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My Anxiety Is Blocking My Comprehension

Whenever I read, watch a movie, or talk to someone, my mind is somewhere else. I tend to think of something else. Like if I forgot to turn something off, or I'm thinking of what to do next. I end up not understanding what I just heard at the present. This is hard. What do I do?
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Severe Anxiety about being alone

I was diagnosed with GAD back in 2006. I have regular anxiety attacks, especially in the evening before going to bed. Especially, I am very anxious about being alone. I am 35. I live with my mom (I don't like living alone)..I have no partner or boyfriend, I have no other family than my mom. And I know that one day my mom will be gone. I have severe anxiety attacks about this.. about ...
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Advice needed

Hi so I don't have anxiety disorder. My anxiety is tied up with did. Snaga can vouch for this ( hi snaga) .
I know SOs arnt normally allowed to post in forum but this is an emergency.

Bf had a breakdown at work yesterday but they didn't offer time off and he has to go back in today. He is so anxious he had to take knockout drugs to get to sleep last night. ...
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What do I have, I have never seen somebody with my issue?

Since i'm young, I have that thing where whenever I have somebody's attention, if i'm talking, I lose complete concentration on what i'm saying, start stuttering, my mind kind of goes blank for a few seconds, and usually that brings a little panick in me. I fixed so many things in my life and this is the biggest issue that if I fix, i'll become the best version of myself, but this is a big ...
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Uncanny Valley Anxiety

I can't open doors anymore due to this fear that I will open it and something foreignly familiar will be staring back at me.

I had an operation done on Monday and woke up during the operation and I think it has shaken me severely.

I've been having nightmares and I am really scared to be on my own.
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Anxiety with family

Hey all, Ive always had anxiety but ive noticed for quite a while now that its so bad when im with my family/group of people, in case an arguement starts. Im nervous the whloe time that someone will say something that will end up in an arguement. I hate conflict/confrontation so this is really affecting me. Ive started making excuses not to be with family. I take benzos but they dont help with it.

Any ...
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Life is so hard and im

Overwhelmed feeling like everything just falling apart
I feel like I donf belong in this world.
They keep hustling me and I have no idea what to do
I know I’m Aspergers, I have delusional disorder because
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My Therapist Tried To Brain Wash Me

I knew something was wrong with the sessions. I mentioned on a previous post some red flags. I feel betrayed. I am worried I am still under some sort of "Brain Washing".

He did a lot of the things mentioned here: https://science.howstuffworks.com/life/ ... ashing.htm

Can I ask the people on the forum, is, "noticing" a form of brainwashing, like making me notice lots of things, such as colours, signs ...
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ADA request


I go to the VA. I've been diagnosed with General Anxiety for a long time. They did an assesment and more popped but I have done ADA request before through them for wfh.

I'm a computer worker and half of my team, including my boss is remote.

I have trouble getting things done. I want to do more for myself. I would like to do an ADA that'll let me work from home but ...
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Weight/Texture Related Anxiety

Hi all! I'm Evan.

So, all my life, as long as I can remember, I've had this intense, strange kind of anxiety/panic. It would wake me up in the middle of the night in panic attacks, give me this feeling of intense sheer terror, give me nightmares, and it sounds absolutely absurd when I think about it. It's triggered by the feeling or sight of something being too light, small, or thin, or intense size ...
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