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Not Sure What's Wrong With Me

I have a problem with explosive anger and I guess IED suits me to some degree, but I think it might be something else and I'd really appreciate some insight.

So for as long as I can remember (I'm 19) I've had issues with anger management and it has gotten worse to the point where the slightest inconvenience (like losing a travel card, my sister accidentally taking my toothbrush with her on holiday, or not ...
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Husband has IED. Need to leave marriage

For the better part of 24 years i have been living with a very angry man. It has gotten to the point that i emotinally and physically worn out. He has an offical disgnoise of IED and take medication but refuses to combine that with therapy. The daily verbal attacks are becoming more frequent and as a hallmark of IED totally out of proprtion to the situation. My kids are 17, 15 and 12 with ...
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Multiple Rage Incidents

Through consultation with several counselors and a psychiatrist, I believe a diagnosis of IED is appropriate. In fact, it seems to fit to a tee.

Twice now I have reached maximum anxiety in meetings with 3 different counselors. Today I stood up and literally threatened to punch my primary counselor in the head. In my defense, I had just described a primary trigger and he asked me a political question *mod edit* right before the ...
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Suicidal thoughts

Has anybody else here had suicidal thoughts whenever the subject of past violence comes up? I've been working on myself for a few years. I'm not perfect, but I'm in my twenties, completed a group therapy 3 years ago, and am medicated. I don't like my impulsive behavior. Heck, I hate it. But I know that I may very well hurt somebody again, and I'm afraid of that, particularly when it comes to those closest ...
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North African IED

I fit the bill for IED. I was in North Africa 12 years. I was a kid with repeated exposure to extreme violence. War, Revolution, and extreme Social Unrest. Was held in long term confinement with the promise of death (shoot on sight) if I attempted to leave. Was in an active combat zone. Exposed to repeated executions. Repeated dangerous evacuations. Was very nearly stoned to death by Muslims. Was abandoned by my mother when ...
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I think my husband might have IED


I came across this term last night and they seem to fit my husband. I thought in the past he was bipolar but he doesn't seem to fit that.

We will be having a nice normal conversation and out of the blue, he will explode. He raises his voice as loud as he can, he will get into name calling and he will rant for at least 10 minutes. It doesn't matter how calm ...
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I've just been diagnosed with ied but can't relate to most of what I'm reading here, my wife has known me for 23 years and I've never raised a hand to her, never shouted at her in anger, I've never been cruel to animals.

For me it's always been defensive, if I've been threatend or felt threatend it sets me off, i have got it wrong badly a few times with disastrous consequences but for ...
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i need help.

i don't know what's going on with me.
i've been having violent impulses, including but not limited to wanting to torture and kill others and even my dogs. my best friend is scared of me after i told them. i have aspd, but i feel like there's something more going on. i get these impulses either out of nowhere, or when i'm feeling paranoid. i'm constantly paranoid someone is out to get me because my ...
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Extreme Hate/Anger for Four Specific People (Trigger Warning

So, I briefly touched on this a few months ago. So, firstly, the triggers

{Sexual Violence/Abuse Trigger}
{Depression from loss Trigger}
{Extreme violence trigger}
{Suicidal/self harm trigger}
Sorry if I miss a trigger.

So, I had this guy I really liked. To the point where I actively attempted to ensnare him. Except he had a boyfriend. So, I upped my efforts. Don't judge, okay? I was single, lonely, and desperate. And he was very kind ...
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IED is ruining my life

After reading so many threads about people wanting to harm animals I wonder if I really have IED? Despite not caring for the general population of people, animals are sweet, innocent and harmless creatures and the only thing that calms me from my explosive rages are my three sweet cats.

Anyways, I am 31 years old and single. I am generally a sweet person. I'm funny, love to laugh and am pretty active. I have ...
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