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IED, fantasising and intrusive thoughts

Hi All... I wonder if anyone can help me

I'm a 34 year old male, happy, fit and healthy, with no known medical problems. I am in a very stable relationship with a beautiful, intelligent woman, and my social life is very good. Generally I am a well liked person and do not have any social issues other than being a little shy (this generally manifests itself as being over confident through me at times ...
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Does this sound like IED?

Ever since kindergarten, I've had anger issues. Kids throw tantrums. That's normal. Mine, however, were very severe. I would snap crayons and markers in half, throw markers, scream and scream until my throat went raw, and once I punched a door so hard I left a very big dent in it. When I was angry, I would get in fights and attack the people around me, and would pick up things to throw at them. ...
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meds/therapy working for you

Hi All,

Have been dealing with this for over 20 years and want to manage/get rid of it.
Feel like it's getting worse as i am getting older.
What meds and/or therapy is helping you manage your IED?
Please provide any side effects from the meds (specific) you take?
when was the last time you had an IED incident since on therapy/meds?

Thank you!

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Any doctor referrals in DFW Area

Hi All,

I'm looking for a good Doctor/Therapist referral in the DFW area.
Thanks for all the help.

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Does this sound like IED?

Hello everyone.

This is going to take a while to type out, but I will keep it as brief as I possibly can.
I am a 23 year old female. From the age of 2, I have been self harming by biting my right forearm. From the age of 10, I was pulling my hair and smacking myself in the head.
Now, from the age of 23, I have started grabbing my genitals in an ...
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i already am waiting for explosion...

My mother in law announced she was flying to visit me and her son in fall. No polite asking just announces. This Bat gets under my skin big time. I have always stayed silent to her stupid rude comments. But now she will be on my turf cuz i pitched in money for this house shes intruding. I constantly feel bad about myself cuz people are nasty to me...snide comments..rolling eyes atme..etc. but no more! ...
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Should I take him on the cruise?

I just found this wonderful site and am thankful that there is such a thing. I have a question for those who may be able to help with their experience and advice.
My nephew is 15. From what I have observed from his behavior and the few articles that I have just started to read, he fits the description for IED very very much.
I have bipolar disorder but this does not look like what ...
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Much better!

Just thought I'd post something positive about my struggle with IED. After a year and a half of therapy, trying various drugs, I've reached a place where my IED is manageable. Hard not to sound like an AA meeting when I say this, but I haven't significantly broken anything or threatened anyone in about a year now. And this is coming from someone who loathed the idea of therapy and only went out of desperation. ...
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living with IED wife

I believe my wife suffers from IED. We have been together 20 years and at first her explosions were very rare. They have increased over time, and always increase in frequency and severity in response to other problems (currently we have many). They are now occurring about 4 times per week. They can come at any time - in response to something I did (which can be trivial) or one of the children, or some ...
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The real cause of IED and the solution

If you REALLY are desperate and want to change what's happening to you,
read this and apply in your life. I have spent over 6 years researching
this and working on a solution and I believe I finally found it!

Hi all,
Just found this forum after years and years of research and trying to work
out how to deal with this issue. I had it since I can remember although it
was getting worse ...
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