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Steps to Happiness

Happiness is a journey. If we are to be remain hopeful, we need to take small positive steps everyday. This thread is to give us hope that even the smallest steps can create a huge impact on our mental health.

My small step for today:

Feeling good about my future.
We all need goals to motivate us, and these need to be challenging enough to excite us, but also achievable. If we try to attempt ...
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Quotes About Positivity

You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.
– Stephen King

Happiness is a quality of the soul…not a function of one’s material circumstances.
– Aristotle
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Positive Psychology

The first time I heard about Positive Psychology was when I was in college. One of my classmates shared her disgust about how psychology focuses only on the negative. She was right. The professor mentioned Positive Psychology -- the focus on happy people and their efforts toward staying happy.

I find it rather amusing how so many people believe they can only be sad or angry, but they don't believe they can happy. Sounds like ...
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I Choose To Be Happy

I've experienced so much trauma in my life. Physical abuse, emotional abuse, bullying, and endless list of bad memories. After all the negative I've gone through in life, people ask me how I'm still alive. They ask how I just didn't end it all years ago. Well here's why:

1. I learned to trust myself. I had bad parents, no friends, and no one to turn to in need of help. So I learned that ...
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Fear I will never get better - Why keep going?

The mental health stigma is currently at its worst ever. My family doesn't understand a single thing about my situation. It doesn't matter how much I talk to them about it. My option is to sign myself into my local mental healthcare center. This could potentially give me a supportive environment. However, what else will this give? They will probably just hire a psychologist whose job is to question my suicidal feelings and convince me ...
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How to make yourself open up

Hello. I'd like to ask for advice.
I'm a very closed person, even though I have quite a few people I get along with and could say I like them, I'd never call anyone my "friend". I don't know how trust feels to be honest, so my existence is really lonely - I reduce my emotional caring for people to a minimal level and expect the same treatment.
At the very same time, I know ...
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the therapist who is a mental health survivor


Are there psychologists/psychiatrists here who are survivors of severe mental health conditions?
If yes, when did you speak up about your condition/s? Did you experience any discrimination or were you judged to be inadequate (as a mental health professional) because of it?

For others, what's your perception on mental health professionals who had or have (but are successfully managed) psychological disorders?

I'm currently taking my masters in clinical psychology. More than a decade ago, ...
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I am perpetually stuck in my life

I can't move forward in my life. I suffer from strong anxiety, shyness, insomnia spells that resist sleeping pills, low self-esteem, clinical depression, and I have Aspergers on top of all of these things. I don't have any special talents despite wanting to be a good guitarist (I just can't learn most songs no matter how hard I try to learn them) and an artist (I mess up whenever I attempt drawing or painting) but ...
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hold on tightly let go lightly

I wondered, if someone else has found a way through? From having most things to having very little, this includes the loss in opportunity of a relationship over 12 years. To now with regret of over working, over prioritising work and burning out, these cumulative experiences seemed to have shrunk my capacity, financially and certainly cognitively etc to be the tuned-in and the go-getter that I used to be. I can see and plan to ...
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Is this greed, or hope?

I had an extremely hard time to get admitted to a university two years ago due to my grades (and some other problems i couldnt control). Not getting into a university and being hopeless about it was making me have suicidal thoughts. I used to think about how to kill myself painlessly.

Everything changed when i got accepted into a university. That also, not a very bad university, it was all i needed when i ...
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