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Friend has passed on.Don't know how to approach things.

Hello.Recently I found out that one of my friends has passed away.Her boyfriend/my friend let me know through a voicemail.The three of us attended a Lifeskills group last year.My friend,who is mildly autistic,has just been destroyed by the whole ordeal.We both attended her service and her burial.Her death was almost a month ago and I have yet to see my friend once again.I have never had to experience the death of someone that was close ...
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Two Best Friends.... Gone and This is a rant

I admire the rest of you for having the strength to go through the battle of grief ... When my best friend (twin flame best friend) died in June 2007, I have been nothing ever since. A big ole nothing ...

The world is dark, cold, and at times almost deadly for me. I have never been able to adjust in these thirteen months. Never. I cry all the time. I can't stop. I can't ...
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My best friend died.

My best friend died almost ten months ago. I am 19 years old. He was off-roading with a friend in a rock quarrey where they had recently blasted for more rock so that the old path was gone. They fell 40 ft to their deaths. I was really good friends with (lets say his name is) Kevin, who died. We always were able to spend time together and he was the only one I would ...
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Friend in a car crash

got some terrible news recently... that one of my best friends Emma was involved in a head on car crash... wasnt her fault... another car in the other lane swerved to miss a dead rabbit on the road and slammed straight into her...

only heard all this 2 months after she had the accident... shes at home now, after 2 months solid in hospital. im going to see her this sunday for the first time ...
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Lost 2 friends..

I've currently lost 2 friends within 8 days .. I am only 23.. the 2 friends I lost where 22 and 25... One was shot dead , and then 8 days later my other friend went snow boarding and went off a cliff and died.. He had a 7 year old son and just got engaged 2 month prior..he was only 25.. and my other friend was 22.. so young .. their friends parents couldnt ...
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my friends wife!!

hi everyone
the other day my friends wife died, she was only 35....
it started with a chest infection, then 4 days later she was dead.
it was a shock to say the least.
its hard to know what to say to him, as he knows what i have been trying to do.
i want to be there for him but im finding it hard , he's the only true friend that i have and ...
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