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Forget about mental illness for a while and just let loose in here.

I've never had COVID as far as I know

But like, the one time my doctor thought I had it, like, it was either early this year or late last year, I got 13 days off work, ten of them being paid. I was already fully vaccinated and like, I tested negative twice, but company policy still said I had to take time off. It was amazing. First three or four days I was super tired and felt like I got hit by a ...
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I'm ugly

The guy in the mirror is handsome though.
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The Pick Snaga's Nose Club!

Line up and start picking!
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Golden Girls was a better show than That 70's Show

Golden Girls stayed good until the end. That 70's show fell off a cliff half way through and never recovered. They should have ended it when Ashton Kutcher left, and even then, when he was training to be a cop, the show was already pretty bad. Eric - the main character - left. When your main character leaves, the show should end. You know, kind of like Golden Girls did! Imagine MASH if Hawkeye left? ...
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I got a Bengal!

Her name is Maple. No, I didn't get her from a breeder. Someone I know got her, realized he was in over his head, and offered her to me (for free!) when my cat of 17 years died.

Does anyone have any experience with Bengals? I think I am in over my head. :lol:
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One year going

So like, someone told me I had to give up something for lent, so I gave up brushing my teeth. I was never told when I had to stop giving it up though. This was back in 2021 I gave this up. When can I start again? Please let me know, two have fallen out and the rest are all yellow and brown.

Send money to ThanksJesus@BubbasBluesClues.com
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Does anyone remember the good times?

Back when we could drink chocolate milk without having to mix chocolate syrup or powder in it?
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A Canteen of Cutlery

A Canteen of Cutlery
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George Hudson is stupid and I don't like him

Daylight savings time may have had uses back when he invented it in 1895, but I fully expect him to rise up from the grave and tell everyone that it's pointless today. I know he want, he's a sausage biscuit, but he should
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