using amino acid supplements? Or went to a naturopathic dr for help?
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