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A place to discuss the loss of a family member.

Loss of cluster B disordered father

First of all I apologize if this isn't the right place to be posting on here. I'm on a smartphone which makes it kinda hard to browse.

The reason why I'm posting as the title indicates, is that my father recently passed on, and he had mental health issues his whole life. It's hard to pinpoint exactly who or what he was, but I'm certain he fit the cluster B category.

When he was alive, ...
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Missing my Mom and it's Getting Worse

If no one reads this, God sees it. Mom? Are you there? I miss you so so much. Even though things were dysfunctional and sometimes downright stressful with you, I'd give anything to have you alive again than to live in this new hell of familial isolation. As you know, Dad had been having a 20 year affair with a gangbang whore while he was married to you. NO WONDER you broke the vent in ...
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I am the evil Step Child

Hello everyone,
I am very shaken and just want to voice my feelings and see if anyone has advice. I was never liked by my step family ever. My step mother would tell me daily how much of a bother and burden I was and how much she hated me which is fine. When I was 17 I was told to leave which I did around 25 I fell on hard times and ask to ...
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Cancer and Stroke

I was adopted as a baby through catholic charities. I spent 3 months in an orphanage before my new parents could take me home. I have an older sister "M" who was also adopted - different birth parents - she is 3 years older than me. They tell me she was super excited about me coming home.

When I was 4, my mother died from cancer. She wrote me 2 letters as she was dying. ...
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*TW* enmeshment


My mom and I are very close, possibly enmeshed. She even lived with me in my dorm room (a single) all of last year (I'm 21, female by the way). We shared a twin bed and and she even ate from the dining halls and used the showers. She was only planning to stay a couple of nights but she never left. I tried my best to keep her hidden (sneaking ...
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Delayed grief ?

Is it possible to lose you father when your 9 and the full effects of it hit you when you 20 years older ?
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Possibly narcissistic father sulking

My dad is hard work. Authoritarian style parent. From the age if 5 told me I wanted to be a doctor and go to university and constantly asked practically daily - you want to be a doctor and go to university don’t you. Used to go on about how clever I was. He was really disappointed in me when I didn’t make the grades for a doc however thankfully I fulfilled his ambition of going ...
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Mama said I was a Wild Child....

Today I watched the movie "Wild" again on Netflix for the second time. I saw it in a whole new light. And I don't know why I didn't register the themes of the movie the first time around, perhaps because it was too raw and close to home, but I certainly did this time, and I cried like a baby.

5 years ago my mother passed away, and although not unexpected given her ailing health, ...
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Not Really Shocked Over Passing Of A Beloved Grandmother.

Not really sure this is the correct forum for this if it is not please move it.
A short time ago my grandmother passed away after years of declining health. She was 93 and had lived a full and complete life at that point. She expected to die and tried her best to prepare everyone for her eventual death letting them know that she was “likely to die sooner rather than later and was at ...
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soon ten years

I lost my first daughter nearly ten years ago, I still think about it, wow, 10 years have past! She was only 9, with that cerebral cancer. My son is 16 soon, how the years have past! I hardly speak about it at home, not to trigger my husband or son. She used to love Halloween, and that date approaches. We still have things in our room about her, but we need place and soon ...
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