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Severe anxiety and depression here's what I've tried...

I'm coming here because quite frankly I'm getting beyond desperate. I have just recently started therapy, and I'm hoping it will help but right now the anxiety and depression are extremely bad. I'm taking several medications: Klonopin and Budpirone for anxiety, Trazodone for sleep and Cymbalta which I hate and am hoping to get off of. I've been having suicidal ruminations, severe anxiety and paranoia about my job, and I'm losing interest in everything. I'm ...
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I am suffering from Anxiety and Sleep issues from last 5 years.Based on my recent Doctor advise I have started using Mitrazapine 30mg it was giving good result for sleep for sometime though I am not getting same result at present.Specifically in the morning I am getting up with some scary dreams and getting up early.Also Mitrazapine increased my appetite a lot I am carving for carbs a lot these days.Beside Mitrazapine 30mg I am ...
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Not Quick on My Feet


Feel free to direct me somewhere else.

The issue as I see it is that I am not quick on my feet in discussions or social situations. Or a better description is that I sometimes speak quickly but without thinking sufficiently leading to gross inaccuracies. I am effective though in problem solving but typically by myself. Grades back in school have always been very good. Thinking before I speak in group or tense situations ...
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I’m scared my boyfriend will kill me

He just applied for a gun and since he has no criminal record + is employed, I think he’ll get accepted. I don’t know what he’s planning to do with it, but he signed up for one after an argument between me and him. I don’t know if he’s planning to kill me or himself. I don’t know why people want to own guns anyway when they’re only killing machines. ...
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strong intrusive thoughts over tv show scenes I've seen


I've had this on and off for a few years now and it really is quite difficult to explain so basically sometimes after I've finish a tv show I'll have this thing for a week- to a month depending on how long it stays it for where my mind turns into a sort of picture house of scenes from that tv series and it really is intense at times.

So i finished this one ...
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A therapist that I was seeing with my wife for marital suggested to me that I might have ADD, based on some of the problems I told her I was facing at work. I did some research, some reading and answered a few online questionnaires, and had some discussions with my family doctor and with a local psychiatrist.

Based on those discussions and on my reading and personal research, everything points to me having ADD ...
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Scared of needles

I have a friend who just turned 30. He has a lot of social anxiety issues he's working on getting over.
In the past year he has had some health issues that need to be diagnosed via obtaining blood samples.

But he will not allow anything needle like near him, so he's never had bloodwork done.

I live too far away to be there in person for him, so I have to deal with this ...
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Cuts all over me but I have no idea how they got there?

Lately I’ve been finding lots of cuts/scratches on my body that look like self harm. On my arms, thighs, stomach, butt... basically everywhere. At first I thought I must have been scratching myself in my sleep because I had (and still have no idea how they got there) but they started appearing at the same time as my panic attacks. Is it possible I am doing this to myself while I’m having a panic attack ...
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Terrified I’m some kind of sicko

When I was around 13 I discovered I had a fetish, it’s a fetish that is pretty tame but rather uncommon, I like to see girls get wedgies, so on Instagram I found a bunch of people (male and female) anywhere from 13-20+ and some of the people posted pictures of them giving themselves wedgies. Now over the years I saved pictures to my iPod. Now as a got older I had so many pictures ...
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I dont know if this is the right sub but I need help

I'm afraid that I am now a sociopath. I digged too deeply in the reality of the world and now I have seen the truth. About a week ago i started having a series of disturbing thoughts regarded the world and how it is a ###$ up place. Thoughts on random fears and thoughts that life is suffering filled my mind and I could not stop or refute them. One thing led to another and ...
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