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Internet addiction - Its like a robbery but I am the thief

Stole that line from that scene on Breaking Bad but its true.

This crap becomes more interesting the 3dvworld stuff

And F twitter, only a few moths into that, just signed up. I have to hopefully get banned soon.

I hate that website but I keep using it.
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Completely Addicted To News And Politics

I hope this is the right forum for this. I have an addiction to news and politics which is out of control. It may seem a trivial problem compared to some others but it's a big problem for me.
Every morning when I get up I go on my computer and check various news sites/newsletters concerning news/current affairs and politics. I read a couple of newspapers online which I have subscribed too.
On and ...
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how to solve it?

I am addicted to the web predominantly making playing games online. I spend around 12 hours per day on the web. My parents do nothing about my circumstance, I haven't told them that I am addictive to the internet, I simply need to diminish the utilization of the web however couldn't do it. I have as of late attempted to remain disconnected, however, I couldn't remain disconnected for long.i simply need to comprehend what should ...
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+ Internet -Less selflove

First of all I want to say that my mother tongue isn't English so if you see a lot of mistakes is because that.

I want to share my little story.
I'm almost an adult (20yrs old) but I don't feel like that...
I've been avoiding life for about 4 years or even more but I got Consciousness recently...

I just don't want to face things that need to be faced and for that ...
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Addicted to watching movies

During my college days, I watched 2 movies every night. I usually started watching at 9 PM and ended at midnight. During the holidays, I used to watch 5 to 6 movies per day. I could not stop with just one movie. I think, I watched more than 5000 movies till now. The only way I could control my addiction was to lock myself up in a place, where there is neither a TV nor ...
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YouTube and Netflix addiction. Today is when it stops :)

It seems as though this is the most appropriate place to post this. I could also mention that I masturbate daily to porn in the case that I’m not with my girlfriend. I view the porn as not overly problematic though as it takes up a short amount of my day.

YouTube and Netflix on the other hand get in the way of me doing the things I really want to do. I would like ...
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Quitting porn going wrong

Hey guys, I am not one of those people, that usually post on any forums, I am more of a quiet observer. But I am starting to question my own sexual orientation these last couple of days, so I had to do something about it and I apologize for the long post or if you feel it's off-topic (in that case, can you point me in the right direction pls).
So.. I'm 21, I'm studying ...
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Benefits of Binge-Watching!!

I was reading this article on which is describing the benefits of binge-watching tv shows for hours in which they stated following benefits:

Helps Manage Stress
Activates Multiple Brain Circuits
Gives You Something to Talk About
Enhances Your Knowledge

Here is the ref to the post: https://www.netflixdown.com/binge-watch ... ect-brain/

Well I don't believe that watching at soap or skit for hours can give you any benefit other than eye ...
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Some good insight on Internet Addiction

I really like this information that my friend sent me :

https://stephenmccranie.deviantart.com/ ... -413006906

Click on the strip to enlarge it . It makes some very relevant points and offers good advice for keeping Internet usage under control .
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depression over not liking my videos

Man, it is cray when i think about it. but, a few days ago i threatened suicide on facebook cause i posted youtube videos and got no likes or comments. my youtube videos never get likes or comments. that days i did hear from a few who watched them. I love my videos i love watching them. I still have a grudge against a friend who i begged and begged to watch a video and ...
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