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Histrionic Personality Disorder message board, open discussion, and online support group.
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Attention Please. You are entering the Histrionic Personality Disorder forum. Please read this carefully.

Given the unique propensities of those who are faced with the issues of HPD, topics at times may be uncomfortable for non HP readers. Discussions related to HPD behavior are permitted here, within the context of deeper understanding of the commonalties shared by members. Indulging or encouraging these urges is not what this forum is intended for.

Conversations here can be triggering for those who have suffered abuse from HPDs. .
Non HPD users are welcome to post here, But their questions Must have a respectful tone.
If you are a NON and have issues with an past relationship with an HPD person, it is suggested that you Post in a Relationship forum. Here is a link to that forum: relationship/

For those who have no respect for either this illness or for those who are living with it, please do not enter this forum. Discrimination of Personality Disorders is not tolerated on this site.

Moderators are present here to ensure that members treat each other with dignity and respect. If topics become overly graphic or drift from having a healthy perspective, moderators will intervene.
Please feel free to contact a moderator if you have any questions or concerns.

Best Regards,
The Team

The Dance - Idealization, Devaluation, Discard?

Hi Guys,

first of all I wanted to show my gratitude to everyone who was contributing to the creation of this forum and especially the topic regarding HPD. It helped me a lot.

I wanted to share my story in order to understand better what exactly happened.
I am a almost 32 year old guy and after many years of having no problems in meeting people and/or relationships at all I came into the conclusion ...
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Feeling Pretty

Today, I felt pretty.

Like more so than usual pretty.

Like super pretty.

That’s all.

Hope you felt pretty too.

-sephe. HPD Dx, ASPD trait.
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Books about HPD

Dear Forum Members

What are good books about HPD?

Thank you
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Compassion for yourself will help forgive

I was talking to an HPD for about 3 years. It started and ended just like everyone else's story here so I don't see any point re-spinning the wheel.. I drove myself crazy trying to figure out what I did wrong and what I could've done better. Reading some of these stories made me realise that there is nothing I could have done differently. More importantly I realised that people with PD's do suffer, I ...
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Hello, I'm Davina 23 years old. I have been suffering from undiagnosed HPD since childhood with my mother having undiagnosed HPD. I also suffer from serve depression anxiety and anorexia. I never realised I had HPD, I just always felt odd. My partner of 5 years first told me about HPD. It all made sense, I'm really embarrassed/ashamed. I get this strong fear of being abandoned, I'm really vague with words can't explain how I'm ...
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WTF - my BFF is HPD - now what?

I’ve never really felt “confused” about a life episode before, but here goes. I’m a happily married man, in my 50s. Until a few days ago, I have believed I just happened to be in the unusual position of being close friends with an attractive, charming, quirky, and much younger female (“Dora”), who is also a manifest “train wreck” mostly due to her own bad decisions. She has burned through many friends, and even more ...
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Small Improvement

I managed to make it through a party without drawing negative attention to myself. I went to a small gathering of about 9 people. There was music and a pool and they were grilling meat. I got into the pool when I was invited in. I swam and floated around mostly quietly as I didn't have much to contribute to the conversation (I never do, and normally this bothers me and triggers anxiety and negative ...
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Aware of my lack of thoughts/feeling fake, unreal

So basically what happens is when Im in a conversation I realize as I'm saying something where those words are coming from. Like I'm pulling them out of nowhere. Like they're not coming from me as a person But rather I'm constructing a thought actively, consciously. When I become aware of this as I'm speaking, I can never complete my thought. Then I just end up trailing off. I am fully conscious of every element ...
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Online false allegations of drink spiking / sex assault


I come to this forum as a NON seeking advice on how best to deal with this situation. I understand that HPD is a serious illness and I have genuine sympathy and respect for people affected by this condition. I need help and advice on how best to react (or not react) to very serious allegations made about me on social media. I

This Summer I went on a couple of dates with a ...
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HDP- Respond or Not?

I met this girl in rehab, first mistake. Once I got out in December we started seeing each other, immediately I saw red flags and told her. She got mad so I let it go. Over the course of the next few months we dated, if you can call it that. I became her sole support system for her alcoholism and she helped me with money. Later accused me of using her even though I ...
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