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how can I look at life like it was before?

My best friend passed away five years ago. I've been out with other friends clubbing, going out but it just doesn't feel the same as when I was with my best friend. We did everything together, we shared memories, ups and downs and I don't think I could share that with anyone other than herself. My birthday is coming up next week, I'm thinking of going out with friends but I know it's not going ...
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Can't believe my feelz for a stranger

http://q13fox.com/2015/12/15/detectives ... randfather

I was online this morning when a kid in Washington killed his grandfather in cold blood. We were on the same forum. I was reading what he wrote more or less as it was happening.

I didn't believe it at first. I thought it was just another stupid young kid trying to be all edgy and homicidal. Forums with the word "sociopath" in the title tend ...
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don't know if i should go to the funeral?

to cut to the quick, another friend will shortly pass away.
not sure how much longer he has left. I have said my good-byes but it is the funeral I'm confused about.
let me explain. I have been to far too many funerals both family and friends. this will make friend 5 or 6 who has died of cancer.

In all the funerals I've been to I've only been upset at one, Nicks 3 years ...
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Very disappointed at a friend.

Hey there,

Just thought of dosing off by sharing some thoughts with you. I guess this is a non-romantic and romantic issue. I come from an eastern European country and I've been studying abroad four years now. In my current city I made many good friends, including people from my own country. I've been especially close with this girl from the same area where I come from. I always knew she was a sort of ...
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Best friend stops talking to me and I don't know why

Ok. So me and my best friend(Both 16, im a guy shes a girl). We talked everyday at school for 45 minutes straight in study hall and talk the whole 45 minutes. It is now summer vacation so we yext throughout the days that we don't hang out. We seemed inseperable, as do the people around us keep saying. She keeps telling we she loves me and i always have the right things to say, ...
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I have anxiety about my friends spending time without me?

I actually have some OCD that brings a lot of anxiety. I used to be a quiet person who didn't hang out with any friends and now I do a lot. I am going to Florida on vacation for a week with my family and my youth group is going to a place to swim and they might do something else during that week. I'm excited about going to Florida but my mind brings in ...
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Looking for friends

Hi, I'm Anna. I have a work friend, Tyler, that I won't be working with much longer. ...So, it's realllllllllllllly important to me that I find someone else I can be around. (She has a family, and will be, of course, busy with her new job.) Also, I just allowed myself to accept that I no longer want to be best friends with my best friend. (I don't enjoy being around her anymore, now that ...
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best friend's brother committed suicide [what do i say?]

Hello everyone. This is the first time i'm making a post on psychforums so apologies in advance if this is under the wrong topic.

My best friend's 18 year old little brother committed suicide yesterday. He jumped from a six story building. He survived the fall, but was pronounced dead at the hospital 4 hours later. He was a smart kid with friends, so i'm having trouble believing that he took his life because of ...
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In need of advice

Hi, the reason im posting this is for help understanding what is happening with my friend. In August a very good friend of both of ours was killed in an accident, that both of us ended up being at. My friend was actually the one that called 911, anyways a week after that we had gone to Vegas together and everything seemed normal until about the first weekend in October he went to homecoming where ...
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I can't stop thinking about her.

If I do something wrong, I'm sorry. I'm new to the site.
A close friend of mine died in July last year.
We knew each other for 8 years and talked every so often but became close about 3 years ago when she got ill. They never quite figured out what was wrong with her. She had severe depressive and psychotic symptoms, but she didn't seem to fit neatly into any diagnosis. (I guess lots ...
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