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anxiety over bothering others

I have schizophrenia and ptsd. That comes with major anxiety. I am terrified of emotionally-hurting, disappointing, bothering, or even angering the people I love. If I make a mistake, no matter how kind or gently someone tells me their feelings are bothered...my heart races, my mind tangles, and my stomach hurts, and sometimes I faint. This morning, I was trying to help someone I was worried about, but I was stupid, and ended up really ...
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Does Anyone Else Sigh a Lot?

I have general anxiety, social anxiety, OCD, and depression, along with Asperger's. Lucky me. :roll:

A few years ago, it was pointed out to me that I sigh a lot. Some people take that as me being angry, annoyed or bored. I've had to tell some people, "I'm not mad, I'm just breathing." It actually became a running joke for a while. I'm not sure if ...
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School stresses me out way more than usual

TW: S**cide, self-harm, anxiety, depression

Hello. I just found this website and thought it might be good to get my feelings out. I was not sure where to put this post since it fits under several different topics so I put it here. Anyways, the title. School is stressing me out way more than usual. Like, to an "unreasonable" degree. Given, it's not just school stressing me out, but that's usually what I tell other ...
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Prescriptions and Supply Chain Problems

I get anxious in a car. That anxiety escalates when I'm sandwiched between two vehicles, or we are in a left-turn lane, and I'm sitting on the right side of the car. I can remedy the second situation by sitting on the left side of the vehicle behind the driver. That way, I'm next to the center medium, putting a bit of distance between me and other cars. I'm in a no-win situation if we ...
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Citalopram withdrawal

I’m wondering if anyone has experienced more than 3 weeks withdrawal from Citalopram? I’ve been on 20mg for around 7 years, and Effexor before that. I’ve been on and off antidepressants since I was 13 and I’m now 41. I decided to stop because I was sick of feeling tired all the time, being apathetic, and getting the occasional panic attack even when on the med. I felt fine at first but now it’s week ...
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Commitment phobia

Hi guys I'm 27 i am currently on 150mg effexor. I have been struggling with anxiety for almost 10 years when i was 18 in a relationship i suddenly felt uncomfortable and unsafe so i left her broke her heart. Then a few months later i overdosed and i woke up with panic attacks every day and for years it went on different meds etc while i got my anxiety under control i tried to ...
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Checking emotional response anxiety- can anyone relate?

I don't know whether this is due to my pure OIOCD, but it’s something I have struggled to understand why I feel this way. It also feels so insignificant compared to other OCD worries that I even feel a bit silly to say it out loud.

I have always loved following England at football. Some of my best memories are watching them in tournaments, and the trials and tribulations that came with it. Something odd ...
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My Anxiety Is Blocking My Comprehension

Whenever I read, watch a movie, or talk to someone, my mind is somewhere else. I tend to think of something else. Like if I forgot to turn something off, or I'm thinking of what to do next. I end up not understanding what I just heard at the present. This is hard. What do I do?
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Severe Anxiety about being alone

I was diagnosed with GAD back in 2006. I have regular anxiety attacks, especially in the evening before going to bed. Especially, I am very anxious about being alone. I am 35. I live with my mom (I don't like living alone)..I have no partner or boyfriend, I have no other family than my mom. And I know that one day my mom will be gone. I have severe anxiety attacks about this.. about ...
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Advice needed

Hi so I don't have anxiety disorder. My anxiety is tied up with did. Snaga can vouch for this ( hi snaga) .
I know SOs arnt normally allowed to post in forum but this is an emergency.

Bf had a breakdown at work yesterday but they didn't offer time off and he has to go back in today. He is so anxious he had to take knockout drugs to get to sleep last night. ...
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