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Forget about mental illness for a while and just let loose in here.

Petition to make National Doughnut day a global holiday

If I get enough people to post in this thread, I'll take it to the United Nations and present it. Yes yes

- Signed!
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The doughnut thread

All sorts of doughnuts! Glazed to Boston Creme! Yes yes! What's your favorite? Have you ever made acquaintances with a doughnut? Ever bunk with a doughnut? Date a doughnut? Doughnuts are very romantic people. A doughnut and I dated for about a year. He was a round doughnut. I used my entire savings account to get him filled. Then, for his birthday, I got some sprinkles to put on him.

We decided to be friends, ...
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Let's play a game!

We don't play enough games in this sub-forum, everyone is always whining about their doughnuts not having enough filling or their bread being too fresh


What we have here are two nutritious, hearty, organic McDonald's burgers. One was purchased 14 years prior, and the other was purchased in the same hour that this photo was taken. The first person to guess correctly wins an all-expense paid trip to a luxury Wal-Mart parking lot!

NO ...
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The Official Blizzard Thread.

Have you been or will you be or are you right now in a blizzard? Share your stories here!

How do YOU personally prepare yourself for a blizzard ? Or, might you just get drunk and not make preparations of any sort?

This reminds me of my last blizzard when the power went out before the blizzard came and my neighbor knocked on my door and asked why the hell was the power out when ...
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Dream thread

Describe dream here.

I had a dream that I was a woman watching myself get my head chopped off in a battle in front of a castle and dumped into a shallow grave. Not sure why I was a woman in that.

I have another where I could fly. I’d just go outside and flap my arms like angels in the outfield. Originally, I could only go up, now I can flap down.

One where ...
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Naps, come back.

You are missed.
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The Prole Thread and The Dole Thread (collated)

oik oik.


Also Merry Christmas to all.
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Loot Early for Christmas

Wishing all our contestants a Merry Cthulthu and a Happy Yog Sothoth.

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I love my cats!

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