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Think I have IED

Its been almost a week now that I am living with my sister and her husband because my husband decided he had enough.
I have been married for eighteen years and in that eighteen years I had a couple of anger fits, but saw nothing wrong with it because I justify the anger tantrum by telling myself it is okay because I wouldn't have thrown a tantrum if they (my husband and 4 lovely kids) ...
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Help, Horrible self control

I have a series of major problems ranging from tics to uncontrollable anger (more like whining, I never do anything physical just whine and I can't shut up) and speaking of that I have horrible vocal control. I spout out words, secrets, lies, etc and can't seem to stop though I do many things from punishments to isolating myself, I think I'm just hrting myself more because these aren't my choice.

I'll start off by ...
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I think I was mis diagnosed.


So i wanted to get a second opinion for a personality disorder diagnosis. Turns out the doctor just wrote his opinion of out 6 hours of interaction between us. He didn't administer any personality tests according to my final report. Instead he wrote in Axis 2: Deffered. And in Axis 1: Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder.

I read that Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder is intended for a diagnosis in children under 18. The problem with ...
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11 yr old son newly diagnosed with IED, GAD, OCD, motor tics

2 weeks ago my son was diagnosed with IED GAD OCD ODD and motor tics. He also scored very low on his reasoning and logic, and verbal skills. Sensitive to sensory due to the GAD.... I could go on. We are currently working with a therapist, are resources are limited in the area we live. CBT And medication were suggested. I'm hesitant to due medication, and there are no CBTherapists in our area.

This is ...
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Do I have IED

Do I have IED?
I just don't go off for no reason. Its a quick reactionary impulsive anger outburst that just come out almost always in reaction to something that happens around me or something someone says. But the reason I question it is it doesn't happen every time but mostly. I'm wondering what is a good medication for this disorder that is non habit forming and doesn't make you gain weight like Abilify.

Its ...
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Hurting my kitten and breaking things.

I do not know if I have IED or not, but this seemed to be the most appropriate section for this post.

Lately I have been feeling intense anger, during which I do not feel like myself. I often experience dissociation and switching personalities, but I seem to be quite present during these outbursts, yet almost unable, it seems, to control my actions.

I have a kitten (His name is Mephistopheles, we usually call him ...
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Do i have IED?


Not sure where to start really but I'm unsure whats wrong with me, Im 24 and ever since i can remember i had these fits of rage lasting a minute or so, i distanced myself from people and never got close to anyone so it stopped for a while but its back now, it comes and goes but sometimes it can happen ten times a day or so, I shake with anger and clench ...
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Physical urges to kill others that are almost irresistable?

I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I have a huge physical urge to kill others even when I don't want to. Every day it's a battle to control myself to not do it, it's almost like a demon has possessed me and is trying to take control so it can murder everyone around me.
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would anger management classes help?

I hate myself for how I blow up on my kids.
I feel so horrible and stupid.
I don't want them to hate me.
Would anger management classes help me?
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Sometimes it Just Seems like too Much

My husband has just been diagnosed with IED. For years his behaviour and reactions did not seem normal. He was always good to me but as time goes on, he has become verbally abusive and explodes for no reason. He is always angry - at me, at the tv, the computer, other drivers, etc. I understand it is not his fault. I call his IED the monster. We are on a waiting list for therapy. ...
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