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Hopeless Insight

Where do I even begin to explain myself and how my gray(brain) matter functions. I'm typing this with a bruised hand from today's encounter.
I've been having "explosive" episodes lately, with each time getting worse, and I'm alarmed. I suppose I could start with what triggers these moments. I can't say when it all began but its gradually becoming dangerous. When I was younger, I'd keep everything bottled up. No anger was expressed. So I ...
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Calming down when it matters

I get random freak outs - they're completely psychotic and inappropriate - but should someone come along (the cops or something) who cannot see it - I calm down immediately and usually manage to make the other person look insane, or at minimum, myself sympathetic. Do you all do this? I'm working out my diagnosis a little bit. Can you calm down if it matters?
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TBI and now has IED

My adult son had a motor vehicle accident 10 years ago. He as a result has frontal and temporal lobe damage. For the past 10 years he has threatened to kill each and everyone of us. He has impulse control issues and has aggressive and violent outbursts. He has seen several psyciatrists and still 10 years later we are having these issues of safety in our home. He is unable to live independently. We see ...
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Quick question: where to diagnose IED?

I may have IED. Where can I diagnose it?
Is it a routine diagnosis that can be done in any mental health clinic or by any psychiatrist?
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IED is destroying my life

I am a 27 year old man who has a pretty severe case of IED.. It has caused me to lose family friends girlfriends and employment. I was diagnosed with IED at a pretty young age along with other mental illnesses.. So I have been struggling with it for the majority of my life.. I have been on a number of different medications that I was told would help with it.. But either they didn't ...
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I've been going to family counseling with my parents and sisters recently...we've been talking about lot of things, but the elephant in the room is my dad's uncontrollable rage. He's been like that my whole life, and we're just now starting to address it very slowly. He's not very open to hearing advice right now though...
Me and my mom met with the counselor on our own, and she said she thinks he has IED, ...
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My husband's rage!

Please HELP!!! My husband and I have been together for 17 years we have 3 children he has ALWAYS been violent he has been in prison for battery and like I said has always been violent. On more then a few occasions he has hit me blackened my eyes choked me I have had countless swolen bloody lips and nose he has busted windshields out of cars when I have tried to leave completely destroyed ...
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What Keeps Me From Becoming A Serial Killer...

Perhaps the more I say the words I am a Psychopath the easier the stigma gets. The fact I am on the forum is good in the fact that I have to state my disorder. After all the majority of us are here to say, what we can not in our true daily lives.
I do watch a lot of TV and Movies. But not for the reasons you may think. I am not a ...
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IED People Will You Please Help Me Understand?

It was only this past year that I was able to put a proper name to who I am. It all made sense when I contacted some neuroscientists and psychologists. I am sure you felt that same realization when you figured out what the meaning of all your feelings were. As a female Psychopath it takes so much research to find answers. The majority of Psychopaths are men. So I had to be sure because ...
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IED and "another medical disorder"

In Wikipedia, Criterion F:

"The recurrent outbursts cannot be explained by another mental disorder and are not the result of another medical disorder or substance use"

For example, something very similar to IED happens and also there seemingly is "another medical disorder" that perhaps affects the work of the brain and switches it into the mode in which these IED events happen.
Can this situation be diagnosed like IED?
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