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question about meds?

Hi there
im 26 been on meds generally for a couple of years for GAD recently upped to 225mg Effexor along with 50mg quetiapine for sleep, i was on 225mg last year but came off because i didn't feel myself lack of emotion felt like a robot. and the profesionals decided to up it again so i did 3 months ago since then i have also gone on 50mg quetiapine for sleep. and i have ...
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Constantly in Fight Mode

Been thinking about this lately.

I suffer terribly with anxiety and it's mainly because I live in fear of losing my job.

This might seem a bit odd to some people but I find it really difficult to get along in mainstream society.

Anyway I feel that because of my anxiety and the whole "fight or flight" thing, I'm constantly in fight mode. I see a problem and I have to deal with it head ...
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anxiety when someone shouts at m

I left my mobile in cab two days ago n was in panic mode after that. the cop made me go from one police station to the other n they spoke rudely.
later my relative tells me i should toughen up.

i cant toughen up. i feel immense anxiety when someone raises voice at me. i start shivering n thoughts go haywire. get teary eyed.

i still pray somehow i get the mobile back (no ...
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more help

I just signed up here and unfortunately there seems to be very little recent activity, the board looks ancient and there isn't even a search function! Does anyone belong to another forum with more activity? I find no help in real life and am looking for online advice, venting, and commiseration.
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Intense Muscle Lock, During a Panic Attack

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any idea what this means.
I often have horrible panic attacks, where I feel like I'm in the electric chair, and my body completely seizes up.
Electric chair is the beast way to explain it, because of the amount of pain flooding through me, during this time! It feel like that, or as if there is fire, and razor blades flowing through my bloodstream, along with a billion volts ...
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anxiety, texting, boundaries. help plz.


i don't really know why i'm here, if i'm being honest. i don't want to bother anyone close to me, i guess. plus, it feels like such a stupid thing to struggle about right now... idk.

i broke up with someone a few weeks ago. it was messy, but i made it out and did as much damage control as possible -which was,,, hard. i panicked, went into a downward spiral and all that ...
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Strange anxiety/panic I can't put a name to?

So ever since I was born I've experienced a type of anxiety/panic that no one but my father has been able to understand. I believe I got it from him.

The best way I could describe the trigger is something too big going into something too small. Sounds weird, right? I know it does, which is why no one takes this seriously.

This has caused me countless horrible panic attacks and gives me a complete ...
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Anxiety & Depression??

Can anxiety & Depression co-exist or rather rotate? I am not big on dxs. I guess I just never follow the symptoms listed. But had a revelation in therapy & spent days in a I-don't care-about-anything mode. Then suddenly woke this morning & realized the neglect that has caused. Correcting everything. The familiar anxiety is back. Realized this same thing happened a week ago. Depressed for days followed by anxiety & accomplishing things. Keep saying ...
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Electrical feeling? Anxiety related?

When a social situation gets especially intense, like someone is angry, yelling, or showing extreme emotion (crying hysterically) I get this feeling I can only describe as being overloaded with electricity. I feel like I’m an electrically charged tuning rod that’s literally crackling with energy. It makes me feel like I’m going to explode and I start to shake all over.

Then—this is going to sound like I’m loony—it feels like what I can only ...
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Hello. Something has been weighing heavily on my mind over the last few days, and it's triggered my anxiety. This is based off of something I recently read. I have a fairly high IQ, and I know it's ridiculous, but it's a worry nonetheless. Maybe someone here can help.

My concern is that our consciousness dies in our sleep and is replaced by a copy. At first, I thought that couldn't be the case due ...
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