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A place to discuss the loss of a beloved pet.

It has been about 3 weeks

I lost my dog, about three weeks ago. I have lost other dogs, before, and it has always been hard, but nothing like this. I think the reason is that he was young (14 months old) and healthy and the best dog I have ever known. He was so well behaved (with one really bad exception) and gentle. I have another dog with physical disabilities and he would be so kind to him, play with ...
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My cats are gone.

My 11-year-old cat was the world to me. Another pet like him will never exist. He'll be in my heart forever. He was ran over a month ago.

My 16-year-old cat had to be put down just last week from liver issues/possibly cancer. I might not have been as close to him as my other cat, but I still loved him so much and I find myself missing him more than I could have possibly ...
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My Rabbit Died

Right now, it's winter break, and since I'm an out of state college student, I'm visiting home with my parents, and my housemates are watching my pets.

Which is usually fine, they've been watching my cat for the past 2.5 years and my rabbit for the past year when I travel all the way back home.

But this time, one of my roommates called me up during the afternoon last week; apparently they checked on ...
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My turn to say goodbye to my dog

Today was the day my dog went to Rainbow bridge. He has had a few health issue in recent months, but yesterday was the first day that he gave any indication that there was a big problem. He has been having eye drops applied at the vets for several months to treat a corneal ulcer, and because he is not very co-operative, I decided it would be less stressful if the vet nurses did them. ...
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They say they are going to be putting it down, cause it is too aggressive they say. :cry:
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My dog died today..

We just had to put down my dog.. She was 13. The vet told me not a week ago that she was healthy. Clearly, she didn't know ****.

She was coughing up blood for the past two days, and could hardly breathe. I was petting her for a long while before the vet put her to sleep.

This all happened about twenty minutes ago.. I'm extremely sad she's gone, and I'm going to be so ...
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to my dear friend max

Max ,I miss you so much.everyday I wish you were here by my side..you felt my pain as I did yours.we had a spiritual connection that was beyond this world ..y o u meant everything to me and I am so sorry that I couldn't save you.I am so sorry about all th e pain that you went through.I would give . Anything to have you here with me now...I hope that duke and davinci ...
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I let them down

Hey guys, this might be a bit long sorry I just need to write this.

Over 2 years ago, I had to get my pet cat put down, and my 2nd cat was put down with the same health problem 5 months ago, aged 12 and 15 respectively (sorry I don't want to use their names). I loved them both more than anything, known them pretty much all my life since I was 6 years ...
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My best friend, My dog: Lucille May 06/30/99 - 05/28/13

*Mod Edit*

***Bear in mind that I wrote this in my online /blog/journal around the time of Lucy's death. So, almost 4 months ago. I have not changed any of the wording. I am still heartbroken over this... Thanks for the support.***

My best friend, my dog, died 2 weeks ago on May 28th. It was awful. I am an RN and just recently got a job at a nursing ...
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She really is gone hasn't she..

I love her so much. I had my cat Jess since my childhood, she is/was my only best friend. She was always there for me, and I was for her. We rescued two kittens from this old lady who wasn't taking care of them. They were brother and sister, Jess and Joey. We gave Joey to my neighbour.

I feel so guilty, because she went missing over a year ago and I was too busy ...
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