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Severe Anxiety

I am new here. I have decided to reach out for some help with my anxiety. It is affecting my life in a bad way. Maybe someone who is smarter than me can listen and help...
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GAD & Emotional Flatness.

I'm 17 & have suffered ongoing anxiety since I was 12 (diagnosed w/ GAD at age 5.) I worry about stuff like dying, the world ending, etc. I've had problems with emotional flatness since I started medication when I was 14. It got worse when I was on Risperdal. The medications did not make my anxiety go away; they just made me less reactive & affected by my emotions and more emotionally flat - but ...
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feeling very sick

Hello...I have never posted in a forum before, but I am feeling that I must ask questions that I have in my mind in hopes someone can offer feedback. I'm nearly in tears so here goes.

I have been on and off with Benzos, Xanax, Valium, and Klonopin. I have always been so nervous that I would take them nearly every day, sometimes more than I'm suppose to and would often gain a tolerance. Recently, ...
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I have burning questions that require extinguishing

Dear PsychForumers,
I've been having a lot of trouble and, I know this is not a place for a diagnosis ... but I'd like to at least narrow down what my problem may be. In the interest of time, here's an itemized list detailing in chronological order my history of issues.

I began experiencing symptoms of OCD at a very young age - one incident involved me having an intrusive thought about breaking something expensive ...
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Can someone tell me if this is general anxiety or social?

I met a man on a dating app a few weeks ago and we were supposed to meet for a date this weekend. Everyday he texts me in the morning and a little bit throughout the day, but we mostly talked at night. Today I texted him this morning and he never responded, which is not normal. All day I was really worried, nervous, anxious, on the verge of tears, even my stomach felt like ...
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Question about my mental health.

Hello People!

I'll just start with my story.

I am a 24 year old male. I have what you can consider a happy life, got a good job, a loving girlfriend and family, no troubles whatsoever. So around 3 weeks ago, a friend came over to my place and we smoked some Marijuana (I am not a regular smoker, I maybe smoke once every 3 months.) It felt alright, but soon after I experienced what ...
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fear is ruining my life - please help

my life has been really awful. for a long time, i was a complete failure. i had no friends, terrible relationships with my family, dropped out of high school because of anxiety, terrible self esteem, no job. everything was awful. over time, i got better. i got my GED and went back to school, started getting great grades, made great friends, got great jobs. even when things weren't great-- when i was struggling, suffering, or ...
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I cannot leave my parrot

Hi all. I'm new here. I think I found a great community here. I'd like to say hello to all of you.

The main reason I join this group is that I can't handle an issue in my life nowadays. I work from home with my husband in our home office. And we have a lovely African grey parrot since 2013. So we really got used to our parrot. She is with us day and ...
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Panic attacks

When I mow the lawn I hear thousands of little chidren screaming causing panic attacks. Friends & family have suggested that it's the weed-eater that I have. I have tried various methods to block out the sounds to no avail. 1) does anyone know if this is a thing, 2) is there a weed-eater that has helped.
earbuds & loud music doesn't cut it.
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For some reason after suffering a stroke about 8 months ago, stress turned into anxiety. I have feelings of some anxiety most of the time and more intense anxiety during stressful situations. It seems like the stroke took away some protection from anxiety.

I have been on Wellbutrin off and on for years, taking 100mg twice a day with no side effects. It has generally helped my mild depression. I went to see my doctor ...
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