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Im not sure whats wrong with me

I was raised in a chaotic family environment I suppose. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood I dont believe I ever developed real social skills. I have trouble keeping friends. It seems like something about me pushes people away. Even a friend Ive had for twenty years, it seems like i have to buy our friendship to keep her in my life. My husband has a group of friends that could never click with me. Some ...
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Angered a "Friend" Need Advise

To start off, I'm sorry if this post is a little long/probably dumb, but I want to give you the full background story. Also my anxiety can't take this any longer. My best friend (not going to say names sorry) is dating a girl who I would also consider one of my good friends as well throughout the last years. I've been very supportive on both of their decisions and have always dropped/been there if ...
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Avoiding her profile

Early this evening was the last time I visited it; the social media page of my (former) best friend. I keep telling myself "Now is the last time I'll look at it". After a while I realized the only way there's ever going to be a last time is if I stop. I want to look now, but no. I won't. I won't ever again. Last time, I said it would be my last time.
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cant look at my friends the same way b/c someone's influence

so i have 2 groups of friends, one i lije more than the other. one guy from my group chat in my group of friends tat i like a little less made fun of one of my friends from my other group. the thing about this guy is that i used to like him a lot for 2 years but i dont like him anymore. i always used to be really influenced by him. he ...
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Looking for straight, female friends

Hi, I'm Anna. I am looking for a straight girl (not chancing crushes) that is quiet, a good person, and has a good sense of humor. I would like for this person to sit by me, somewhere in my home, doing something quiet-reading, listening to music with headphones, etc.-to provide me with a little bit more social interaction. I would want to talk sometimes-get to know each other-but mainly just sit quietly. But, if one ...
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lost a friend

so, I lost a very good friend. She was a staff member at my facility where I live. She will be greatly missed.
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Mixing up freindship and love

Its been a year that i know her, we fell in love for a certain period of time but it didnt work out,she s my first love, and i m glad it was her and not someone who would dump me or stab me in the back. After things didnt work out, it was hard for me to keep seeing her and talk to her as a freind, but she was my everything, i needed ...
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Still thinking about friend, worried she will harm me

ex (prob)-friend still on my mind. Wishing I did not reach out yesterday, though a part of me is glad I played the "better" person to check in, it's like there will be closure if she doesn't respond. Still, I worry that she WILL respond with some sort of goodbye or lashing out. And towards my birthday as there is a history of my old crowd lashing out at me around my birthday if they ...
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Feeling stupid, reached out to an old friend

I feel like an idiot. I sent an email yesterday to check in with a friend I had a falling-out with a few months ago. She has not responded. Yes, I know, it's only one day. But right now something like that triggers me. I know she checks her email and would always respond to me right away.

I feel in general like I'm creepy and unlovable. I feel like a reject...I fear no one ...
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Grieving the probabable loss of narcissistic friend

I have been cutting toxic people from my life...family members and old friends, primarily.

I was hoping that this one particular friend would not be one of them...but when I set boundaries with her, she lashed out as she has in the past. I realize she is controlling and she manipulates. Makes fun of her friends/says mean things when they disappoint her or when she is jealous of them.

Realizing I have been abused and ...
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