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Started Imipramine 1 Week Ago

I started Imipramine for Depression and Anxiety 1 week ago at 25mg and am now at 50mg. I was taking it at night before bed but noticed I was experiencing restlessness making it difficult to fall asleep. Even after switching to taking the med in the morning, I am still experiencing restlessness. Has anyone experienced this or has Imipramine helped you fall asleep? How long did it take for the medication to help with Depression/Anxiety ...
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Sertraline - nausea how long to side effects last?

Anyone else take sertraline? are you supposed to have weird stomach nausea/lack of appetite? If so does it go away after a few weeks?
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I have heard that Clozaril can give a schizophrenic their life back. I am on Olanzapine. I made a doctor-approved med reduction back in February, so since then my positives have resurfaced a little bit. When I was on a higher dose I had no positives. I was also on Sarcosine by BrainVitaminz for a little while, which seemed to help with my negatives and cognitives. But maybe the real reason my negatives and cognitives ...
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Anyone heard of these antipsychotics?

Has anyone here ever heard of Carvotroline and Gevotroline? They are D2 antagonistic neuroleptics. I found them on the Drug Information Portal on the NIH official website. I wonder if they are useful? Or maybe they were on the market for only a short amount of time and were recalled due to adverse effects.
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Lithium and Remeron

Anyone out there on this combo? 800 Lithium,15 Remeron?
Is this a lot of meds to be on?
I'm worried about taking them long term.
Thanks in advance.
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Clomipramine Causing The Shakes?

I have been taking 125mg of Clomipramine for a couple of weeks and notice my hands seem to shake. I was wondering if anyone has been taking it or another TCA antidepressant and has had the shakes? It's really annoying. It could be coffee that's making it worse. Going to have to stop drinking it and or lower the Clomipramine dose.
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anyone else use Fluvoxamine?

My doctor prescribed me Fluvoxamine(100mg) a long time ago and ive been taking it ever since, i don't think its been working at all honestly, it was prescribed to treat social anxiety, OCD, and my depression, but i still have all 3 the same as i did, has anyone else ever had this issue with this medication, what do i do? i feel to awkward to ask to get my dosage upped ...
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I don't want to take antidepressants anymore.

For the last 5 years I have been on 50mg of Sertraline for mainly anxiety. Whilst they have done really well to ease my anxiety, all that seems to have happened is it has simply swapped from anxiety to depression.

I read in so many places that AD's should only be a temporary thing and in my mind 5 years is coming up to longer than I want to be taking them now. Thing is ...
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Is here any risk for intteractions?

Hello everyone, I'm new here!

I have prescribed many medications, for the psych;
-Venlafaxine 375 mg
-Haloperidol 3 mg
-Pregabaline 225 mg
-Clonazepam 2 mg
-Alimemazine 120 mg
-Zopiclone 7,5 mg

Now I ordered some healthy-supplements and wonder if there is any risk for serotonin syndrome. The supplements is;
GABA 500 mg
5-HTP 100 mg
L-tryptophan 500 mg
Melatonin 3 mg
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Anyone have experience with Compassionate Use?

I participated in a clinical trial 2 yrs ago. In decades, this was the only medication I used that had a highly positive effect on my Major Depressive Disorder. The drug in question was submitted to the FDA for final approval 2 months ago and was placed on the Compassionate Use list.

Saw my psychiatrist today and asked her to request early access to the drug. She knows nothing about 'Compassionate Use' or FDA procedures ...
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