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Haven't been able to sleep right for over a decade....

I guess it's just one of those things, I am able to sleep the whole night if I just bomb out on like seroquel or whatever, but it sucks because then i'm all groggy or sleep the whole day away, it messes with my dreams and is generally more negative than positive, I may start trying some natural type stuff like herbs or whatever to see if maybe I can sleep at night without it ...
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I have a horrible time trying to get to sleep and stay asleep. I keep waking up so most of the time it feels like I have been awake all night. I have tried different natural supplements, but they don't seem to do much. The only one that helps noticeably is melatonin, but when I take it, just 1 mg or less....I feel so weird all the next day. I feel out of body, anxious, ...
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Struggling with fear of SFI due to increased insomnia

To start this whole thing off, I am 24 years old and have had on and off insomnia for about a good 10 years, that insomnia typically was just me having trouble falling asleep, 3-5 hours in bed and then eventually I'd pass out for 6-9 hours.

Recently however there has been a change. Two weeks ago in fact, I was getting ready to head to bed and as I was lying down I experienced ...
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worsening insomnia over 7 months

Hei. I struggle with an worsening insomnia the past 7 months where I just sleep less and less and now I only sleep 1-2 hours (with micro awakenings) with medication if I am lucky, some nights no sleep at all, and sometimes I can sleep 4,5 hours. Without zyprexa and Tolvon I can't sleep at all, 0 sleep. Last year I managed to sleep 4 hours without medications and 7-8 hours with medication. I am ...
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Intermittent Insomnia

I have what I think are typical sleep issues pretty regularly, like getting a couple of hours less sleep than normal 1-2 times a week, but lately I’ve been having recurrent bouts of insomnia with total sleeplessness that last days at a time. For the last 6 weeks I’ve only been getting about 4 hours a night (compared to my usual 7-8) and now I’m on another bout of 0 sleep, 2nd consecutive night and ...
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Listing things that I've done

Hi all, super new. I'm writing an essay on sleeplessness and how it affected my life (super private sorry), but it made me revisit what I've done in the past few years and the success they've had.

I was a chronic insomniac for a long time. I slept about 7 hours a day as an infant, when I was supposed to be sleeping 16-20 hours. I never napped (well, I have now that I'm older). ...
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Sleep please help

Hi All. I have just joined looking some help. My situation is as follows: I picked up a viral chest infection in mid feb which went on for a long period of time. I was eventually diagnosed with asthma 8 weeks ago. My sleep pattern has been very disturbed over the last number of months and there were also anxiety issues about my health. I was put on citalapram by GP about five weeks ago ...
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Seroquel??? Need advice

I am in desperate need of some advice..

Years ago I had a physical condition that caused many physical and emotional issues such as depression, horrible anxiety and the worse insomnia imaginable.. 3 years ago I was give a low dose SSRI antidepressant and 50 mg of seroquel to help with the emotional side of things until I got better.. I have since then gotten my health issues fixed, been off of the antidepressant for ...
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Delayed sleep phase syndrome plus anxiety insomnia

Hail forumers,
I'm a 37yo male with DSPS since I was a kid. I remember my baby sitters going to sleep and I simply couldn't, no matter what. Only after 2-3AM I could sleep, but that was (and still is) a huge problem, because I had always had morning classes.

For some years after school, I was almost completely stable, sleeping everyday at 4am and waking up ~11:30am. I say "almost" because even sleeping like ...
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Question about chronic insomnia due to anxiety

How come people with chronic, anxiety insomnia stay alive for decades? Does the basic biological survival mechanism always, in the end, make sure that the person gets just enough sleep in order to stay alive?

I was wondering this especially concerning chronic insomnia caused by anxiety. I understand that this problem is caused by a vicious circle where a person fears they won't fall asleep and because of that they won't. That's what they say. ...
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