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Sleep and related issues

Question 1- have noticed that since I reduced my Lithium from 1000 to 800, there is no noticeable difference in my sleep. Any Lithium takers notice any changes in sleep patterns? ( I'm also on Remeron/ Mirtazipine) maybe that's why my sleep is OK for now.

Question 2 (non- sleep related)I'm currently hoping to taper down, probably over many months, my Lithium , due to side effects. The main side effect is that I have ...
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sleep meds

Has anyone experienced sleep meds for at least 3 months (DAILY) and then returned to a normal sleep pattern?
Right now, Im 4 months after a hospitalisation for three months during which I was given a combo of benzos and sleeping pills.
Now, I'm out for 4 months, I take Lithium and Remeron. I m sleeping with these meds - no more benzos and sleep pills thankfully. However, im still in fear of sleep- I ...
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Medication / Sleep Issues / Lithium

So, my question / problem is related to medication. This is affecting me greatly and causing me great distress. I am taking Mirtazipine (Remeron) along with Lithium. I suffered a very bad depression a few months back and was hospitalised. I am literally on so few meds now , compared to what I was on in hospital. The problem I have now , even after my depression has lifted, is that I feel extremely flat ...
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Sleeping pills no use

I take 1-2 sleeping pills most nights and mostly either I sleep for 2 hours then wide awake or I don't sleep at all. Tonight is one of the no sleep nights :( I have things to do tomorrow!

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How to stop viewing sleep as a chore?

Hey all, how can I stop seeing sleep as a chore, as something I have to do, instead of something pleasant or that I want to do? I think part of my problem is I tend to view sleep as an obstacle getting in the way of the things I wanna do. To me it's a waste of time. Another issue is that I never really know what to do with myself once I'm lying ...
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Why do I sleep better on the couch than in my own bed?

Hello all, I hope this is the right forum for this! I don't know whether or not you could say I have insomnia, but I do find I have an easier/better time sleeping on the couch than in my own bed. But why? What is it about the couch that is better than my bed? Is it the mattress or my pillow? Is it because there is less pressure to fall asleep when I'm lying ...
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keep waking up fine going to sleep

i suffer with Gad and i been having trouble with sleeping i always seem to wake up 5/6 times in the night
i take 225mg Effexor and 50mg quetiapine i can get to sleep fine i just keep waking up not cold or loud noises nothing,
i have trued miritazipine and amtripiline even managed to get few zopiclone last week but they didn't help still kept waking up my doctor just looks at me ...
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Hi. Just joined.

This is my first posting. I've always been a light sleeper. I'm going to jump right in here if that's ok.

I've been getting by on about 3-5 hours of sleep/night. Often closer to 3. And I lead a very busy life. My job is commercial bus driver so it is vital I be alert for that. My work hours are basically 3-12pm.
I go to yoga class 3-4 times/week. One class is at 7am. ...
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New Member with Question re: Is this a form of Parasominia?

Good morning. I have just found your website after days of searching for an answer about an activity I do as I sleep. I am a 58 year old female with severe sleep apnea. Currently being treated again after 7 years, with very poor results to date. With the help of another forum things are looking up a bit.

However, one thing they have not been able to figure out is the following:

When I ...
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Benefits of Listening to Sleep Meditation Music

Unfortunately, not all of us can fall asleep easily. And I'm one of them. Every night is a battle for me just to get a good night's sleep. I didn't know what position I would take just to sleep.

I didn't believe it at first, but music works. Maybe for some, it may take a while before it works out but it all worth it eventually.

Here are some of the benefits of listening to ...
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