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My Therapist Tried To Brain Wash Me

I knew something was wrong with the sessions. I mentioned on a previous post some red flags. I feel betrayed. I am worried I am still under some sort of "Brain Washing".

He did a lot of the things mentioned here: https://science.howstuffworks.com/life/ ... ashing.htm

Can I ask the people on the forum, is, "noticing" a form of brainwashing, like making me notice lots of things, such as colours, signs ...
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ADA request


I go to the VA. I've been diagnosed with General Anxiety for a long time. They did an assesment and more popped but I have done ADA request before through them for wfh.

I'm a computer worker and half of my team, including my boss is remote.

I have trouble getting things done. I want to do more for myself. I would like to do an ADA that'll let me work from home but ...
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Weight/Texture Related Anxiety

Hi all! I'm Evan.

So, all my life, as long as I can remember, I've had this intense, strange kind of anxiety/panic. It would wake me up in the middle of the night in panic attacks, give me this feeling of intense sheer terror, give me nightmares, and it sounds absolutely absurd when I think about it. It's triggered by the feeling or sight of something being too light, small, or thin, or intense size ...
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Ok so here goes I don’t know why but kinda scared of Covid I think it’s the lungs thing and too close to drowning so it scares me lol I know chances are slim but that logic for some reason isn’t applying ... I’ve done all the social distancing except 2 times ...sun I had to run in and get groceries and wore a mask and then Tuesday it was a neighbors birthday and some ...
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Healthy ways to relieve anxiety?

I've been having all kinds of anxiety lately due to work and other things and I'm increasingly using porn and sex to alleviate it. It's starting to become dangerous legally and personally. I can't drink and I can't take psych meds because of my job. I really can't even go to therapy. Does anybody have any good healthy alternatives? I've tried riding my bike with my friends but that just doesn't satisfy me the same ...
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Panic Attacks While Meditating

Hello all,
I tried meditating again last night, it is something I have been trying to make a routine of.
Every time I do it I end up with worse depression and panic attacks. I also end up not sleeping. Why might this be? It does not relax me, I end up in a hyper-vigilant state when I do it. It was something I was hoping I could do before bed to help me sleep.
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Solutions for Anxiety?

I need solutions for anxiety, anxiety has been tiring and annoying ever since it came to my life, what is the best solution for anxiety?
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OCD and negative thoughts


I just found out from my therapist that I have OCD. Dealing with the negative thoughts is hard, but I'm wondering, how else does anyone deal with that?

We were talking about starting a medication, and possibly sending that recommendation to my doctor, but we haven't talked much about it yet.

Has anyone had good experience with that?

I'm just wondering, as I'm just learning I have this.
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hypno thoughts?

hi Guys
was thinking of getting hypno i overdosed when i was 18 and woke up with anxiety disorder the next day that was nearly 10 years ago been on a lot of meds had cbt and mindfulness,
is hypno worth looking into anyone felt better after it? thanks
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question about meds?

Hi there
im 26 been on meds generally for a couple of years for GAD recently upped to 225mg Effexor along with 50mg quetiapine for sleep, i was on 225mg last year but came off because i didn't feel myself lack of emotion felt like a robot. and the profesionals decided to up it again so i did 3 months ago since then i have also gone on 50mg quetiapine for sleep. and i have ...
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