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Health scare

Good evening everyone I am sorry for the long paragraph but this is my first time on here: I am a 21yo male who has had pretty good health throughout his whole life (no serious issues whatsoever) but I have always had really high anxiety levels (especially in regards of health and illnesses) and a tendency to overthinking. Exactly a month ago what started as a itch on my thigh became a rash and then ...
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worried about superbugs

So I’ve been reading in the news lately that we’re about to be up against a lot of superbugs/antibiotic resistant bacteria and its going to be like the 18/1900’s and a simple cut is going to kill you. Is this true? If it is true how would we stop it? Do I need to be worried about it?!? I cant stop worrying and I cant focus on anything without it in my head
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New here but a few words of wisdom

I just wanted to say dont go to the doctor or hospital alot because they will start refusing to see you or overlook things if they think you are making it up and you may need to really be there but its like they wont take you unless they think you will die. I know from experience. I had been going to the hospital alot I needed to but the doctors didnt think I did ...
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I think I’m a Hypochondriac and I haven’t slept in 6 days.

I’m a Hypochondriac, and I was sleeping just fine for several months after being up for 9 days in August. I only recently started to worry about my sleep on Tuesday, where I tossed and turned for several hours, though I eventually fell asleep. Then on Wednesday, I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t stop focusing on my breathing, and as the days passed, whenever I breathe it feels like my heart speeds up, and songs keep ...
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Not sure how to help my wife who I think

In the back of my mind I have suspected there might be something wrong for a while, but when a close friend suggested out of the blue last night my wife might have Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome, it really got me thinking. A lot of what I have read about it since makes a lot of sense, and I have become worried she might have a very mild case of it. This morning I jotted ...
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Perfect storm

Hello all, not sure if this goes here as I think it cross links several different disorders, but anyway I just wanted to get this out.

This is my first post. I created this account to try and find some one who has possible ever heard of anyone experiencing or themselves experiencing something similar to what I have been for the last few days, which I am convinced is a perfect recipe for complete mental ...
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My mum is a hypochondriac, I don't know what to do anymore.

Hi, I have a mother who my whole life has always been sick, always had a cold that is 10x worse than anything we ever had and always had, something that was always potentially killing her. And honestly it's effecting my mental state. I'm currently in my last semester of university and I'm finding it hard to know what to do next as my mothers is completely in denial that she is a hypochondriac...

she ...
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Online ongoing surveys/studies/call for participants

Current Surveys / Studies / Call for participants going on.

Study of Patient Credibility
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Afraid i have diabetes

Male 26y here and Ive always been hypocondric..
For the past 3-4 days ive been afraid of getting diabetes.. Before this i have always had weird feelings in my body depending on what i've feared..
It started with me being very thirsty and tired one evening (im working very much a week and have anxiety / panic attacks during the day at times).. so the next day somehow i thought that i might have diabetes ...
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Brain Tumor Worries

Hi right now I am freaking out worrying if I have a brain tumor because probably for the past 1-2 months the right side of the back of my head has felt sore and uncomfortable to rest on when I am trying to sleep or lay down. It is also mildly sore to the touch and I am so worried I am going to have a malignant brain tumor. I then googled brain tumor symptoms ...
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