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My dad passed away

At the end of 2017 my dad was diagnosed with quite advanced bowel cancer and his prognosis wasn't great.
A week or two ago my dad got really ill with an infection but the doctors struggled to find the cause and control it. He deteriorated really quickly on Wednesday and we lost him.

We're all shocked and devastated. I'm struggling to get my head around it all. I just didn't expect it to happen so ...
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Revisiting a painful loss constantly.

I am constantly revisiting a very painful moment in my life which happened many years ago but has completely consumed and destroyed me. Even now some six years later I think obsessively from the moment I wake up till I finally fall asleep re living the trauma over and over again. The pain is unbearable and has showed no sign of dissipating, in addition no one seems to understand what I am going through.

I ...
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Grief but I can't cry

I recently lost a close friend and I miss him; it was 'complicated.' I developed serious feelings even though he is in a relationship with someone else. Its been hard to let go; i truly love him, though I shouldn't. Its also been hard because this loss is triggering other losses. I've never known anyone who died and thought I never had anything to grieve and yet i suffered a lot at a young age. ...
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new to this group/forum - lost my amazing mam Oct 15

Hi all, I am new to this forum. I lost my beautiful mam in October 2015. I was extremely close to her, she was my best friend. I could tell her absolutely anything without judgement. I am so lost without her... I feel as if I have no one to turn to. I cant speak to my da or husband about how I am feeling, and i have tried talking about it with my family ...
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My brother

Yesterday would have been my younger brother's 35th birthday. He didn't even make it to 30, just like my older brother. He died in 2012 but I didn't find out about it until last year because he was adopted by another family when he was 5. I last saw him when he was 12 in 1995. He died of a drug overdose. I would have thought he would have stayed away from that stuff but ...
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Grief at end of affair

I am married, but have had an online emotional/sexual relationship. It started as clean chat, but last week it got sexual. We agreed to end it (she is also married) but I feel awful and miss her so much. I am over 50 but this is my first breakup! Any help gratefully welcomed.
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Grieving the loss of my kids who are still alive

My 2 children have cut me out of their lives, my son hates me and my daughter says she doesn’t have a mother. Their father and his mother vilify me, tell them things kids should not have to process. My ex has such deep hatred for me that he alienates me openly and visciously. This has gone on for 15 years now. I have tried so so hard to reach a mutual parental place with ...
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I feel like death follows me

Every job I've had, during the summer months, someone has died. The only job where it didn't happen was a job I didn't have during the summer...
It's always been around the June/July time frame.
Now...my old supervisor from my current job is on hospice care. He found out he had pancreatic cancer earlier this year and he resigned once he started chemo. He did a few more treatments, but now he's stopped because they ...
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Losing myself while my pBPD boyfriend splits.

We were only together for 2 months and I feel guilty for the amount of pain I am feeling, but I feel like I am falling apart.

We were still in the rush of new relationship energy, spending all our free time together and buried in each other's love. My dopamine has just been ripped out, so I have even suffered real withdrawals. Last night I had a scorching hot shower because I couldn't stop ...
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Why am I not grieving???

I lost my father 2 years ago to cancer, he was terminal for a year beforehand which was really tough. I watched an extremely proud man lose everything; his job, his energy, his fire and in the end his dignity.

We are so similar in nature, which resulted in our relationship being tempestuous, but ultimately we loved each other dearly. He was the strongest person I know & I miss him terribly.

What I am ...
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