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Anxious to start No Contact we decided with Ex after today..

I were in a relationship for 8 months with a 30 year old man (im 33). He recently broke up cause he said he is not ready to Seattle down yet but want to party, travel and be free till he is "satisfied" and ready for the next more serious step (which for us would be moving in together, engagement, marriage.. kids). But he never was sure if he wants kids or not so I ...
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Sister died two weeks ago

I’m just writing to introduce myself. My sister, with whom I had a complicated relationship, died two weeks ago. Of heart failure. I’m sad and starting to isolate so I am reaching out. I am having flashbacks of the funeral services. I am avoiding all people who could lecture me on how I should grieve. I love my sister even though she didn’t treat me well very much. I guess that’s a basic introduction and ...
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Lost so much money on a shady bussiness

I had impulsively spent big amount of money on my exfriends food bussiness out of False hope given to me.
This person decieved me into spenting lot of money so that he gets incentive by reducing his investment.This person spent only half the amount of money I spent on the bussiness.So literally this person was scamming me by providing false investment details .this guy thought I was little bit emotional and I am easy to ...
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You are all smiles

Please, I hope they treat you properly. That they take care of you. You are not just some patient on their list. Your life has shone more on those around you than anyone I know.

I can't stand the feeling that the world might lose another ray of sunshine. You have to stay. Please come through this and smile once more here on earth.

I don't want what you wrote to be what I remember ...
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Close friend died of COVID-19

A close friend of mine died of COVID-19 and I'm still in shock. Back then, I haven't thought about death that much. I mean, I know it's real and it's gonna happen but I never thought it's gonna happen to someone I know that soon. I am so stressed. I feel like it could also happen to me anytime. I was just talking to my friend and now she's gone. Help! I don't know what ...
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losing both parents in my 20s

10 years ago i lost my dad to heart attack when i was 18 (my brother was 16) and my mom just passed away early this month due to heart attack, just like my dad. i can’t believe i’ve lost both my parents before i turn 28.

i’ve been feeling such immense pain, and i feel like i’m traumatized, i’ve experienced so many loses, i lost my grandmother and beloved dog quite recently too. my ...
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Cant cope, lost best friend, my cat.


I am really struggling here. I lost my cat Friday and really struggling to cope and beginning to turn to other methods to cope.

I am autistic and cats are my life, without my cats I know I won’t be here today. I need help getting out of this downward spiral.

Can someone help me please.
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Regrets and loss of friend

A very good friend and mentor of mine died just a little over a year ago now. I lost touch with him and his wife years ago. We drifted apart because I let it happen. I chose to be a people pleaser to someone who couldn’t be pleased. I was to ashamed to stand up for myself and to face them after years of letting a bad relationship ruin a good one. When I found ...
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