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losing both parents in my 20s

10 years ago i lost my dad to heart attack when i was 18 (my brother was 16) and my mom just passed away early this month due to heart attack, just like my dad. i can’t believe i’ve lost both my parents before i turn 28.

i’ve been feeling such immense pain, and i feel like i’m traumatized, i’ve experienced so many loses, i lost my grandmother and beloved dog quite recently too. my ...
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Cant cope, lost best friend, my cat.


I am really struggling here. I lost my cat Friday and really struggling to cope and beginning to turn to other methods to cope.

I am autistic and cats are my life, without my cats I know I won’t be here today. I need help getting out of this downward spiral.

Can someone help me please.
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Regrets and loss of friend

A very good friend and mentor of mine died just a little over a year ago now. I lost touch with him and his wife years ago. We drifted apart because I let it happen. I chose to be a people pleaser to someone who couldn’t be pleased. I was to ashamed to stand up for myself and to face them after years of letting a bad relationship ruin a good one. When I found ...
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My cousin may have dementia

I have a cousin who is 81 y.o. living in Europe and I used to call her periodically or exchange pleasantries via email. I was about to visit her and her son in April but the COVID hit and ruined my travel plans. The last time I had a normal conversation with her was July 17. Today I called her and she hung up first. I called her back and she mumbled some unpleasantries then ...
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Why don't I feel all that sad?

Hello all, not too long ago someone I knew (I suppose you could call them a family friend) passed away due to old age. I'm not certain how close you can say the two of us were, but my family knew hers and she knew me ever since I was a baby. In some ways she was like a third grandmother to me, I guess. In some ways, perhaps, she was even more of a ...
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When someone dies should I just lie to their friend/family?

So basically I couldn't care less about human life but sometimes people I know post on Facebook that someone they know died. Recently my friend said a good friend of hers died of cancer. Should I just lie to her and say my condolences or I'm sorry for your loss? I am one of those misenthrope though unfortunately I can't avoid human society. So yea... I couldn't care less if people died but I still ...
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When does the hurting stop?

I was lying in bed just now when an image popped into my head.
The face of a gentle giant, framed by a mane of golden hair.
Suddenly, my body started shaking, and I cried like I haven’t done in ages.
It was G.
G. was my best friend when I was in my 20’s and early 30’s.
We both had similar childhoods, and bonded the moment we met. After a long and difficult battle ...
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songs of remembrance

Here you can remember with a song if you want

This one's for my brother.


Born Slippy
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Visiting Graves...relations.

I was going to entitle this as "visiting my dead relatives" but I thought twice. Trying to be respectful and all that.

Brother died a year ago aged 50. He probably lived 150 years worth into those 50 though. Didn't go to his funeral and only got news of his death via sms whilst I was in work.

He's got a plot close to my stepdad, gran and grandad and my favourite aunt.

I don't ...
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My 21 year old son just took his own life two weeks ago, and I found him. I feel like I’ve been shattered into a million pieces and have so much guilt. And what if’s. And I’m mad at the mental health care system for failing him and his dad for being abusive. Anyone else experience loss of a child or loved one to suicide? I feel like I’ll never survive this.
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