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I don't like sleep. At all.

After spending all my time on adult tasks; parenting, my partner, my life, parents, stress, work..
Night is my time, and I do not want to let go. Maybe I could sleep if I wanted to but it's really hard to give up the only alone time I get ever. :( Anyone else?
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Severe revenge bedtime procrastination + chronic pain

I suffer from chronic pain last 6 years and I can't do literally anything more stimulating to me than watching a wall whole day. I used to read Philosophy 16 hours 24/7, but my state worsened and I can't do even that anymore! Nothing I can do is more stimulating/interesting/entertaining me more than watching a wall! I Am so bored (especially before sleep) I keep bedtime procrastinating from boredom last 6 years. I defer going ...
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Suddenly having trouble sleeping even on benzodiazepines

Hello all, it is currently 2:55am here and I’ve been having a bit of distress. Over the past few years I have battled insomnia on and off (primarily due to anxiety, especially anxiety around sleeping) and I have been for a while now prescribed Xanax to take at night since falling asleep has always been my issue.

So normally I will take .5 mg Xanax or, if coming off of a particularly anxious night of ...
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Prescription medications not working.. not sure what to do!

I last posted a year ago, and am out once again on medical leave due to the same issue--major depression/anxiety and insomnia caused by those issues. My psychiatrist prescribed Lunesta (generic brand) and trazadone. (50 mg). She initially had me at 2 mg,(took it for two nights) only slept 2 hours max, long story short ended up in ER due to reaction (complete lack of sleep, frequent urination, sweaty hands/feet), so they prescribed lorazepam. ...
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my Terminal Insomnia just doesn't go away

I'm having Terminal Insomnia for more than 2 years now. I would fall asleep relatively fast but then would usually wake up after 3-3.5 hours (usually at 4-5 a.m) and afterwards I wouldn't be able to fall asleep most of the nights. I have tried sleep restriction for about 2 months but it didn't improve the situation. I also made a test in a sleep lab, but they did not discover any disorders. Any ideas ...
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Cannot Sleep Lying Down

I'm sure this has already been discussed but too many posts to look through.

I am totally tired standing up and sitting up. As soon as I lay down it's like I took amphetamines. SO wide awake! Once in a while, I can get some sleep during the day. I mostly DO NOT SLEEP! I'm sure other people have the same problem. I am hoping I can get some kind of an answer in this ...
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struggling with insomnia for 7 years,suicidal thoughts.

Hi all.
I've been struggling with insomnia since 2017 after loss of job.
There were manmy nmights like 3 in a row where I had 0 h of sleep.All this time and even now I've been put to meds to sleep.
It helped benzos then switched to sedating antidepressants then in 2020-2022 I am taking Clozapine 25 mg which gives me only 3-4 h to sleep.
I just wake up exactly at 2.30 a.m. like ...
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I can't sleep anymore?

I don't know what the hell is happening. I can't go to sleep when I try to and i have no idea why. And the strangest part is that I don't feel exhausted. Does anyone feel this way? Maybe I'm just overthinking things.
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Doing things while sleeping

Has anyone experienced luna effect episodes, like walking, getting out of house, opening/closing windows, etc.? I remember when my mom told me that I was walking, while sleeping. And she told me that I was crying and shouting while sleeping (this was back in my younger years). I don't have any sleep disorders because I don't have those symptoms. Is there a reason as to why? I just had a Psychology lesson and my school ...
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Can't sleep years after taking prednisone

Hello All, 36yo male here. From February to July 2019 I took prednisone 3.5 different times for 4 different run-ins with poison ivy. (stopped mid-way through the last one because at that time I knew for sure that it was not worth it to mess up my sleep like that). I have always went to sleep at 9PM and would sleep through the night good except if I drank too much water I would wake ...
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