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Finding Coping Mechanisms

I have been told by my GP that I have an addiction to food (mostly sugary foods) as well as a binge eating disorder. I was put on an anti depressant to help dampen the obsessive food thoughts which has helped a little bit. There didnt seem to be much open to me without spending money I do not have so I started researching the crud out of it.

I googled and podcast searched my ...
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I need help but I can't get it

Hey everyone! I happened upon this website and I'm hoping someone can help me. I have been a binge eater for years now. I used to weigh 140 pounds and in just 5 years I am now at 260. I can't stop. I tried talking to my dr and she referred me to a psychiatrist. I work 7:30am- 6:30pm during the week and I can't even manage to get a hold of these people! We ...
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i'm really fat and i'm getting fatter- need help

Yeah I just keep eating constant all the time, I don't do any exercise I can't be stuffed.

I eat total rubbish like I drink coke ALL DAY cause I am addicted, and like i eat like 1kg of bacon and put 7 eggs in and eat several meet pies, cheese cake etc.

I can't eat healthy stuff it makes me sick I tried it I can't stand the stand it is horrid.

I'm 135kg ...
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Sugar controls me.

I get up in mornings; I used to start my days with gin or vodka. Now I don't drink as I used to, but I start my days with three or four big pieces of cake with whip cream. It is very difficult to get going without sugary food in mornings. I feel dizzy and strong headache. When I intake sugar, I feel energy and I can start my days.

I went to a supermarket, ...
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Too difficult to stop

I tried erythritol, but it doesn't satisfy me. I think I am addicted to white sugar, and I feel so good with white sugar, and the combination of white sugar, white flour, egg et cetera. I know that I am addicted, and addiction is problematic. White sugar, white flour and egg are not good for my health. I feel it is impossible to stop eating them, but I want to stay away from unhealthy food. ...
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Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey all! I'm new here and I believe you could give me some advice! :( I don't even know where to start but I will come right out and say it that I'm addicted to good. The past month has been a horrible every other night restrict/binge cycle. Starting back in December, I started a diet that was extremely restrictive and lost about 30 pounds, put 5-7 ...
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Feeling miserable

I ate a bottle of Pringles on bed. I feel miserable when I overeat. I feel I am defeated by food. I go to buffet by myself and eat, but I do not enjoy that. Eating is not fun, but I overeat.
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New here,need to vent...


I have been searching the Internet lately for more support and I came across here and thought I would give it a try.
I know a lot about healthy eating and exercise. I have lost weight many times in my life, I have even lost weight recently. I get to a certain point and I sabotage myself. I get so motivated and feel so good and then I cave. The worst part is I ...
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All I think about is food

All I want to do is lose weight, I want to feel beautiful and go shopping and fit into normal sized clothes, but I can't stop thinking about food and eating. The more I try to track my calories and watch what I eat, the more I end up going crazy and eating everything I get my hands on. I don't even get full anymore. I tell myself I will quit when I'm full, but ...
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help..my father is eating excessively

I'm looking for any advice....my father is in his mid 50's, my mother the same. My Father is a large, obese man. He has gotten so big that he has to sleep with a machine every night strapped to his face to give him air because he can't breathe at night. My dad works two jobs, my mother one. My dad loves to eat out so much that he spends all the money eating giant ...
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