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Not sure if this is related but...

Is there anyone else feeling anxious just by looking at everyone else's posts? Like I really want to help, but every time I read a post or see a disturbing title my body temperature goes up and I start shaking and I sometimes sweat. Specially with the bullying ones- :cry:
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anxiety and sugar diabities

hello, i just want to tell anyone about my situation after being off for awhile. i always had anxiety real bad, but last year i was diagnosed with sugar diabities and was put on insulin. i am a whoule different person now and have few bad days. i was also put on closipene for schitzoaffective and bipolar. i am doing great and havnt been in the hospital in a few years.
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Fear of relapse

I am afraid of a relapse at anytime..I am getting mild panick attacks from time to time when thinking about that scenario.. it's taking away my attention and bringing a tug of war inside me that's between me and my sinister black shadiws .each time I relapse I am left with anxiety scars that never get healed for some days.. the shock creates a anxiety and this anxiety episode will keep me worried for the ...
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Feeling panicky all the time when thinking about withdrawals

I am so anxious about possible withdrawal pangs that may happen at any moment throughout the day. I am living eith this anxiety and it's making me so restless and agitated and I am showing all signs of mild panic attack from time to time. Like shortness of breath , muscle tension, feeling my surroundings are foriegn or not related to me and sometimes feeling blind.. so this is a big priblem for me .. ...
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Panic attacks

I have panic attacks coming on and off and it happens everytime when I am under a commitment or routine..
This time I think it happened because of a job related thing and I don't know what to do.. I am always feeling my brain is blind and my heart is constructed..
I also feel I lost memory of many things around me like my house , my friends, my belongings, my room and everything.. ...
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My irritability is out of control I am lashing out at everyo

After workplace abuse I am starting to lash out at everyone. My irritability is so severe that almost everything annoys me to no end. I will ruminate about stupid things for hours. Its gotten so bad that I have lost jobs because I have no patience and I quit when I am on the verge of lashing out. I lash out at everyone. To prevent this I just literally stay home or stay quiet. I ...
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I've suffered from Akathisia for at least a month and a half after an involuntary psychiatric hospitalization, and intake of anti -psychotic medications ( such as fludecate injection and Haloperidol).
Essentially in Akathisia you cannot sit still, sleep, lay down or stand around because of a feeling of internal restlessness. This is a nightmare. I'm trying to sit down and write and can barely sit for a few second before I have an urge to ...
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Anxiety about age

Since having ocd and social anxiety agoraphobia since I was 17 I’m 35 now I’ve missed out on the years that were supposed to be the best. Now I feel like even if I get rid of my anxiety it stop late since now I’m too old. I hate the this society is obsessed with youth in women even more. If I wanted to do things I’ve missed out on I would be laughed at ...
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Struggling from my anxieties (long txt)

Hiii! I'm not new here but I had to make a new account since I forgot what my previous one was called.

I've posted my story on *mod edit* and have not received much response so I thought I'd give this site a try again.

This is kind of a long story so here goes nothing!:

Suffering from my anxieties (long txt)

I've suffered with anxiety all my life but a lot of changes have ...
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anxiety over bothering others

I have schizophrenia and ptsd. That comes with major anxiety. I am terrified of emotionally-hurting, disappointing, bothering, or even angering the people I love. If I make a mistake, no matter how kind or gently someone tells me their feelings are bothered...my heart races, my mind tangles, and my stomach hurts, and sometimes I faint. This morning, I was trying to help someone I was worried about, but I was stupid, and ended up really ...
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