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I dont know if this is the right sub but I need help

I'm afraid that I am now a sociopath. I digged too deeply in the reality of the world and now I have seen the truth. About a week ago i started having a series of disturbing thoughts regarded the world and how it is a ###$ up place. Thoughts on random fears and thoughts that life is suffering filled my mind and I could not stop or refute them. One thing led to another and ...
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Sex anxiety or erotophobia


One of my major insecurities is low number of sexual partners.
It just makes me feel incapable of doing anything and usually I lie the count to be bigger than it is, cause in case I get in bed with someone I can just blame them for bad sex or usually just get wasted.

But usually when someone approaches me in a sexual way I get this feeling of anxiety that I have no ...
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How does your Anxiety/Panic feel?

At the age of 17, I got my first panic attack - I felt like I was dying, I was shaking, I felt out of place, brain fog, and that I wasn't "there" At 21, same feeling but not as bad. Was doing fine throughout these years, minus the usual mild brain fog and worry/nervous. It wasn't until recently in October where I was playing a game on my cell phone and out of nowhere ...
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About To Fail

25 yo male, BS degree, only part time job experience haven't had real job, location: europe. Only child. Still live at home. Middle class, never had "real" money problems, spoiled throughout my life.
Mother: Overprotective. Not severely, comically so, but enough to matter. Scared that something will happen to me pretty much always. Pretty sure this has damaged my self esteem in some way. Is not ...
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how to get rid of anxious thoughts?

I’m just so fed up of being anxious for no reason. I always doubt the talents I have. I get anxious about EVERYTHING and it’s taking over my life. I hate it. It’s like my anxiety is an obsession. Everything has to be negative in my mind.
Any personal advice on how to conqueur this?
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I need a job but anxiety is preventing me from getting one

Hello everyone. I am a 24 year old woman with GAD, depression, and bpd. My boyfriend and I moved into our apartment about a year ago and we're struggling to pay rent. My boyfriend is working really hard as a landscaper, but we are still struggling to pay bills and rent.
For a while I was thinking of going on disability but I'm not sure anymore. It seems impossible and time consuming to get and ...
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Anxiety in the morning

Hi everyone,

its hard to admitt but lately I have developed some sort of anxiety disorder. Every morning after I wake up and realize that I need to get up soon its ... horrible.

As soon as I wake up I think about all the things that I will have to do that day - and it frightens me to get up snd get going. I imagine the stress and the responsibilities of the day ...
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Experiencing intense anxiety when at work

Hi this is my first post here. I’ve been previously diagnosed with GAD and Major Depressive Disorder; Recently I’ve been experiencing intense anxiety while at work. I feel as if people such as supervisors and coworkers are watching me work and this causes anxiety/tension. I feel like I have to not mess up and this causes me to feel like I lock up, when I try to ignore the anxiety I feel it just makes ...
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Problems in speaking to people

I wouldn't say that I have social anxiety but I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks from time to time . I get really anxious before family gatherings or any outing or gathering where I'm not familiar with most of the people. Which I guess is normal . But the problem is that there's a speech barrier that I face while talking to people I don't talk to on a regular basis and new ...
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Terrified of winding up all alone?

Hello all, ever since I was a young child I have been acutely aware of my status as youngest in the family. That is, I've always had this recurrent, intrusive, thought/fear that someday I will wind up all alone because my parents and both my older brothers will die before me. As a kid I had rather bad separation anxiety, and now I wonder if I still have it? Like I said, I'm terrified of ...
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