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Can IED be a phase?

In my 40's now reflecting on my younger years, the relationship between my brother and I stands out as extreme and beyond normal. Our dislike for one another was "next level" compared to any siblings I have ever known or heard about. I would be physically and mentally tormented by him incessantly. He was free to do so because our father worked the nightshift and our mother was a "peacekeeper" with little to no backbone. ...
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Understanding IEP alters

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Girlfriend seriously over reacts

My girlfriend smokes and drinks a lot. I don't smoke and barely drink red wine. After a month and a half of dating, I told her I didn't want anymore open containers of beer in my car (very risky) and didn't want anymore smoking in the car because the second hand smoking was starting to get to me in close quarters of vehicle. She understands the drinking part but basically flipped out last night regarding ...
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Hello! I am new here and very glad to have found this forum.  I hope to get some advice from people that understand this type of situation, without judgement.  Thank you in advance for listening.

A little on my history, me and my husband have been together for nine years.  We have a blended family with three children.  I am 50 and husband is 46.  We are both educated, have good careers, hobbies and a ...
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need advice

Hi guys...I have a dear, close friend who has been like a sister to me for 30 years. She has IED and previously has never exploded at me...until 3 weeks ago. She is currently untreated except for prozac, which I don't think is doing much for her. I have been texting her once a week to check in with little response from her. She just moved to my area to be near me and my ...
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Dynamite comes in small packages

Was a T-shirt i was given as a kid and by too many was told I was out of control. But, i wasn't.
Not even necessary to come up with rationales for whatever chaos exploded around me, as it was pretty obvious to anyone with eyes, what the causes were. So, it's not like it really was my fault. Not that I am blaming, precisely, but sort of. Sure, there were other choices that could ...
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Just diagnosed so what do i do with this?

I was diagnosed with depression with psychosis and now, intermittent explosive disorder?
They decided to talk about it in class cause we discuss a mental disorder ever day.
I was like wow, a lot of things make me angry, i cuss and break things but, the article they read suggests if your married to some one with ied you should leave.....man, should i stay single if i ever got a woman who wanted to marry ...
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My second post. First, I posted in the Abuse | Domestic Violence |Forum Now that I've explored Intermittent Explosive Disorder, I'm finding connections and patterns of this within myself. If I may share what I posted in the Abuse | Domestic Violence | Forum , please have a read and please let me know if IED is a factor here. Or any comments, no matter how constructive or destructive, I encourage your feedback. Thank ...
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I live a lie...

I feel like I should have gone with my instincts when I was young instead of becoming socially acceptable. Don't get me wrong I'm no goody two shoes and I have a criminal record for the usual violence, criminal damage and theft but I never allowed myself the freedom to fulfil my true desire and really satisfy that hunger.

I actually see myself as a good person. I'm upstanding, pay my taxes and whatnot. People ...
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